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Mobile Game Development Process – A Comprehensive Analysis

Mobile Game Development Process – A Comprehensive Analysis

Mobile game development is one of the most in-demand skills these days. And that statement seems pretty logical when we look at the statistics. According to Admob, 62% of smartphone owners install games on their phones within the first week of buying their devices.

Mobile games are one of the most entertaining activities that users can do on their phones. Some people play games to pass their time and to refresh their minds. For some people, it is a hobby. Meanwhile, a large group of people play games as their profession.

Technological progress has taken game development to a whole new level. You must know the mobile game development process to build amazing mobile apps. The process includes planning, designing, implementing, and distributing the app in stores that fit your target audience.

This article has made a detailed overview of the mobile game development process. But first, let’s understand the importance of mobile game development and why we should invest in game development in today’s age.

Reasons to Invest in Mobile Game Development?

Nobody can deny the fact that the mobile game market is highly in-demand, extensive, and diversified. Furthermore, it has emerged as a vital app development sector in the last few years.

We can understand the importance of mobile app development with the following facts and figures.

According to a report by Statistica, the number of mobile gaming users is about 2.70 billion as of 2021.

Newzoo, a game market analysis company, reports that the mobile app games market will grow at a rapid compound rate of 11%. Also, the revenue is expected to reach $116.4 billion by 2024.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also emerged as an essential factor in increasing the usage of mobile game apps. It has changed the gaming habits of people. According to a report by GameAnalytics, the number of mobile game users shooted by 46% in the first quarter of 2020.

Number of Mobile Gaming Users Worldwide by Regions (in Millions)

Mobile Game Development Process

Hundreds of mobile game apps are developed daily, but not each of them has the potential to reach popularity as PUBG, Candy Crush, or Clash of Clans. So what do you need to have to design an app like one of them?

The answer is not so simple. The ingredients of an excellent game app include a brilliant idea, a relevant monetization strategy, and engaging gameplay.

We have broken down the process of the mobile game development process into the following six steps:

1. A Superb Idea

The process of amazing mobile app development starts with a rock-solid idea. You don’t necessarily have to come up with a complicated concept, but it has to be out-of-the-box.

You have to come up with a unique but simple mobile app idea and transform it into a superb one. Generously designing a single game app can cause a significant revenue stream for you.

In the first step of the game app development process, you can come up with a brand-new idea or use the concept of an existing game app and give users a better gaming experience. It is the experience that makes gamers spend a vast amount of time in front of their screens.

2. Build an Engaging Story

Stories in-game apps play a vital role in the success of any mobile application development. Tell them a story that includes the characters, details of stages, and rewards, if any, that they might be getting.

Create your game story in such a way that it engages the user along with other benefits to you. It is the story in any fiction that keeps the audience attracted and engaged throughout. Similarly, there has to be a realistic and exciting story in your game app.

This step is not necessary for every type of game. For instance, you don’t need to add a story emphatically in puzzle games.

3. Make a Rock-Solid Game Plan

Typically a game plan includes graphics, marketing, gameplay, and technical structure of the game.

Having an exceptional game plan beforehand is vital in a game development project. You can execute your ideas more effectively and efficiently using a game plan.

You should consider using an agile system of game app development to work with all of your strategic elements. An alteration in any one element of the plan will modify other elements too.

4. Decide an Estimated Game Development Cost

This is another step involved in the process of Mobile Game Development Process. You have to create an estimated budget for development costs. To do this estimation, you might find the following factors helpful.

  • Pre-development costs
  • Post-development costs
  • Mobile Operating System

5. Choose a Game Development Platform

This step caters to the question of which platform you are going to use for your game development, i.e., play store or app store.

According to a report, 72% of smartphone users own an Android phone. So if you are going to use single-platform development, you will be missing a substantial portion of the target market.

We recommend you use a multi-platform development platform to target your audience broadly.

6. Select a Mobile Game Engine

The back-end of your game app is as important as the front-end. It is the engine of your mobile game, so it should be smooth so that the app runs effortlessly.

You can choose one of many popular gaming engines according to your gaming needs and requirements. For instance, if you want to empower 3D games, go for Unity 3D. If you want a drag-and-drop feature in your gaming app, you should choose Cry Engine.

7. Create a Game Design Document

When you have drafted the whole concept of your game, now it’s time to create a design document. This step is essential in the mobile game development process.

This document informs you about the necessary information about the app, which includes elements, technologies, experience, design, architecture, etc.

8. Design the Game Structure

It includes unique and eye-catchy illustrations and design. Because this is what a gamer looks for in a game. In the process of designing, you have to add attractive elements like the environment, characters, objects, texture, etc.

An attractive game structure of your app increases the stream of revenue. Therefore, this step requires a lot of coding and designing.

9. Make a Playable Prototype

In this step of mobile game development, a prototype of your gaming app is designed. Therefore, this app should resemble your original app in visuals, tools, graphics, and other visuals.

The prototype has to be designed by keeping the target customer in your mind. It is essential to develop a prototype to identify potential game errors. Creating a prototype is time-consuming, though.

10. Design and Develop Your Mobile Game

Once the prototype has been approved and all the errors and cliches are removed, it’s time to start developing the original app. You have to show your creativity to make your app more engaging in this step. Also, you take care of each of the most minor things to run the app smoothly.

To create a rock-solid back-end, you have to consider the functionality, features, graphics, and other elements of an app. 

11. Mobile Game Testing

Your app needs to be tested by a credible QA testing company before officially launching in the market.

Since the app represents your brand, it must be error-free and perfect. So, this step is mandatory before making the app available for general users.

12. Select a Monetization Strategy

This game app is your source of income, so you should select a monetization plan for your app at this stage. Thus. to meet your revenue objectives, you can choose one or many of the following methods:

  • in-app purchasing, 
  • monthly subscription model, 
  • sponsored ads, 
  • paid mobile games, 
  • premium versions,
  • free-to-play games, 
  • real money games, etc.

Ending Notes

Building a mobile game app that performs well and reaches high levels of popularity is not an easy task. Moreover, you have to put a lot of effort into practically executing an idea present in your mind.

In this article above, we have briefly discussed the game app development process and the importance of a gaming app these days. If you want to design a top-notch gaming app, you can hire an experienced mobile app development company that has experience designing successful gaming apps.

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