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How To Improve Digital Customer Experience With Ecommerce Website

There are more than 26.5 million eCommerce sites worldwide, and more are created every day to capture the eCommerce market. Creating a website is no longer a big deal, as you can easily find professional eCommerce website development services. The important thing is to maintain your eCommerce website to make website interaction worth it for a visitor.  Moreover, the aim should be to turn your visitors into potential clients and make conversion happen. This can only be done if your eCommerce website delivers a better digital customer experience in the customer buying journey.

Today’s market is highly dependent on providing improved digital customer experience to rule the market. Emphasizing product optimization to grow businesses is a traditional way. Unlike traditional marketing, businesses are not only focused on products, but they try to create customer-specific products that resonate with consumer needs.

The swift shift from a profit-oriented business to a customer-oriented market is now a new normal for businesses because organizations have identified that happy customers are the key to successful businesses. In eCommerce marketing, providing a better digital customer experience is a basic need, and one of the best ways to convey this tangible feeling is to build responsive eCommerce website development.

Digital Customer Experience

Today’s study will help you determine the concept of delivering digital customer experience with the help of eCommerce website development. Let’s dig deeper!

Ways To Improve Digital Customer Experience With Ecommerce Website

An Ecommerce website is an indication of the trusted and reliable existence of a digital store. It represents your credibility and provides a way to connect with your prospects. With the ease of accessibility to the customer and effective tools to boost your digital footprint, eCommerce website is one of the rapidly evolving industries in the globe. In fact, you will observe the rapid optimization in customer lifetime value (CLV), customer loyalty, brand equity, referrals, revenue and growth, and customer retention.

If you belong to the eCommerce business or want to shift your business online, creating a customer-centric eCommerce website that delivers exceptional digital customer experience will be a great hit for your business growth.

Let’s explore how you can increase digital customer experience with eCommerce website development.

More omnichannel Presence

First and foremost, you need to understand omnichannel marketing to make an action plan for this. Omnichannel marketing is an approach of nurturing leads and creating engagements on all possible marketing touchpoints where the chances of your target audience are possible. In addition, it provides a unified experience to the customers and centralized insights from all the marketing touchpoints to analyze the outcome of an omnichannel marketing campaign. Omnichannel marketing also provides flexible checkouts from different channels and encourages buyers to complete their buying action.

For example, your target audience sees ads on Facebook, reaches your website, and then leaves it. A few times later, an email they receive to remind them, “Your favorite product is running out, click to order now,” and then the consumer clicks a button that the email helps them reach the exact product to ensure a seamless transaction.

Personalized Recommendation

Your eCommerce website solution must deliver a personalized digital customer experience to help customers engage for a long time. It can happen with the help of AI – a futuristic technology that provides a mesmerizing impact in the tech world. In fact, AI is all about automation, understanding, learning, problem-solving, perception, decision-making, and predictions. In a nutshell, AI is all about creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks requiring human-like cognitive functions.

AI aims to simulate human intelligence to enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation across various industries and applications. Personalized recommendations are also associated with this.  With the help of studying human buying patterns, AI can help a conclusive range of personalized recommendations that are shown to buyers. Additionally, it increases the chances of more selling opportunities and high engagement over your wide range of product collections.

For example, a customer comes to your website and places an order for a red dress. At the same time, AI will show some recommended product that fits with that outfit “like a bag” at a reasonable price to the visitor. It increases the probability the visitor will buy that product as well.

Streamlined Checkouts

Checkout is the final stage, where the consumer completes your desired action. If there is any hurdle at this phase, you can instantly lose your potential sale. In fact, 55 percent of shoppers will abandon if they have to re-enter their credit card or shipping information. It is better to streamline your checkout process by keeping it short and secure. A smooth checkout process leads to successful sales and provides a better digital customer experience.

Moreover, 39% of mobile users abandoned their phones because of difficulty entering their personal information. The less bothered the checkout process, the higher the probability of closing the deal.

Automate Customer Support

One of the major ways to provide a better digital customer experience is to create auto-customer support, i.e., an AI chatbot. Again, AI uplifts the digital customer experience to the next level. AI chatbot automates customer support by providing quick responses to any customer query. Machine learning, a subset of AI, makes chatbots capable of learning from experiences and some training for responding to customer questions.

No more need to hire a pool of agents when AI can handle multiple customers at one time. Without skipping multiple customer queries, a chatbot can be available around the clock without any break. Chatbots are getting smarter, and eCommerce businesses really need smart assistance to deliver an out-of-the-world customer experience.

Improve the Web Performance

Website optimization can also provide an immersive experience to the customer. A website’s performance depends on the website’s speed, content placement, loading time, accurate navigation, and other elements that make your eCommerce website responsive.

All the above-mentioned elements must be optimized to ensure your website works properly without any glitches. Simply put, if the loading time of the website exceeds 1 second, your website does not have the potential to generate sales. Furthermore, improving your website UI/UX will be an upshot of your website performance. From navigating landing pages and CTAs to making it responsive for all devices and creating a captivating theme, every element greatly impacts your website performance.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

This is an advanced feature of eCommerce website development that encourages customers to proceed with checkout. An abandoned Cart is when a prospect visits a digital store, adds a product to the cart, and then leaves it without proceeding to check out and incomplete the purchase.

What an eCommerce website can do is make them remember that you left a cart during the checkout process. The alert trigger on multiple platforms, like an automated email, can be generated to push customers to complete the buying journey or get the notification on the website wherever they come up to visit the store. It provides personalized experiences to customers and encourages them to buy their favorite products.

Compelling Brand Message

Over the website, compelling content can help spread your brand message. Every website requires product or service information that resonates with prospects’ needs. SEO-optimized content with a thoughtful content marketing strategy is the best way to make your eCommerce website rank higher.

From product descriptions to website content and newsletters, everything needs to be connected and aligned to the particular goal. In fact, providing a well-versed brand message and depiction of your brand benefits provides an improved digital customer experience on the website’s digital storefront.


Building an eCommerce website requires expertise in using solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, etc., that help create an instant platform with exceptional digital customer experience. Moreover, eCommerce websites are empowered with futuristic solutions, including AI and machine learning, and more.

Let’s create an eCommerce website that delivers exceptional customer experience and help you grow exponentially. We have expert eCommerce website developers who help you build responsive websites with multiple features and functionalities. Let’s partner up with us!

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