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Effective Ecommerce Website Development Checklist For 2022 – Don’t Miss!

Effective Ecommerce Website Development Checklist For 2022 

If you want to make your online business trustworthy and successful, you must keep an eye on what you have done, what you need to do, and what your competitors are doing. Starting an eCommerce business is not a piece of cake but a struggle that can be overcome with this article.

I don’t believe that when people say starting eCommerce businesses is easy. People are less aware of what they need to start a well-functioning eCommerce store. It is not like initiating whatever you want; ultimately, you will get the desired income.

You have to do multiple tasks, such as making your eCommerce business trustworthy, building a place where users can see your product, get information, and then proceed to checkout.

These all steps indicate only one thing, i.e. eCommerce Website Development. Yes, you heard right. When you develop an eCommerce website, there is a big chance that it can help you to solve your maximum problems and bring great results if your eCommerce website development is correct.

If your website is fully functional and has information, there is a 78% more chance that visitors will not leave the site without making any purchase. Ecommerce website development services help you to grow your business by driving organic traffic, getting qualified leads, showcasing your products, and much more that you can’t imagine.

Reason to leave eComerce Website Development

The question is what you should do to make eCommerce website development successful. Here is the checklist that helps you throughout the development process.

Ecommerce Website Development Checklist

Ecommerce Web Design

Do you know how end-users evaluate your website performance? Surprisingly, it is all about website design! The more effective your web design is, the longer people stay on the website. Website design increases the performance of the web. You must collaborate with the UI UX design team to make it effective. The expert UI UX design team helps you in wireframing and prototyping the websites.

eComerce Website Development and web design

Think about who you want to reach. Is your layout age-appropriate for their demographic? How does it look on different desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones? A great responsive design loads quickly and looks lovely on any device, including smartphones and laptops. The following is a list of items for you to review:

  • The layout should be adaptable.
  • Popular browsers are compatible with the website.
  • Codes in HTML or CSS should be verified.
  • The icon must be relevant.
  • On iOS mobile devices, in particular, app icons appear nicely.
  • Font combinations look good together; give attention while choosing.

Features And Functionality

Adding features that are useful and related to your website should be added. Before adding multiple features live, you have to check the functionalities from backend to frontend. Developers pick the right tech stack that is adaptable and help to set out the datastore. Moreover, if you have embedded forms, you have to check if it is working or not. Here are the key functionalities that you will .experience:

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  • Data will be sent accurately through forms.
  • When you click “submit,” a thank you page should appear.
  • Sent information must be delivered to the user’s email or phone.
  • Each field has a label that goes with it that will make users understandable.
  • Links should be operational and configured to “open in a new tab.”
  • Icons for social media must be connected to the correct pages and operate without any issues.
  • Real-time feeds (including social media, RSS, and news) are shown.
  • The homepage of the site has to link to the company logo.
  • The pace of the pages must be enhanced.
  • Pages with a 404 error must be included.
  • The website functions nicely with third-party tools (eCommerce software, CRM, marketing extensions). Consider using it.
  • Utilize videos since they work on all devices.

Content Development

Your motive for building an eCommerce website is to provide explicit information about your brand/products/services. That’s why content is the king. Without content delivering information is not possible. The most important thing is that the content should be impeccable.

The more clear-cut the content is, the more your audience understands the worth of your products. Ensure your information reflects your business’s standards properly because it speaks a lot about your company. Look at this fast checklist to ensure your material is ready to launch.

  • Use listing where needed.
  • Watchful while using Heading tags.
  • Consistency throughout web copy
  • Don’t stuff keywords; instead, use them genuinely.
  • No chance of typo errors
  • There are no cliched terms or phrases utilized.
  • Use relevant images/videos/animations
  • Try to make the informative yet friendly tone
  • Manage the content that is adaptable for all devices
  • Good use of grammatical instructions
  • Be careful about punctuation
  • Capitalization use properly
  • Orderly paragraph alignment
  • The company’s contact information is provided accurately and adequately.
  • Add alt text related to the Keywords in media elements

Be aware that you might require a content management system to produce, manage, and update your content types safely. A few of the best CMS for eCommerce website development are Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WordPress, etc.

CMS for eCommerce Website Development

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E-commerce SEO

Making your website SEO-friendly comes after you’ve secured it. SEO (inbound marketing) determines how potential clients will locate your website. The following should be looked at:

  • Both commercial and instructional material are considered in keyword research.
  • Pages have distinctive titles (55 words or less).
  • Every page has a unique meta description (140 characters or less).
  • For sharing on social media, metadata is full.
  • There are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the metadata.
  • Every image has an alt tag.
  • The XML sitemap for the website is dynamic.
  • Popular search engines receive XML sitemap submissions.
  • Effectively displaying the website’s information architecture are its URLs.
  • Old URLs are either erased or 301-redirected to another website.
  • On the appropriate pages, rel=”noindex” is added.

Data and Analytics

The most crucial part of eCommerce website development is integrating with a system that helps you deliver your website analytics. It will help you to evaluate how your site performs, customers buying patterns, most visited pages, etc. The owner’s ability to continuously enhance your website as you move forward is made possible by web analytics and reporting. You may monitor what you’ve created by looking at:

  • The website’s source code contains code for website analytics.
  • Tracking does not include IP addresses (as desired).
  • Goals and sales funnels are configured in the analytics tool.
  • Your Google Webmaster account and Google Analytics account should be integrated.
  • Your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts should be connected.

Data backup and storage

Data loss is one of the most unfortunate situations a website owner can encounter. The good news is that data loss may always be avoided by taking a few precautions:

  • 24/7 mentoring script.
  • Keep the duplicate end-to-end secure copy of the website.
  • Automatic schedules for regular backups are created.
  • Secure credentials and passwords.
  • A structured combination of files is used.
  • To conserve space, shrunk HTML, Javascript, SVG, and CSS files.
  • Image files are either SEO optimized or compressed.
  • The website employs caching.
  • The speed of the website should be examined.
  • One resource at a time downloads from the page.
  • While a page is downloading, the script is not running.
  • Make a strategy to maintain web pages. 

Pre & Post Website Launch

Once done, you have to test every corner of the website so that no flaws can be found. However, it would be great if there is continuous testing and maintenance in eCommerce website development. Automation testing and manual testing are necessary to escape bugs and errors. Moreover, there are the pre and post-website launch instructions that you need to watch out for.

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  • Your website’s long-term goals and objectives should be covered.
  • You’ve put your content management strategy streamlined.
  • Manual and automated testing and maintenance should be scheduled.
  • The website has specific reporting features so you can track its development.
  • Make an announcement of your website launching through social media.
  • Add launching discounts, sales, and giveaways to attract visitors.
  • Active your blog section if needed.

Considerations to Make Before an E-commerce Website Development

The specific-featured eCommerce website is splendid for both customers and retailers. Everyday things you need to oversee for your eCommerce website development can not be ignored as it gives the hue to your websites.

Mobile-Friendly Website Development

Mobile devices are everywhere, and people are highly engaged in operating mobile devices, either Android or iOS. You should be familiar with the user-friendly website for mobile. Like your website is accessible appropriately in mobile to deliver an extraordinary experience – from content and alignments, all are in the same line as it is on desktop. This is the fact that customers are often shopping with mobile devices more than desktops. Your app mainly focuses on mobile-friendly websites for a more incredible experience.

Live Chat Integration

Live chat and chatbot integration is one of the most trending and hot topics in eCommerce website development. Customers want prompt responses to their inquiries. Make sure this is taken into account in your design and development. Excellent customer support turns into a great customer experience and a high number of sales and revenue streams.

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eCommerce Web Development

Product Depth

You have to decide how many products you will add so developers can easily create space for it. The more adaptable your website is, the more you can handle it. Depending on your company model, you’ll have entirely different design and development requirements.

Payment Gateways

Adding multiple gateways is an essential part of an eCommerce website. As you offer customers to buy online, you must add payment methods to provide a better customer experience. As many of us use online payment procedures, you don’t miss the chance to make them complete their purchasing process. Integrate a maximum number of payment gateways such as PayPal, WePay, etc.

eCommerce Website Development Payment gatteways

Mobile-First Development

Developers start building websites on mobile interfaces because the rising number of mobile devices leads to a booming eCommerce business. In 2022, mobile-first development of websites is a trend that all of the market’s developers follow, resulting in a successful and result-generating eCommerce website development.

eCommerce Website - mobile first design

Page Type

An e-commerce site that increases conversions successfully will feature attractive homes, categories, products, checkout, and blog pages.

Website Security

Websites are vulnerable to security concerns, incredibly bespoke eCommerce website development stores. You need flawless codebase software for your online store if you want to prevent future problems.

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Speed and Performance

Don’t compromise on the speed of the website. One analysis of 5 million desktop and mobile pages found that the average time it takes to fully load a webpage is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile. Maintaining the speed of a website is the most significant chunk of eCommerce website performance.

speed of eCommerce Website Development


Imagine a world without the internet is like forcing someone in ancient times and making them old-fashioned. The Internet is the only change that brings thousands more changes in human lives as the ability to get access to numerous things increases. People are one tap away from any information or anything that they need.

The best of both worlds, regarding technology, is the massive transformation that has ever happened to us, including in daily life and corporate sectors. In COVID-19, when everything is hard to handle, businesses that own technology are very stable compared to those that do not.

And the top of the list is an eCommerce business transforming circadian. It is not far-fetched if I say eCommerce businesses are revolutionary among the other industries just because of the appropriate use of technology. Technology makes everything streamlined and accessible so as eCommerce businesses.

Building eCommerce website development is the initial and most significant step an eCommerce store owner can take. You must hire an efficient team to design, build, test, implement, and maintain your website to boost its performance, increase conversion rate, and maintain customer retention.

You can reach out to us if you are looking for effective and efficient eCommerce website development services! MMC GBL is recognized with the best eCommerce website development services, as the team of developers is experienced and professional that can mould any idea into reality. Get tech-savvy professional services, but first, a free consultation is our welcoming gesture.

FAQs Related to Ecommerce Website

What is an eCommerce marketplace?

The E-commerce marketplace, also known as online e-commerce marketing, is a platform or website where consumers can access various product brands that are shown alongside those from other vendors, stores, or individuals.

Why do I need eCommerce website development?

The list of  importance of building a website is so long; here is a few of them:

  • It helps in boosting brand recognition and making you trustworthy in the market.
  • A managed online store where your customers visit and make purchases.
  • You can collect qualified leads and analyze your visitor purchasing pattern.
  • Customers can learn more about your product or services on the internet.
  • You can add product photos and videos in certain places.
  • Integrate your website with your social media platform and all the marketing touchpoints.
  • It also helps provide payment gateways to spread your business worldwide.

What is the best platform to get eCommerce website development services?

There are many tech stacks and CMS platforms that can help you make sufficient websites, such as:

You can consider any of them and get exceptional eCommerce website development services. These are the famous names you hear for their fastest and most high-performing website creation. Hiring a specialized developer helps you a lot in getting the desired results.

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