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Drupal Web Development Essentials That Your Developer Must Know

Drupal web development is an open-source content management system; anyone can download it, use it, and maintain it without any trouble. Drupal web development is one of the most in-demand CMS as developers feel it is easy to use without any coding skills.

Yes, you heard me right! Without any HTML or other language experience, you can build your website with the ultimate power of the Drupal modular framework. Modular framework refers to the small scripts that may contain sections, features, modules, and application functions.

Drupal web development allows the developer’s team to create a systematic method of working on the same project. Without any hurdle, you can share and monitor multiple members’ tasks to avoid inconvenience. Moreover, Drupal encourages website scalability by creating it more flexible, secure, and accountable.

While developing customized websites, developers feel comfortable with Drupal as it provides effective custom modules. Unlike other content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal is more flexible and adaptable when creating custom web development.

At MMCGBL, developers are very engaged in providing Drupal web development services as it is one of the most popular and meet the clients’ requirement. Recently, one of our successful projects of the UAE government Abu Dhabi Open Data is based on Drupal development. It is a challenging project to develop because it is the government’s official platform where anyone can access data independently. However, our Drupal developers made it feasible to create it while also providing maintenance to the website if it faces any inconvenience.

Our drupal developers always get up to date on any up-gradation or essentials that skillful developers must know. Let’s see what drupal web development essentials developers know!

Drupal Web Development Essentials in Drupal 8 Theme Development

Drupal 8 is the latest version that is more flexible and fast. The discovery of Drupal 8 brings numerous new features for developers to try and test on their upcoming projects. It includes; easier content authoring, mobile-friendly interfaces, strong community support, multilingual web development, and support for digital integrations. 

Drupal Web Development

Command Line Interface (CLI)

A command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based user interface (UI) used to run programs, manage computer files and interact with the computer. Drupal provides its own CLI tool that is Drush (DRUpal SHell). Drush is computer software for controlling, manipulating, and administering Drupal websites. Drush appears to be a tool for upgrading site modules on the surface, but it offers a far larger feature set.

Template Engine

Drupal 7 formerly defaulted to the PHP template. It was essential to write PHP code in order to create a template. Drupal 8 now has a PHP-based Twig engine. As a consequence, programmers may now construct templates quicker and more safely than before, utilizing a simplified syntax.

Generally, Drupal 7’s template engine is like preparing on your own, while Drupal 8’s template engine is like preparing with multiple hands.

Symfony Framework

Codebase management is made easy with the Symfony framework in Drupal web development as it is already integrated into Drupal 8 to provide encrypted security code. Due to the Symfony framework, the website can integrate with third-party apps with proper data visuals. Moreover, it also uses routing to make your Drupal site’s URLs SEO-friendly. It allows websites to translate into multilingual websites with the help of a built-in translate component.

Package Managers

Package managers have simplified a lot of the work for all sorts of developers. It has simplified the installation of external libraries and frameworks in Drupal. Composer is one of the most popular right now since it allows you to simply install tools like Drush and manage dependencies.


Drupal is not just providing a content management system but it also provides an attractive and appealing custom theme. Themes are the most important aspect for the user as it gives the first impression to the users.  Moreover, Drupal theming allow customization in pre-built themes as per clients’ requirements.

Drupal Security Updates

Drupal is known as severe security CMS as it has tight security standards. As Drupal web development has built a large number of eCommerce sites, there is not a big deal to receive cyber threats or any vulnerable activity.

Developers should keep an eye on all security measures and news to protect your site from any mishap. Furthermore, keep your username and password stronger so the hackers can not crack them. It is more feasible by integrating a complex password generator plug-in into your Drupal website.

Understanding Of Drupal Modules

Drupal modules are the collective files of different functionalities and features. There are three types of Drupal modules such as core, subsystem, and components. The following are some of the most commonly used Drupal modules, which are typically installed on all Drupal sites: Panel, view, and Ctools.

Drupal Core Functioning

The flow of Drupal web development is different from other CMS and it takes time to adopt the workflow if you are not a pro or not in practice. Developers pay extra attention to how to use multiple modular frameworks. The features of Drupal development include drag and drop authoring tools, plug-ins, multiple interfaces, APIs, etc.


It is impossible that a website is bug-free every time. Bugs occur on the website and if your developers are not able to treat them, then they can not run a professional website. Drupal developers must tackle all the bugs and errors to make your website flawless and sustainable.

Community Participation

Drupal, like many open source projects, flourishes because of its incredible community. Although this concept is not specific to developers, it is critical in the case of Drupal. So, my recommendation to any Drupal developer out there is to get involved with Drupal in any manner you can; not only will this benefit Drupal, but it will also provide you greater visibility in the future.

Bottom Line

Drupal, like many open source projects, flourishes because of its incredible features, modules, functionalities, and strong community. Developers have rated Drupal for its performance, usability, availability, product scalability, online and in-person training, and implementations. With a score of 9.6, reviewers give the highest rating to role-based user permissions. You can find the whole Drupal overview, recent ratings, and developers’ views here.

So let’s start building your Drupal web development to make the best marketing terms by customizing every module according to you. MMCGBL will never fail to satisfy you with its quality services.

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