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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web App Like Hukoomi?

The Qatar government makes living, working, and visiting easier by launching its web app named, Hukoomi. Hukoomi is an e-portal where users can get all the information and services required to be in Qatar. With the help of digital transformation around the globe, the Qatar government has taken advantage of technical advancement and has shifted towards a more precise yet effective digital approach. 

Launching a web app like Hukoomi is a forward-thinking move to reduce the gap between the government and its citizens. In fact, it also makes the government more accountable and responsible to the citizens. 

Usually, the government shows less interest or is slow to adopt digital change in administration. But the Qatar Government made this possible to take this revolutionary step that is more inspiring to the government bodies across the world. 

If you’re also planning to launch this informative and well-functioning app like Hukoomi for your country, it is high time to hire a trusted team to build a secure web app. No doubt, web applications are way too complex to build. It requires an adequate model of the development process, a robust technological stack, a highly intuitive user interface, and strong security protocols.

Apart from all these, the first and foremost question that pops up in our mind is “What will be the cost of building such a web app like Hukoomi?” So, without taking much time, let’s see what features we should consider to build a web app like Hukoomi and how much it costs. 

What Is Hukoomi Qatar Government Web App?

Hukoomi is a web app or e-portal, launched by the Qatar government to keep the country’s information in one solution. This web app helps visitors or citizens of Qatar to get informed about the Qatar territory more efficiently. The Hukoomi web app contains all the information of all major sectors of Qatar, including education, banks, insurance companies, embassies, tourist and localities, hospital and health facilities, businesses, employment, media and entertainment, and more. 

In fact, Hukoomi is a one-stop solution for all citizens and visitors to get maximum information about the Qatar realm. Whether you are a permanent citizen, a tourist, or want to start your business venture, Hukoomi apps will be the ultimate solution for good guidance. With 100,000+ downloads, the Hukoomi app is accessible to all Android and iOS users. 

Factors Affecting Web App Development Like Hukoomi

To evaluate the ballpark figure of a web app like Hukoomi, you have to look at multiple sets of factors that are influencing it. Additionally, web apps are complex to build and they cost around $50,000 to $200,000. 

Companies like MMC Global provide custom pricing structures based on building web apps that substantially come within your budget. First, we consult, brainstorm ideas, prioritize the client’s requirements, and then execute the designing and development process with the approval of the client. 

Let’s discover further about factors that influence the web app development cost.

Factors Affecting Web App Development Like Hukoomi

UI/UX Design

The Hukoomi web app is a highly intuitive and responsive app that holds a massive number of users. It is the fundamental aspect of building a web app to design its user interface and create an attractive user experience to execute the technical development process. 

Moreover, a web app user interface requires the expert guidance of designers to build a highly navigational and intuitive design. From low-fidelity design to high-fidelity design along with prototyping, an experienced UI/UX designer team can handle everything adequately. However, the UI/UX design is one of the major factors that influences web app development costs.

Technology Stack

Building a web app requires a competitive technological stack that can help you make a functional solution. Choosing the right technologies, programming language, framework, and third-party integration are all the big chunks of web app development costs. Having an expert guide to selecting the latest technology can be crucial to taking development steps. Inadvertently making a single erroneous decision could render all efforts and investments futile. 

Make sure to partner up with a reputed web app development company like MMC Global. We provide consultation, have great knowledge about the latest and viable technologies, and have a great area of expertise in handling various types of challenging and big projects. 

Development Team

The Hukoomi app was built with the help of a Middle East company and the Qatar government outsourced this project. You have to be very acutely mindful while choosing an in-house team or an outsourced project. Outsourcing projects will be a good option to eliminate costs and save time. The development team size, location, expertise, and time are also a prominent costing factor in building a web app. 

However, your team should be capable enough to build a robust app infrastructure including the backend, frontend, and database. Moreover, they also need to be aware of strong security protocols and hosting services to ensure a safer web app environment. 

Security & Compliance

Web apps require a safer environment to be scalable and adaptive. When it  a government e-portal, developers should integrate strong security measures to secure a large database. Because the database contains wide data on citizens, the development of a web app strongly advocates security and compliance protocols. 

The Hukoomi app is significantly surrounded by security measures and regulatory compliance that actually require a major cost in the development and testing process. There are many security tools and futuristic technology has been introduced like Blockchain, AI, ML, etc., to cater to security in the development phase.

Web App Complexity

Hukoomi has catered to a broad range of features and functionalities that make it a complex web application. However, a professional consulting company will help you prioritize features and functionalities that can cut down the cost of web app development. A high-performing app must be free of cluttered and useless features. Adding irrelevant features makes your app slow and inefficient. 

Instead of this, ask professional developers to research and add useful features that make a problem-solving app. The more complex your app will be, the more cost can increase. The Hukoomi app is the best example of a high-performing and intuitive app that delivers an excellent user experience. 

Estimated Cost Range 

Ballpark Figure: Building a web app with similar functionalities as Hukoomi can range from $500,000 to $1 million or more. This is just a broad estimate, and the actual cost could be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above.

Cost Factor Breakdown for Hukoomi-like Web App Development:

Cost FactorEstimated Cost
Complexity of Features$150,000 – $300,000
Security and Data Privacy$100,000 – $200,000
UI/UX Design$75,000 – $150,000
Government Integration$100,000 – $250,000
Development Team$50,000 – $100,000


If you plan to build a web app like Hukoomi, we are here to assist you at every step. From planning to designing and to development to deployment, our professional web app development team is all you need to handle your project. 

Integrating a smart system to regulate your country’s operation maximizes efficiency and secures the country’s data effectively. Whether you build an open-data portal, web apps like Hukoomi, or any other solutions, the technology always opens the gate of forward-thinking dynamics. 

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