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12 BigCommerce Themes With Real Life Examples of BigCommerce Websites

12 Exciting BigCommerce Themes With Real Life Examples of BigCommerce Websites

It is difficult to pick the right design for your website to make it consistent for the long-term online business. Everything should take into consideration in terms of customer usage, such as attractiveness, color scheme, rich-feature, and simplification. So here is a big deal for all eCommerce online store owner or about to be, don’t forget to look BigCommerce Themes that covers all types of business needs instantly!

Build your website with BigCommerce development that changes the shopping experience from brick to click. So, Are you ready to build an exciting website with BigCommerce themes? Here are the top 12 exciting BigCommerce themes that can help you with what you want!

12 Bigcommerce Themes That Can Help Building Your Website

BigCommerce is a formidable e-commerce platform that is ideal for expanding your company. Selecting the perfect theme is the first step in building a profitable business on BigCommerce. There are 170 themes available, the majority of which provide up to four style possibilities. There are 12 free themes available; the other themes range in price from $150 to $300.

One of their main advantages is that all of BigCommerce’s themes are designed for eCommerce and are suitable for a variety of sectors. Everyone may find a template, from pets and animals to toys and activities!


Are you a brand in Fashion Industry and looking for an amazing website that attracts people’s minds and hearts? Then it is time to use the Brooklynk BigCommerce theme for your fashion website development.

It looks neat and seems professional website design totally for the fashion industry. The Brooklynk theme uses full-width slideshow banners and the trendiest blocks on the homepage since it understands the value of making a good first impression.

With a stencil structure, amazing responsive design, and the ability to switch between grid and list choices, Brooklynk has a lot to offer the contemporary store owner. Even an Instagram module is asseccible to assist you in connecting your social feed. This is perfect if you’re seeking a chic method to update your online business.

BigCommerce themes - Brooklynk


This BigCommerce theme is one of the finest Bigcommerce website templates for showcasing products like shoes, sports items, and apparel. Sports people are quite detailing when they shop. To make this in mind, this theme is made with eye-catching corners, and the color theme is refreshing and also looks professional. The colors include reddish orange, white, and black, which are appealing and easy to visualize.

Sneak makes use of a superb responsive design and stencil architecture to keep things straightforward. You have an infinite number of color possibilities to select from, allowing you to stand out with your brand truly. Furthermore, many tools are available to assist you in having the desired effect on Google.

  • Stencil framework
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Highly responsive design
  • Multiple layouts
  • Social media integrations
  • Product Hover and image swap
BigCommerce themes - Sneak


One more BigCommerce theme of fashion and beauty is Beautica. It is the most appealing color with a wide range of features that make beauty and fashion product shopping more convenient. You can consider if you are a brand of beauty products, handbags, luxurious jewelry, and footwear.

Beautica is a highly sophisticated theme with a product specifications section, drop-down signup bars, and a product picture switch function for people who wish to operate a higher-quality website. Both brand sliders and banners are available for experimentation.

  • Responsive design
  • Mega menu module
  • Drop-down shopping cart
  • Grid and list toggle
  • And much more

Foundry Warm

You may create the exact store you desire with Foundry Warm. Foundry’s minimalist, grid-based design is the epitome of adaptability; it sets up quickly and makes it simple to display your goods and brand. Foundry is the ideal theme to get your business up and running—and converting—today since it is usable by customers from various industries.

We adore Foundry Warm because of its adaptability. The grid-based style is simple to use and can be customized to display your items in a way that complements your brand. Additional features include rapid add-to-cart, customizable payment, and extensive search filtering.

  • Cart Suggested Products
  • Complex Search Filtering
  • Customizable Product Selector
  • Customized Check-Out
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Theme Upgrades
BigCommerce themes - Foundry Warm


Paralbag is a bag store theme for all eCommerce sellers looking for exceptional layouts for showcasing their barded items on BigCommerce. Paralbag is popular with its intuitive user interface that gives multiple designs for all single pages, such as categories or shop page layouts.

Enjoy the 6 mega menu types that can enhance user searching with any device, a hero carousel for showing off brands on the pages, color swatches on product cards, and much more. Moreover, your website will appear on Google Search results quickly and instantaneously if Google AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages are activated. Improve your conversion and click-through rates to increase revenues by 150%.

  • Supports language translations
  • Powerful theme options (fonts, size, color)
  • Various banner style
  • Easy video integration
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Parallax page scrolling effect
  • Custom badges (new, trending, hot, best choice)
BigCommerce themes - Paralbag

Shop Town

Shop Town can be used for any industry or business as it is highly customized and responsive for any product type. With the intuitive design, developing this website theme helps you generate high revenue streams.

As it is used for multipurpose business products, you may consider it a generalized version of BigCommerce theme development. Its features are incredible for engaging website visitors, such as the zoom modifier helping users to watch every corner of the product with great visualization.

  • 100% responsive
  • Zoom modifier and image slider
  • 1500 + Font Awesome ICONS
  • Optimized for Fast Loading + CSS Sprite
  • Unlimited Banners + Sliders
  • Easy Customize – Admin Options Customized Panel
  • Easy Shopping Cart Dropdown from header
  • Lots of Shortcodes with variations
  • Exclusive filter options
  • Social integration
  • Multi-currency and language
  • Social media integration
BigCommerce themes - Shop Town


Whatever type of internet store you have, the product is always the most crucial element. Modez offers a variety of methods to arrange and display your items. You can have blocks for new things, best-selling and popular products. Each block can be set up as a grid, carousel, or column listing. You may select what works best for your BigCommerce site with Modez.

The BigCommerce stencil framework theme combines a strong CSS base and many powerful features in Modez. Mega menus can be tested, and a ton of starting point material is available.

  • Neat and clean layout
  • Full-width slideshow
  • All the social networks and well-designed blog page
  • Included Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Detailed user guide


A minimal website theme encourages extensive information about your website. Minimal BigCommerce themes concentrate on the blogs or featured news that makes visitors keep updated on the surrounding. Whether you want to convey product knowledge, customer testimonials, or tips and tricks, a minimal theme would be better for it.

Minimal is a superb option if you’re eager to build a top-notch website with an awesome BigCommerce stencil. There are several methods to modify your website, and if you’re a newbie, documentation and video lesson support are available.

  • User-friendly layouts
  • Extensive color scheme
  • Highly concentrated testimonial placements
  • Wider Blogs section
BigCommerce themes - Minimal

Vault Bright

Vault Bright is one of the free BigCommerce themes for the fashion industry. You will love its layouts, navigation, and alignment for products. It creates a dynamic homepage to engage customers by combining full-width images with sliding product galleries. The clean, organized layout and sticky navigation bar are wonderful.

  • Advanced Quick View
  • Cart Suggested Products
  • One Page Check Out
  • Mega Navigation
  • Multi-Tiered Sidebar Menu

Fortune Bright

Fortune Bright is the only free BigCommerce theme template for electronics. It has several intriguing design elements, such as a full page search function and an expanded side menu, which liven up the otherwise plain template. Moreover, the clean, uncomplicated design grabs attention with its big hero banner and sparse product grids.

Making your business operational with a website engages users to see thousands of products, specifications, and prices without hesitation. Fortune bright allows you to set and organize all the electronic items with the specifications.

  • Large hero slideshow
  • Clear “Out of Stock” labels
  • A complete page search feature
  • Expandable menu 
  • Newsletter signup popup

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Cornerstone Light

Visitors appreciate the homepage carousel, which greets visitors to your site with big scrolling photos since it is straightforward, attractive, and uncomplicated. Also, the featured product or sales offering on those slides makes customers curious about your products. A lot of white space surrounds products, making them simple to explore, and the theme’s basic backdrop makes calls to action stand out well.

  • Incorporating social media
  • Popular and highlighted goods
  • Faceted search (depending on your BigCommerce plan – you need the Pro plan)
  • Upper-level menu
  • Blog

Scales Pop

The Scales Pop design has an appealing aesthetic since it combines business with fun by utilizing bold colors, sans serif fonts, huge images, and lots of white space. It may be tailored to fit your brand identity, but it’s a good place to start for any company wishing to design a striking storefront.

This BigCommerce theme is perfect for ambitious, expanding shops since it significantly emphasizes attracting consumers and increasing sales. Its salient characteristics are as follows:

  • Large client testimonials on product pages
  • Hover-effect product information and large highlighted product grids on the site retain the attention of the product images and promote user engagement!
  • Gift cards for blogs
  • Product search and filters

The Case Study of DressUp eCommerce Online Store

The founder of Dress up “Derrick and Danielle Case” thought about the shift of online selling to follow online shopping trends and make shopping more exciting for customers by providing a platform where anyone can visit around the clock.

They expanded quickly in less than ten years, building 19 outlets and hiring roughly 300 people. A more aesthetically pleasing eCommerce store was the obvious next step. They first chose Shopify development, but after utilizing more than 70 different applications at one point, they didn’t appreciate the app-based connections.

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Dress Up quickly transitioned to a BigCommerce website because they love their platform-included applications and a few favored apps’ API interfaces with BigCommerce. Revenue rose by 19% in the first year after introduction, and they anticipate yearly growth.

Derrick Case, the company’s CEO, asserts that “more and more, our industry is shifting from bricks to clicks. The cutting edge of what we do is technology. I eagerly await the day when online and in-store sales generate equal income.

As a result, they showed an elevation in numbers, such as a hike in revenue of approx 150% and a 148% conversion rate. Moreover, they also observed traffic that went up to 46%, which is better than in previous years.

Bottom Line

With BigCommerce themes, you can develop a more optimizing website that looks great and perform great because of its intuitive designs and robust functionalities. The BigCommerce themes are customized to reach the industry, and you can find multiple templates for each industry.

In order to pick the right BigCommerce theme, you have to know how about the features and functionalities. And if you are not tech-savvy, you can contact us! We will determine what makes your brand powerful, identified, and influential with your competitors.

FAQs Related to BigCommerce Development

Do BigCommerce development support the custom theme?

Yes, BigCommerce helps you to build bespoke themes, but you need specialized developers to solve the coding mystery. Also, BigCommerce development pre-built themes allow you to make changes according to your need; you can also change the colors, font size, font style, etc.

Why choose BigCommerce development?

It is a long debate behind BigCommerce and other renowned platforms. You can not say BigCommerce is the only one for your business, but you have to evaluate your needs, budget, and the goal of your website development. Every platform has its uniqueness; that’s why it gives a competitive edge to its rivals.

For instance, BigCommerce’s integrations make it ideal for expanding a wholly online business, whereas Shopify is suited for huge retailers.

How can I find a BigCommerce developer to develop my site?

It is not a big deal when MMCGBL is here. We will help you to go through all the important points that will be significant for your business.

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