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Game Design Vs. Game Development – Does It Make Any Difference?

Game Design Vs. Game Development – Does It Make Any Difference?

Game development is a fun-loving yet interesting process that even developers and designers enjoy. It needs concepts, logic, planning, and much more to build an interesting game that gets traction from every gamer. Interestingly, there are whooping kinds of gamers that exist in the world, such as puzzlers, shooters, simulation and sports, action-adventure, etc.

To cater to all needs in one game is difficult; we have to specify the genre before starting game development. Every game has its own design that attracts gamers’ psyches, and sometimes gamers get addicted.

To differentiate game developer and designer put effort into designing well and developing strategically. The design and development are two aspects of building a game. Only professional tech-savvy can differentiate it at the utmost level. But today, we will help you to know how these two aspects are different from each other and how they sketch and blend to create an exciting game for gamers.

What is Game Design? Everything You Need To Know!

Game design is the process of articulating the concept of a strategic gaming picture that can easily be understandable and have some goal at the end of each stage. The awe-struck game design lifts the user interface of the game app, which ultimately increases the user experience.

There are multiple tasks of game design that should be done by one who has expertise in all, or you have to hire various resources.

  • Video & Character Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Character Artist
  • Design Strategist

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Like any other software that first needs design by expert UI UX designers, similarly, gaming apps also need expert game designers. In MMCGBL, you can hire the best professional game designers who take care of all things of your game design, such as sketching the plot of the game, explaining the game concepts, drawing the first draft, implementing it on wireframe, prototyping, and testing. You can see our portfolio that helps you get what we can do for you.

Although you can consult us to have a tea conversation on Game design & development, we will also give you a quick squint about the key points of game designing.

Key Points of Game Design

Story Line

Making a gaming experience immersive and interesting while giving gamers a genuine sense of relaxation requires a strong storyline.

Include a Twist

Every game needs a twist or some sport of excitement that compels gamers to play more. Because they are curious about what will unfold next or because they love the plot so much, players will continue playing the same game repeatedly.


We are always lured to visually beautiful things. But video game visuals go beyond just being nice. They’re a useful technique to define genre and tone and give each game its own unique sense of personality. Additionally, the quality of the images determines how captivating the experience is as a whole.

Surprise With Strategy

Before designing a game app, you have to decide what you are going to offer at the end of the game level. Obviously, there is a reward, magic boxes, scores, and much more. Your game would be highly compelled if gamers find challenges, and dangerous missions, sneak up on an enemy or even solve puzzles with new tricks.

Theme & Animations

The main course of designing a game is to set the theme according to the intended audience. For example, if your target audience is kids or especially girls, you will give a girlish theme. Or, in case you wish to launch a heavy game, you can inspire with PUBG or counter-strike game themes.

What should a game designer know before you hire?

Your game designer must have expertise in existing and upcoming technologies by the time. They must be adaptable, analytical thinkers, creative, and excellent in logic building.

  • Excellent 3D modeling skills
  • Creative design and drawing skills
  • Strong analytical approach
  • Crafting logic and problem-solving situations
  • the potential to perceive things from a different viewpoint

The expertise of game developers should include the following:

  • Virtual development
  • Advanced game design methodologies
  • Game simulation and its working
  • Advanced 3D modeling
  • Advanced game texturing
  • 3D digital sculpting and molding
  • Analytical and statistical analysis of games
  • Motion graphics expert
  • Virtual reality development
  • Existing & trending gaming engines Knowledge

What is Game or Video Game Development?

Game development is the step when you turn your game design into action. That means game development helps to make your game design functional with the help of coding & programming languages.

Once developers get the design, they now use code to make every screen functional with the help of futuristic game design frameworks and engines. Professional developers understand the need for pre-built components and libraries for faster development. The game development team should be strong enough to deal with complexities and project challenges to achieve the timelines of the projects. The development team should include as following:

  • Junior and senior game developers
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Project development manager
  • System & web developers
  • Application developers

Key Points of Game Development

High-end Technology

Development requires coding, programming, API integrations, test cases, etc. To ensure every step is completed efficiently, developers must know the basics and advanced knowledge about trending technologies. To build code that creates every aspect of the game, game developers must be knowledgeable in hardware technology as well as C, C#, C++, Java, Python, and other programming languages.

Integration and Testing

To make your game app more functional, the implementation of the system and third-party APIs can be added to game apps. Many games have directly connected with social media apps, paid advertisements, and much more. After implementation, testing is highly recommended by QA engineers.

Maintenance and Support

Development is an ongoing process even after launching on Play Store/App Store; there must be a team that back your app to fix bugs and errors. It is an essential point that makes game development scalable and up-to-date.

What Skills Are Required For Hiring a Game Developer?

A game developer must have extensive knowledge of game engines, coding, and programming languages. Apart from this, they must possess managerial and communication skills to assign tasks to their subordinates or collaborate with team members.

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  • Collaboration with the designing team.
  • Highly focused on logic-based development.
  • Segregate characters and their role as per the direction.
  • Ensure code quality and app performance.
  • Focus on the scalable codebase to gradually update with new measures.

Here is the key difference that segregates game design from game development. If you are going to invest in the game, you must know how to implement your planning strategy and cost allocation. Let’s make it budget-friendly for you by offering our professional game development services. We will take care of all requisites from planning and designing to development and implementation.

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