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6 Reasons Why NetSuite Project Management Is Important For Your Business

6 Reasons Why NetSuite Project Management Is Important

It has become tough to manage a business as there are so many things to control, such as product management, delivery, maintenance, customer service, and much more. However, companies have updated their management to function remotely like everything else. Through a cloud-based management system “NetSuite Project Management” in which you can manage delivery and software updates while keeping it up to date.

Through NetSuite, you can avail of NetSuite project management which is one of the top providers of cloud-based management systems which helps you handle all of your business operations with ease.

NetSuite project management

What is NetSuite development?

NetSuite development allows you to manage all your business operations under one platform. Through NetSuite development, you do not need any hardware, no maintenance fee, and no complex setups.

The net suite used for ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, and its primary purpose is to manage inventory and maintain customer relationship management. Its software allows you to process a number of applications together to manage your finances, e-commerce, stock, etc.

Companies can utilize the NetSuite software to manage all critical processes under one single system. It is a fantastic software that was founded in 1988 in Texas and is used to manage business operations, finances, and customer relations.

As one of the first cloud ERPs that is Enterprise Resource Planning, it provides multiple channel commerce software. It is run by almost 18,000 consumers and provides its services in 200 countries. NetSuite has various purposes, advantages, and capabilities.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

It helps you run your software and key financial processes like inventory, chain and order management, and inventory. The software contains which automatically runs all your business functions like accounting, production, sales, and a lot more.

In simple terms, ERP allows you to maintain your business operations and resources, whether it is manufacturing or human resources dealings.

Customer Relation Maintenance (CRM)

Adhering to your customer’s needs and demands is as important as other business proceedings. Through NetSuite, you can review what your customers want and how they are receiving your presented services and products. CRM allows you to save your time and precious resources on the required department rather than investing in areas that lead to wastage.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

This helps you plan and carry out all projects properly and track the process as well. NetSuite PSA allows companies to manage their contracts, billing, resource planning, and many other services.

One database, one system

Through NetSuite, you can avail of their services no matter which country you belong to. It is an international service provider to manage and maintain your business operations. It has one platform which caters to people worldwide and involves dealing with multiple currencies, languages, and subsidiaries.


You can handle all your business transactions remotely and therefore run your business through e-commerce. You can run your business through your web store without a real shop present. From sales to manufacturing, inventory management, financials, etc., can be handled through NetSuite.


Nowadays, customers want various options and ways to fulfill their needs and requirements; therefore, through NetSuite, they can venture through multiple channels as the software provides you with powerful cloud retail software to adhere to your customer’s needs.


NetSuite also facilitates you with ease in Manufacturing. Through the software, you can manage delivery, and the services rendered and also keep an eye on your growth.

What is NetSuite project management?

NetSuite project management is a way to manage your business, thoroughly analyze its productivity, and see where you lack. It would help if you worked your business in such a way that all your departments and thus projects receive adequate attention.

Therefore, NetSuite project management ensures that you have undivided attention to the tasks at hand. Through this service, you can not only be in charge of your current products and services but also monitor your expenses, performances, revenue, and other finances.

Net suit project management provides you with multiple benefits that help you manage your company with fewer hurdles. Here are some key capabilities that you need to keep an eye on as they can prove to be quite advantageous for you and your brand.

Key capabilities Of NetSuite Project Management

NetSuite project management offers you major facilities that enhance your company’s capabilities. You can have improved productivity through the cloud-based software as you can deal with your teammates live and plan and manage your project. With enhanced efficiency, NetSuite project management allows your consumers to access you and your company through mobile apps.

They provide your clients with easy updates, so that project records are always accessible. Furthermore, there is relatively lesser project risk compared to other software as NetSuite keeps track of descriptions, assignments, and dates.

Here are some more capabilities of NetSuite project management that you can have a look at.

Automate job creation

A business goes through multiple processes, and that results in numerous job opportunities. For instance, you send out products to market, assign IDs to each commodity, a project manager, etc. Through your company, you can hire a number of people so that your workflows are seamless.

Organize tasks and activities

The organization is vital to running a business, and therefore, NetSuite gives you the facility to manage tasks, events, calls, and customers and connect them with the particular project. For instance, your clients have opted for a handbag, and this information is directed to and taken to a place where other customers also want to buy bags or that particular one.

After your consumer has chosen their option and the software has the resource tracked, your client can know if the product is available and how many options. This information eases the transaction for your clients and boosts your sales and, therefore, your profit.

Analyze the project dashboard

The NetSuite project management dashboard is for the project manager to keep an eye on and analyze the stock. This tool allows your manager to speculate on the performance of a particular project. They use KPIs, also known as Key performance indicators, and examine the outcome. They see which products are doing well, which are not in favor of the customers, and which ones are heavy on the pocket.

If a project is not doing well, it is the project manager’s job to have to look at the cause, and if the product and service are worth investing in, they figure out the probable causes of its downfall and strategize how to elevate it. Further down the road, you can receive regular updates when the results come in.

Estimate labor and revenue

Through NetSuite project management, you can now keep track of your product and service revenue and your employees. You can predict the number of sales after analyzing the number of workers on the project. NetSuite can calculate the cost and revenue generated according to the number of people working and evaluate your progress.

Broaden project visibility and performance

In order to keep your business running successfully, it is vital to keep an eye on your overall performance and strategize accordingly. All your projects should be updated on when they started and predicted when they would end. You can also analyze how much capital would be invested and how much profit could be generated. The time allocated for the particular project is also examined, and the team and their performance are also evaluated.

Project tracking reports

You can track your project progress in three ways, and that is:

  • Employee Utilization

Through this, you can analyze if your employees are working up to mark and producing products that are up to your standards. Through this report, you can have an idea of each employee’s operating performance and evaluation of working as a team. You can compare months or years of progress and see if they are working or decreasing productivity.

  • Current backlog

You can also have an overview of how many employees are employed for each task or project and the number of working hours to do a specific job and thus the whole work.

  •  Project profitability

You also need to have an idea of the profit margins on the particular project and review all transactions taking place to cut the cost and analyze your success rate.

Ending Note

NetSuite project management is one of the significant services provided by NetSuite. This enables you to manage your business process efficiently and lets you join forces with multiple teams. You can use and analyze real-time data so that you can identify all progress and any issue so they can be nipped in the bud, resolving them before they grow into more significant problems.

You can manage multiple types of projects and plan at the same time and can have a constant eye on your finances, including your cost estimates, profit, the work in progress, and a lot more.

Through NetSuite’s cloud-based management, collaborators or stakeholders can view their investment results well. They can monitor all events and the outcome of each purchase and sale. This resulted in satisfaction for the people invested in the project and kept a complete record of the whole work process. With this facility, you can contact MMC to meet your customer’s demands and adapt to their needs and requirements rather than wasting your money on things that they will never buy.

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