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Digital Secure App – Proven Privacy And Security Solution From App Stores

Digital Secure App – Proven Privacy And Security Solution From App Stores App?

Verizon’s Digital Secure app is an online privacy and security tool for smartphones and computers. It helps protect users from security breaches, malicious websites, and malware once activated.

The application also checks your Android device for viruses, defective applications, malware, and dangerous files that may harm your device.

The app’s premium edition, in addition to safeguarding users on public Wi-Fi, enables us to communicate with security professionals instantaneously.

At MMC GBL, the team builds robust iOS and Android mobile applications with maximum application and data protection standards. We can also monetize applications and data while modernizing your existing business apps. When the app is secure and ensured to provide security, the end-user enjoys using your exciting app. 

digital secure app

What Is a Digital Secure App and How Does It Work?

Digital Secure has always been a security and privacy program that identifies risks from internet sources and local storage on the device automatically.

Users may do personal checks whenever they wish while this software scans the device every 24 hours and when they are connected to the internet.

Verizon identifies spam for premium subscribers in addition to scanning.

The company’s artificial intelligence bots check web databases to see if the premium user’s email address, phone number, social security number, or tax number are linked to dangerous databases.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) powering the Digital Protect app is powerful enough to get into the internet’s base to secure the user’s data. It implies that it can explore the Dark Web for the user’s information.

Furthermore, the app sends out notifications when:

  • Users are surfing the web and are going to click on a faulty link.
  • Users exploring app shops are going to download a virus-infected or potentially dangerous program.

How does the Digital Secure app provide virus and malware protection?

It protects them by analyzing the following material proficiently:

  • Messages, emails, and attachments (text and multimedia) received.
  • Open encrypted and single files from local storage.

Furthermore, premium customers may activate VPN protection. It is a program that sends a user’s search queries through a secret tunnel so that no online entity, including network managers and Internet Service Providers. It can see what they’ve looked for or visited.

How Much Does a Digital Secure App Cost?

The Digital Secure app’s basic edition is free.

The premium edition of Digital Secure, on the other hand, costs $5 per month, which is a bargain when compared to other Google Play Store apps.

In addition to the software, Verizon is giving a $10 Verizon account that will safeguard all of the customers’ personal and business Windows and Mac devices following synchronization.

Verizon Digital Secure App Top Features

  • Web Security
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • System Check
  • App Privacy
  • VPN
  • ID Theft Protection
  • Security Advisor
  • Firewall

Business Potential Of Security And Privacy Apps

Digital privacy and security is a critical issue in society for almost 65 percent of users , indicating that people are ready to embrace digital security and privacy applications like Verizon’s Digital Secure app. On the Google Play store, the app has already topped 10 million downloads.

Antivirus software and virtual private networks (VPNs) are the most prevalent security and privacy applications available today, and the majority of these apps are free. As a result, they contain in-app purchases or adverts, which are the primary sources of money for these free apps.

The Security Apps Revenue Model

The income model of free security applications is typically based on sponsored adverts and data. It is the polar opposite of the programs’ intended purpose.

Consider an app that provides a safe internet browsing experience. In exchange, the app captures and sells the user’s data in order to display items or advertisements tailored to the user’s preferences. This technique would jeopardize the app’s primary function, which is to safeguard the user’s data.

As a result, in order to deliver genuine value to users through a security app, entrepreneurs might charge them monthly or annually in exchange for the privacy and security services that their app provides.

This alternative income model would be far more successful than offering consumers the highest level of security while tracking their online activities in order to serve the advertisements.

The Possibility Of Privacy & Security Apps

Privacy and security applications have big market potential. It gave the rising awareness of digital privacy and net neutrality movements in the United States and Europe.

Here is a growth estimate for Cybersecurity goods to help you grasp the market’s potential profitability:

In 2021, global spending on cybersecurity goods will exceed $60 billion. The tendency has been growing steadily for the past four years, according to the data. Cybersecurity spending was 54 billion dollars in 2020, 40.8 billion dollars in 2019, up from 34 and 36 billion dollars in 2017 and 2018.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a mobile app development that provides internet privacy and security, here are your options:

Coming to a close…

Digital Secure app is a must-have privacy and security tool for Android and iOS users who don’t want pesky applications to reveal their personal information. It comes with basic and sophisticated capabilities.

What’s more, with their many price packages, Digital Secure and related applications like Nord and Express are very successful business models and success stories for appreneurs who thought to answer rising challenges.

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