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Top 12 Magento eCommerce Development Companies

Top 12 Magento eCommerce Development Companies

In current times, we have seen e-store popularity rising more than ever. At the same time, it is estimated that it will increase in the coming years. What do you think of the prominence and popularity of these e-stores? Because it offers ease to the user with a handful of alternatives from just one place. Compared to physical stores, it doesn’t require much time and effort. This is the reason why most businesses opt for Magento eCommerce development.

With the help of Magento, website development provides an advantage of a user-friendly interface with one or more solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc. it is an eCommerce platform with open-source technology. You can benefit from the extensive functionality and several other features, such as content and catalogue management and a shopping cart system.

Moreover, you can find top Magento integrators everywhere! Some examples are Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nike, etc. if we talk about the company’s statistics, it is considered one of the largest retail platforms, fueling over 141,800 websites. With Magento eCommerce development services from a reputable agency like MMCGBL, you can have the flexibility to develop a site that mirrors your brand.

However, various features to build your online store come with top Magento integrators. The features include debugging, EcomDev PHP unit, multistore search field, and more. It is a platform for eCommerce website development with many functionalities, making it compelling compared to other platforms.

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First, we will look at the top Magento eCommerce development companies and then move further, so let’s start.

Top 12 Magento eCommerce development companies

You will require reliable Magento eCommerce development services if you are a business looking to develop a Magento eCommerce website. Here is the list for you to select from the top 12 Magento eCommerce development companies employing Magento.


With 10+ years of experience and specialization in all aspects of Magento platforms, you can get all you want from MMCGBL. From Magento design and development, Magento integration, and Magento migration to Magento 2 eCommerce development, custom Magento extensions, and support services, you will find a team of experts who can do it all.

At MMCGBL, there is a certified team of Magento eCommerce development professionals such as certified Magento’s, Magento 2 developers, architects, and project managers. You will get help with anything related to Magento development.

Magento eCommerce development companies - MMCGBL


Tigren was founded in 2012, providing Magento eCommerce development services with years of experience working with numerous clients. The company always takes on challenges like complex projects, ensuring that your website’s workflow is seamless. Even the most demanding customers would be satisfied.

The services they offer include Magneto website development, Magento migration, Magento support, Magento 2 PWA integration, Magento extensions, and Magento themes. You will get quality services with an affordable package according to every particular service. Businesses with small assets can also get a quality website at a reasonable cost with Tigren.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Tigren

Interact one 

Interact one is a Magento eCommerce development company offering services to improve retail websites and marketing strategies for many businesses since 1998. In their 20 years of business, they boosted the return by $200 million for merchants yearly. They provide Magento eCommerce development services such as maintenance, support, migration, eCommerce design, and marketing services, all managed by top-rated Magento developers.

Magento eCommerce development companies - interactone


Launched in 2008, Vaimo is a Swedish company with a great success rate and top-rated Magento developers. In order to be successful, they completely focused their workforce full team of 450 + professionals dispersed in more than ten countries.

The company has provided services for over ten years to more than 400 brands. They offer the best solutions for their online stores with Magento eCommerce development services. The business provides strategic consultancy, full-service multichannel operators, and Omnidirectional services.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Vaimo

Gorilla agency

Gorilla wants to assist businesses and brands in finding their place in the virtual market. The company is mostly dispersed across North America and Europe and employs 400 people, most of whom hold programmer certifications. It provides dedicated servers, administrative services, optimizing services, and design expertise using Magento eCommerce development CMS.

Gorilla is ideal for massive businesses. In order to drive technology innovation and increase the value of the customer, the staff will work with you to develop and sustain the best possible customer service.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Gorilla agency


With the capability of optimizing and stabilizing websites of B2B and B2C companies, they have assisted some big names such as Adidas, Sigma, and ASICS.

If we talk about the services they provide, it includes ERP integration, Magento managed support, and Magento managed services. However, the most outstanding benefit is eCommerce optimization and maintenance. Their developers are specialized in Magento eCommerce development services and completed multiple projects till now.

Magneto eCommerce development companies - Forix


Its been ten years since Atix was established in 2006 and soon partnered with Magento in 2011. They have experience working on several Magento eCommerce development projects and can surely help clients for their long-term success.

They are an established affiliate of Magento Professional Solutions. Atwix offers various services, including CRM/ERP integration, performance development, Magento upkeep, and Magento eCommerce development.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Atwix

Fisheye media

It is an on-site design, development, and marketing agency founded in 2009. Now the company has become the professional UK-based leading Magento partner, focused on offering a great experience to B2B and B2C clients.

With innovative design, they promise to assist the company over the long haul while giving clients a more personal touch. Fisheye Media offers Magento Managed Upgrades, Business Strategy, Security, and Development.

Magento eCommerce development companies - FishEye


With 40 people, Magebit is a full-service, international agency with a Magento focus that was created to satisfy all your needs. Small local businesses and well-known corporations alike can rely on the company, as evidenced by the fact that they are already among their clients, including Nissan, Volkswagen, and others.

Through ERP integration and omnichannel digital marketing, they offer a wide range of ideas, creation, assistance, innovative design, and optimization techniques. You can receive top-notch service quickly from Magebit as it is a professional Magento eCommerce development company.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Magebit

A&H digital solutions

An Australian software development company is called A&H. It aims to deliver “A” quality results quickly. Despite A&H’s small size, its residents have large hearts and a desire to change the world.

A&H is one of the best Magento e-commerce shop development companies if you’re considering expanding your business online. This is a one-stop shop for all your clients’ inquiries about Magento and online shopping.

Magento eCommerce development companies - A&H


One of the best Magento development businesses, Magently has received formal certification as a Magento solution partner. The business has completed numerous projects to aid SMEs in growing since 2013.

Magently, in particular, has a team of experts dedicated to offering Magento-based solutions to e-commerce merchants, including web construction, custom modules, migration to Magento 2, and maintenance.

Users that utilize Magently may quickly build up Magento-based stores, tweak modules, and add new extensions utilizing the best UI and UX guidelines. This solution provider still has a long way to go before demonstrating demonstrated experience, though, given they are a newcomer to the field.

Magento eCommerce development companies - Magently


Privately owned CedCommerce is a provider of eCommerce solutions. The headquarters of CedCommerce is located in Lucknow, India. The business was founded by two hardworking individuals, but by 2022 there were more offices in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, Leicester, the United Kingdom, and Portland, Oregon, US.

In addition, CedCommerce offers integration software for a variety of online stores, including Walmart, Etsy, Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Hubspot.

Magento eCommerce development companies - CED Commerce

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Bottom Line

You have a vast option to get consulted with renowned eCommerce development companies. Have good research and get the most suited company to outsource your project. Keep your goal in mind, set out the budget, and learn about third-party. 

And if you want to save your time and meet the trustworthy Magento eCommerce development company, then not look further. MMCGBL is here to assist you in every step of website development. From choosing the suitable theme to setting up the CRM, we can handle all efficiently.

FAQ Related To Magento Ecommerce Development

Who are Magento developers?

Those who are specialized in developing websites with Magento and have enough know-how about Magento functionalities and features to set up a fully managed website are called Magento developers.

Is Shopify seen to be a superior platform to Magento?

Both Shopify and Magento are effective resources for creating an e-commerce platform. Magento is open-source software that anybody may use, in contrast to Shopify, which is a commercial program. However, Shopify is easily accessible for anyone who wants to establish their platform quickly, whereas Magento does need significant coding experience.