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Bigcommerce Development – 10 Unique Features

What Is Bigcommerce Development? What Are The 10 Unique Features That Make Bigcommerce Exceptional

  • In 2022, it is anticipated that global e-commerce sales will reach $5.5 trillion.
  • Adults in the US shop online in about 76% of cases.
  • More than half of people prefer to buy things offline.
  • Online ordering on smartphones is gradually taking over as the favored method.

Phew! It is shocking how amazing eCommerce businesses are taking over the world by providing a great online shopping experience. It is made possible with the technology that gives us multiple assets for eCommerce business.

One of the most important eCommerce development assets is a fully managed website that is only possible if you have the ability to set up your online store. So do you have it? No worries!

Tech is very kind to us as it gives us multiple branded eCommerce platforms that make it easy to set up an online store without having technical skills. Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc., are well-known names of the era.

In my previous blog, in which I talked about Shopify development and WooCommerce development, here is the big hit for BigCommerce that will be your choice for the next time after reading this!

So, let’s introduce BigCommerce development and what makes it different from other eCommerce business platforms.

What is BigCommerce Development?

BigCommerce is a hosted, for-profit e-commerce platform that enables entrepreneurs to set up an online shop and generate online sales. BigCommerce development services help merchants to set up their stores and start selling without purchasing another hosting web service.

BigCommerce is the self-web hosting for all who make their store on its platform. Moreover, BigCommerce development is easy, but when you get professional BigCommerce development services, you get the leverage to use optimum features with expertise.

Bigcommerce services

For Customized BigCommerce development, you must need Specialized BigCommerce developers to handle the codebase tasks such as HTML or CSS. When you get customized BigCommerce website development, it is a high chance to increase personalization, ultimately delivering an exceptional experience while using your online store.

BigCommerce’s sales increased to 112.103 million in 2019. This was viewed as an improvement of almost 21% above the revenue outcomes of 2018. The revenue increased by 30% in the first quarter of 2020, reaching $33.2 million. The expected yearly income at the moment is $23.5 million.

So, if you plan to develop your eCommerce website and hire a team that can help you throughout the development process, MMCGBL will be the right pick. You can explore our website, and if you have any questions regarding our services, you can ask. We even provide free consultations and give you budget-friendly and effective solutions for your eCommerce store.

I would like to introduce one more terminology in the world of BigCommerce development, which is Bigcommerce Enterprise. Let’s have a look at it.

What is BigCommerce Enterprise?

Don’t be confused over it, as it is another version of BigCommerce named “BigCommerce Enterprise.” The motive of this version is to provide exceptional services to all large corporations and enterprises who want to build their website with the BigCommerce platform.

It has outstanding features that can help you make an eCommerce website more functional and rich for corporate-level business. It is similar to the original version, such as the interface, features, etc.

BigCommerce Enterprise is a software as a service (SaaS) product, meaning you must invest a monthly subscription fee in utilizing it. BigCommerce Enterprise Pricing will fluctuate slightly; subsequently, it will depend on the number of orders rather than a fixed price.

Enterprise users will enjoy 99.99% uptime, guaranteeing that your website won’t go down even on the busiest days. Filtered search, built-in integrations, and quicker checkout procedures are all advantages.

BigCommerce Enterprise is the top cloud e-commerce platform for companies with annual sales of $1 million or more. Notable users of BigCommerce Enterprise include Toyota, Gibson, and Ben & Jerry’s.

What is BigCommerce B2B Edition?

It is worth mentioning here the new edition of BigCommerce B2B edition. It is a Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce platform based on the well-known BigCommerce Stencil architecture.

Moreover, BigCommerce B2B Edition offers future-proof technology stacks that are simple to implement into your present merchant and B2B workflow.

The BigCommerce Enterprise plan and BigCommerce B2B edition, one of our technology app partners, are included in the B2B Edition under a single, simple contract. Along with six B2B-optimized templates for your e-commerce business, the BundleB2B app is also pre-installed. You also enjoy a simplified service experience as everything is pre-packaged properly.

bigcommerce b2b edition

13 Features That Make BigCommerce Development Outstand

BigCommerce development services are all about an eCommerce marketplace that must deliver the utmost features and functionalities, such as an amazing interface design, multiple website templates, a quick checkout process, and much more. To make these features functional, BigCommerce development owns various components that make your eCommerce website development compelling.

BigCommerce development services and its competitors

Without any out-the-box quality of any product, it doesn’t feel the difference in its competitive market. So here are the top 10 features that make BigCommerce development different from other eCommerce website builders.

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It fulfills all user demands by providing customization in building eCommerce websites. BigCommerce development services allow you to add functionalities and features per your needs. Its numerous layout options and customizable features guarantee a seamless shopping experience for you and your customers. Its themes adapt nicely and are built-in to work on various devices.

Unlimited Product Inclusion

The most flexible and much-needed feature is unlimited product inclusion, which means no matter how much the catalog, product, or inventory list is, you can include as much as you want. BigCommerece handles heavy loads without affecting the site loading time; surprisingly, you don’t need to upgrade your pricing plan.

Less Downtime

Like most cloud-based platforms, BigCommerce boosts a 99% uptime record. Shoppers can rely on retailers to remain open even during a holiday rush or flash sale, which is essential for sales and consumer trust.

BigCommerce uses an external hosting company like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Another benefit of cloud hosting is you won’t need to set aside money for upkeep and upgrades.

Omnichannel Integration

Businesses dreamt of making an omnichannel platform since it is one of the scalable opportunities for businesses. Omnichannel is the unified integration of all marketing channels to streamline customers’ data and provide a seamless experience throughout the touchpoints.

With BigCommerce development, you can make omnichannel solid integration by integrating all marketplaces, such as online markets, physical retail, social media, and online advertising. By putting your products on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Omni-selling enables you to get in touch with clients as soon as they begin their search. For instance, the ad can reach the masses as soon as they search that already integrates with your website.

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Secure and Reliable

BigCommerec gets rid of all security issues as it has a multi-layered security protocol behind its server. You don’t need to invest more and more to keep your web store safe and secure. BigCommerce development is the ultimate security platform for all their merchants.

You can carelessly manage your website, and the rest BigCommerce development will handle it. Unauthorized access and possible risks that can be avoided by working together are a Level 1 PCI Compliance Perimeter, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection software, server-specific firewalls, and round-the-clock human monitoring.

Cart Abandoned Automation

The BigCommerce “Plus” version and higher editions come with the Abandoned Cart Saver plan. It enables you to send automatic emails to customers who have left their carts; for instance, you might generate an email to remind them to finish the shopping after an hour. The BigCommerce “Plus” version and higher editions come with the Abandoned Cart Saver plan.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Every online business needs an SEO-supportive website that helps online stores drive traffic and rank high on Google. The BigCommerce Enterprise SEO features greatly simplify the ongoing optimization procedure. An individual BigCommerce-built website has HTML design components and structure on every page.

BigCommerce’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) prioritizes website performance and works to shorten load times, which makes users happy and improves search engine rankings.

Product Pictures and Videos

Ecommerce websites are nothing if you are not giving the depiction of your product either contextually or visually. When your website is done with BigCommerce development, you get the leverage to add high-resolution pictures and videos without any hassle.

Thanks to the BigCommerce platform for giving these features without compromising the quality of the website, speed, or other factors that can reduce your conversion rate. Videos may be included with goods using BigCommerce’s functionality. A direct YouTube link or an embed code may be used to add videos to a product page. You can utilize a thorough demonstration or a short video clip to promote your wares.

Groups & Customer Segmentation

BigCommerce enables segmentation, often known as customer categorization, for sellers on the “Plus” plan and higher. All stores may benefit from this feature, but B2B websites require it more than others.

Segmented customers can be enrolled in a loyalty program to receive exclusive deals, a membership group to gain price breaks, a wholesale group to get reduced prices, or a tax-exempt group to get tax exemptions. Merchants may also restrict the audience for particular items and categories.

Built-in Web Themes

BigCommerce development is for all types of eCommerce business products. Whether you are selling apparel and clothing, pets, workout essentials, beauty products, hardware, or any home appliance, you can get the tailored-made BigCommerce website theme templates for your product.

For example, the Vault Bright theme is the most awesome free fashion theme since it showcases your products prominently with excellent navigation. Furthermore, it is attractive and straightforward to use for customers.

Easy to Get Reviews & Feedback

A straightforward method for customer feedback and ratings is included with BigCommerce. This method may be available on any product page and enabled with a simple click.

You may configure management to assist stop spamming and establishing human or automated approval reviews.

A template for email invites to examine recently acquired wares is also available from BigCommerce. These automated email generators can be delivered in real-time to the customer. BigCommerce may integrate a third-party API for merchants with more complex needs of getting reviews and feedback. Still, its built-in reviews and rating system is an excellent option for the initial stages.

Persistent cart

A fantastic feature that makes your customer remind their cart. For example, users added a few items to the cart on mobile devices and left the site. After a few times he gets connected with a desktop or other devices, the cart is consistent as they go on mobile devices. It means your cart is still waiting to check out your loaded items.

Simplifies Payments

BigCommerce development made the payment process easy with single-page checkouts. The more you check out the process, the more your customer find ease in shopping at your website. BigCommerce designed a straightforward, one-page checkout that eliminates obstacles and raises the possibility that clients will finish the transaction.

Let’s Wrap Up!

I think this article will help you to decide why you should opt for BigCommerce development. Its exceptional functionalities and features will help you to build a robust B2B eCommerce platform that manages all your inventories, media elements, and payment methods.

You can hire us if you realize you need a specialized team for creating websites with BigCommerce development. You will get a highly optimized and conversion-oriented website for your long-term business.

FAQs Related To BigCommerce Development Services

Do I need to give BigCommerce development services a chance?

After reading this blog, you must know your answer. If you are still confused, you can contact an eCommerce website development company like MMCGBL to clear up all your concerns.

What are the benefits of building a BigCommerce custom development service?

With custom development, you can get:

  • Exceptional storefront
  • Custom themes and designs
  • Exclusive interface
  • Seamless experience
  • Simplifies Content management
  • Easy to migrate from one platform to another

Can you give me a real-life example of BigCommerce Development services?

Ben & Jerry’s, Molton Brown, S.C. Johnson, Skullcandy, Sony, Vodafone, and Woolrich are just a few of the thousands of businesses and sectors that use BigCommerce to create stunning, captivating online storefronts.

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