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6 Medication Mobile App Features For Health Practitioners & Patients

To all patients out there, the mobile app will be your next loyal partner who can help you take your medications. The healthcare industry has transformed the way they operate. With automation, patients and doctors are highly reliable in making things digitized. Sensor-based wearables, glucose monitoring devices, heart-rate gauging devices, walking trackers, etc., are highly used to help survive patients with ailments.

Similarly, medication intake is another hectic routine for patients. To overcome multiple medication app intakes, there are ideas for mobile app development that can help doctors and patients to prescribe medicines and to track medication intake. Let’s take a closer look at what main features are important to make a fully functional drug or medication app.

6 Must-Have Features For Medication Mobile App Development

Medication/Pill Reminder

A medication reminder mobile app development can help patients to get their medicine on time without skipping a single time. Patients who need to take a number of tablets and have difficulty remembering the time or what pill they should take will definitely benefit from this mobile app development.

The intensive medication routine can also be easier if we add features that show the picture of medicine, time to intake, regular dosage, the calculated number of medicine in a month or week, and even tracking the regulation medication through the chart. A gentle reminder of drugs with a notification would greatly help patients, especially those with a neurodegenerative disease.

Medication Prescription

A mobile app containing an automated medication prescription and direct doctor consultation is useful for medication. These types of apps can access both doctors and patients. Doctors can see the medication details and edit them within the app if needed, and even suggest treatments, give instructions, and much more that can enhance the functionality of the medication app.

Healthcare providers and patients will always sync with a digital medication plan. Patients can get in touch with their doctor to have their medication plan inspected and modified if they need to revise their medication dosage following an in-person or online visit. In addition, when other program features can access the data from the prescription schedule, they become much more beneficial and practical.

Medicine Tracker

A drug interaction checker is another function that might assist patients with medication consumption. The interaction checking algorithm may constantly operate in the back because it is a component of a multipurpose medicine app. The interaction checker automatically performs a test and displays an alert notification in case the new inclusion is inconsistent with the medicine already in the plan when a healthcare professional or patient adds a new drug to the current list in the prescription.

Additionally, patients may define their unique circumstances, like allergies or pregnancy, and request that the app examine every medicine item added to their plan for condition-drug interactions.

Online Medication rescript

Online doctor appointments or requests to revise the medication prescription can save time and make doctors’ & patients’ lives easier. In case any patient’s prescription expires, the app can notify doctors to take action on it as soon as possible. A doctor can generate a request or directly edit the new prescription details within the app, which should directly notify the concerned patient. As soon as the patient receives the notification, they will be updated with the new medication dosage and routine.

Pharmacy Location Identifier

The feature of allocating pharmacy locations enhances the app’s credibility and gives patients access to nearby areas. With the above-mentioned feature, the pharmacy location identifier will be the plus point of the medication intake mobile app. Patients do not need to travel miles to find a pharmacy. Even if you are in an unknown or unfamiliar place, you can search out a pharmacy by adding your current location.

Pill Identifier

Finding a bottle of pills without a label, a blister with a fading description or a single loose tablet in one’s medication box with just a hazy understanding of what those pills are is not unusual. This is where a pill identification function might be useful because it will let the patient know which medications they have. Somehow it may be risky, and we cannot rely on it, but if the application has been built with the next level of algorithm that we can trust, it would be highly beneficial.

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Ready To Build Your App?

If you want to introduce medication-related apps, you can consult our professional mobile app development team, which will assist you by studying the whole medication intake app market. As a top mobile application development company, we are highly focused on multidisciplinary tech stack, so don’t worry about the application functionality and performance.

Mobile app development is another way to generate money, and it happens when you build an app monetization strategy for your app. Let’s make a mobile app that can help the healthcare industry and help you get a return on your investment.

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