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How to Prepare Your eCommerce Website For BFCM Sale 2022?

How to Prepare Your eCommerce Website For BFCM Sale 2022?

Holidays, Black Friday & Cyber Monday — are all around the corner, and we can’t get over our shopping list, whether for households or businesses. Black Friday & Cyber Monday, also called BFCM, is one of the anticipated weekends for people who shop at the lowest prices because retailers offer huge discounts on different items.

BFCM is the best day for eCommerce businesses as well, as they can generate huge amounts of money by grabbing worldwide customers by driving great traffic on eCommerce websites. For retailers, it is a big opportunity to attract prospects and potential customers and maintain retention rates.

But to make this happen, businesses must go the extra mile and create a sensation on every marketing touchpoint, such as eCommerce websites, mobile apps, social media channels, etc., that genuinely attract prospects and customers. Online marketers must maintain their eCommerce websites from scratch because it is the only hub for customers to gather and see your products or services.

It is essential for online retailers to first pay attention to their eCommerce website by building strong BFCM marketing strategies. Without further ado, let’s see how to prepare your eCommerce website before the BFCM holidays arrive.

Key Stats:

  • About $3.7 billion of Black Friday eCommerce revenue in 2021 came from smartphones, an increase of 2 percent over last year and a new record.
  •  Black Friday sales in the United States increased by 22% in 2020, reaching about $9 billion, despite the negative economic impact of COVID-19 shutdowns.
  • There was a 60% increase in sales on Amazon Marketplace over the previous year.
  • Around 65% of customers will shop online in 2021, and 32% will look for in-store experiences.
  • In-store shopping dropped by 30% over last year, which coincided with the online shopping trend.
  • During BFCM 2021, 15% of all orders globally were cross-border.
  • That’s an increase in mobile shopping from 2020 when 67% of sales were made on mobile, and 33% were made on desktop.

Get Your Ecommerce Website Ready For BFCM Sale 2022

On BFCM, the website experiences huge traffic, checkouts, demand fluctuations, and much more that can curate a mess if your eCommerce website is not built properly. As a retailer, you can also overlook inventories, unorganized stocks, changing consumer behavior, and unlimited queries on your eCommerce website just because of the huge crowd due to the BFCM sale 2022.

To scram out all this chaos, we have garnered a hit-the-ground list to rejuvenate your eCommerce website for BFCM sales 2022. You can ask for help from a professional eCommerce website development company that can help you achieve faster and more cost-effective eCommerce website development. The sooner you live your sale, the more you can generate money.

At MMCGBL, you can connect with expert developers who help you build your desired eCommerce website page within the shortest turnaround time. We have done 800+ web design and development projects, which you can see in our portfolio.

Revamp Your Ecommerce Website

Exciting BFCM deals with an exciting eCommerce website interface would be the best combo you can ever have. From building a new landing page wholly dedicated to the BFCM theme to website optimization, all should be done before launching it live.

You can create landing pages that redirect to your product pages will help visitors navigate to the desired pages. With the help of web designers to design your BFCM landing page with great deals and attractive UI design, you can track your visitor pattern and sales allocation.

Easy navigation and speed of the website should be addressed as they are important aspects of a greater user experience. Greater traffic can hurt your website speed, which ultimately causes your conversion rate. In fact, studies show that a slower website can decrease conversions, whereas an increase in site speed of simply 0.1 seconds can raise conversions by 10.1%.

  • Add banners and headlines of live BFCM sales.
  • Use a pop-up that redirects to the BFCM landing page.
  • Add a countdown before launching your landing page.
  • Apply the BFCM theme (black or red)  website page.
  • Stay consistent in all marketing channels.
eCommerce website BFCM sale

Optimize Mobile Application

After the eCommerce website, you must pay attention to its optimization if you own a business eCommerce mobile app. If you have built your app with professionals, it is highly likely that your app is optimized and ready to cater to high download rates.

Mobile application optimization for BFCM

The interaction rate with the eCommerce website store is high on mobile devices, and you can also integrate your app with your online store as the Shopify website does. This way, you can expect the website traffic to turn on your mobile app. People love using apps and keeping them installed for the long run. You can send push notifications of your offering updates that can be highly engaging for your revenue streams.

Managing inventories, supplies, checkouts, and all product-related stuff can easily be handled with a rich feature mobile application. If you are a Shopify website and app lover, you can easily get futuristic functionalities with thousands of plugins to streamline your BFCM campaigns.

In case you are having trouble on your website, then sort it out before BFCM. Let’s migrate your old-fashioned website with a smart Shopify development solution with MMCGBL Shopify developers.

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Start Collaboration With Your Surroundings

It is the best strategy for the BFCM campaign if you are any specific service provider. You can reach out to your business partners or those initiating BFCM sales campaigns to feature your discounted offers and back to their discounted offers on your website. It can happen with your email campaign featuring products and services of other brands.

Again, you can build another landing page in which you can add your partners’ discount offers. Believe me, you can gather loads of feature requests on your page that can enhance the credibility of your website.

  • Make a dedicated landing page
  • Strategize brand collaboration
  • Create the best email to outreach partners
  • Add partners’ discounted data carefully

Active Email Campaign To Announce BFCM Sale

Email marketing is still in the seventh sky, and you can not efficiently reach your prospect and customer better than emails. Scrapping out clean email data with an automated tool is now a new and fastest trend to generate qualified leads.

Make a list of your past and current customers to remind them you still exist in the market with a better competitive position. The blast of your BFCM email should be unstoppable in your audience inbox, which makes your brand unforgettable during the BFCM sales season.

Make your email content effective with exciting pictures, videos, and eye-catching subject lines. It is reported that 25.1% of sales increases during BFCM via email marketing. The email inbox is stuffed with massive discounts, so be sure your subject line and the email content must be different from many others.

  • Segment your audience.
  • Set the countdown and calendars of live sales.
  • Create catchy subject lines.
  • Schedule your email campaign time.
  • Write different exciting pitches with a personalized touch.
  • The buzz around your upcoming sales with clues and hints.
  • Create a thank you email and send it after the sale ends.
  • Create an abandoned cart email.
  • Every email must contain your eCommerce website link.
BFCM email campaign for Ecommerce website

Run social media ad campaigns

Social media is the best way to create a buzz about your sale and keep your audience up-to-date with your BFCM campaign preparation. Most importantly, social media is the source of driving traffic on websites. Once your customers interact with your social media post, they directly jump to your online website to buy their favorite products.

Running Facebook ads can bring enormous benefits to reach the maximum audience globally or for limited territories. Remember to show your BFCM campaign on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

  • Use proper call-to-action on your ads.
  • Keep active in answering your audiences’ responses.
  • Schedule posts in different time zones.
  • Use engaging images and video content.

Create Urgency On the Website

Warm up your audience by creating urgency. This tactic is not new even marketers often use this to gather the crowd at their websites. You have probably seen a header bar, footer bar, or sidebar that announces discounted offers with a call-to-action button on an eCommerce website.

Now, you have many options that can make your eCommerce website more engaging such as Pop-ups, opt-ins, and chatbots. These tools are amazing in lead generation, making announcements that hold customers for a while, etc.

  • Add a countdown on your website
  • Use options via automated software
  • Generate emails and alerts to grab discounts ASAP

 Upsell and Cross-sell Strategy

It’s possible to maximize the opportunity to sell more to an existing consumer on your eCommerce website by upselling and cross-selling. Make combinations of three to four complimentary items that work well together and sell the entire set to clients at a discount on the sum.

On major shopping holidays like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, when consumers are actively hunting for package deals at significantly lower prices, these kinds of combination promotions do extremely well.

Write content that brings clients genuine value; the selling text in the offer is what persuades customers to accept the offer. Make sure the copy is polished and communicates real values to the audience.

Declare in your offers that you only have a very small number of things in stock or that the deal is only good till midnight to elicit a sense of urgency. Customers will be more impulsive in making purchases of goods they enjoy when time is of the essence, or there is a limited supply.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

eCommerce sites are competing for a position on Google’s main page on Black Friday & Cyber Monday in unprecedented numbers. You must improve your website for online consumers in order to rank.

Using keywords that consumers are likely to use when looking for holiday bargains is one method to do this. Make use of such terms throughout your website after conducting some keyword research. Make sure you seem genuine, and avoid the practice of cluttering your writing with keywords.

Since more and more people are using their phones to buy for the holidays, you should also ensure that your website is mobile-first and mobile-friendly.

  • Use keywords carefully
  • Shortened page URL
  • Write content with clear brand messages
  • Easy navigation to product pages

Smart Chatbot for Your Website and Mobile App

AI-based Chatbot is also the best companion if we talk about customer support for assisting customer queries. Integrating a chatbot on your website or even mobile app massively helps in responding to the questions of customers, especially in the sales season.

A chatbot is software that is used to automate conversations between humans. It is a well-trained software that communicates like a human with human customers. If you don’t have a chatbot right now, you can get one with leading AI solution providers like MMCGBL. Ecommerce websites without chatbots are like movies without popcorn.

A chatbot is one of the trending tools that every small to large enterprise uses to provide exceptional support throughout the marketing channels. You can ask your eCommerce website development team to add a chatbot on your website that can interlink with your social media as well.

  • A chatbot can give 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time responses for all queries
  • Instant connectivity without skipping any queries
  • Push notifications with Chatbot

Improve Your Abandoned Cart Rates

Have you ever gone online to engage in some window shopping and started to remove items from your cart when a pop-up interrupted you? Whether it’s a survey about your buying preferences or an offer for a discount coupon, those pop-ups may be really bothersome, or sometimes it feels great to receive a personalized message with a discount offer. You probably made up your mind to buy that product you left two days before in the cart.

On eCommerce websites, pop-ups are designed to catch your eye and lower cart abandonment rates. Allow customers to state their intentions or reward them for finishing their transaction. Your abandonment rate is probably going to go down.

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While eCommerce website development or even later, you can add options. You can buy opt-in software from third parties like Optinmonster, or even if you are a Shopify user, you will get the plugin. Make sure you get that pop-up to announce your exclusive Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

BFCM eCommerce website cart abondoned

Smooth Checkout Process

Why is online shopping more fascinating? Because it provides ease to the customers, they don’t need to wander here and there to find what they need. They can sit back on the comfy chair, check out multiple brands, select their preference, and order by completing the checkout process.

What if your checkout process annoys your user? Customers want to avoid experiencing glitches when they have their favorite thing in their hands, at least at the edge of their checkouts. At the time of sales, you must have a streamlined checkout process without any distractions in the way. If the visitor experiences any roadblock in the checkout process, there will be a chance to lose your potential customers.

Quick checkouts on eCommerce website
  • No lengthy forms or information at all.
  • Offer a two-way checkout by logging in via email or as a guest.
  • No hidden charges and instant calculations in one window.
  • Accept multiple payment gateways.
  • Let customers autofill saved information.

Well-Versed In Return, Shipping, And Exchange Policy

The most important document you need to create initially when you set the monetization with your discounted offers is a policy that indicates the return, shipping, and exchange of products/services. While making a discount strategy, you have to keep in mind that it will not drag you into a loss. You have to set a realistic discounted percentage with a well-versed return and exchange policy so there will be no mess at the end of the day.

Add essential policies to your eCommerce website to clarify your audience. If you offer free shipping, let them announce to gather more customers. If you are not entertaining exchanges, you will explain the whole scenario.

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Let’s Wrap Up!

At this point, we have covered the maximum number of topics, but it is not enough at all. You have to be pre-planned and well-prepared for BFCM sales in 2022. It is time to start revamping your website and build new landing pages dedicated to BFCM sales seasons.

Optimizing website, active email campaign, introducing mobile app marketing, and many more opportunities to get maximum revenue. Including an AI-based chatbot can reduce workload and help you respond to customers in real-time no matter how many queries there are.

Let’s manage your eCommerce website or start professional eCommerce website development if you don’t have one. If you do not have a fully managed website, you can not control and successfully implement your BFCM marketing strategies.

FAQs Related to eCommerce Website Development

Why is an eCommerce website needed for BFCM sale seasons?

For online marketing, the basic and most important asset is eCommerce website development. With this, you can showcase your product/services. Once you have an eCommerce website, you can add products/services, drive traffic, generate leads, market and sell products, and much more for your customer base.

Do Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales boost retailers?

From Black Friday & Cyber Monday through New Year’s Day, the fourth quarter of the year is often the most profitable for most businesses.

Your store sales will soar on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. The ideal moment is to inform your customers and audience of any special offers or Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale discounts you’ll be offering now. Sending out an email blast, making a social media post, or even setting up a special landing page on your website are all effective ways to do this.

In 2022, when is Black Friday?

25 November 2022 on a Friday.

How MMCGBL would help businesses in BFCM?

For eCommerce businesses, we have all that they want. From building a website to adding a well-trained chatbot, we can help them all the way. Our website developers can help you in revamping your site with a BFCM theme, create a landing page, strategize your BFCM campaign, and much more. Helping businesses is our aim of us; we do not provide services; we provide value to your business so that you can grow in this competitive edge.

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