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20 Top Active Programming Forums for Developers

20 Top Active Programming Forums for Developers For 2022

Learning and technology development is an ongoing process, and you will not stop it in your life. Emerging technology always tries to bring additional knowledge. It makes every developer up-to-date. Likewise, if they don’t indulge in day-to-day modifications, they will be lacking in their field. However, to cope with this dearth, you can find multiple active programming forums for developers. There is a large developers’ community on these forums, including experienced developers, professional tech programmers, and facilitators that bring extensive knowledge.

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So, in this article, we have listed down the top active forums for developers. If you are the one who wants to join us to learn the latest technology, come along with us!

20 Top Active Forums for Developers 2022

Let’s get straight to exploring massive-mass programming forums to stay with technology trends.

#frontendDevelopers – Professional Developers’ Community | Forum For Developers

#frontendDevelopers is a programming forum to find new gigs, the latest upgradation, and long discussions on tech talking points. Moreover, you can also get feedback from professionals and suggestions on your ongoing project. It’s an opportunity to learn trendy topics worldwide.


Coffee Cup – Software Developers’ Community | Designing & Programming Forum

The name of this developers’ community gives us discussion vibes, and it started at the coffee shop in 1996. This coffee cup community aims to help make a better website design. Also, it is the most active and easy to indulge in the discussion by searching your relevant query.

forum Forum – Programming Forum For Developers | Web Design & Development Forum was catering to both web development and programming and built a huge platform with approx 2000 users. Moreover, this programming forum has three categories:

  1. Server-side development
  2. Client-side development
  3. Site management

As a result of these categories, you can easily get feedback, numerous tutorials, tech-related questions, and so on.

Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is a well-managed platform where users engage in the discussion via questioning or in the comment section. It is one of the programming forums where you build your reputation by showing your presence.
However, it is only possible when you get involved in the discussion and get upvotes. Those who have a massive number of upvotes and discussion comments consider highly reputable profiles.

stack overflow


This active programming forum is dedicated to the Laravel open-source PHP framework. If you want to meet with the experts and pros of Laravel, this is surely one of the best programming forums. Identically, the most supportive member you can find in the Larachat community.


Bootstrap programming forum contains HTML, java, and CSS framework. It provides better assistance in the optimization of UI components and interactions. In addition, this developers’ community consists of 2000 members, including all levels of developers, from beginners to experts.


HTML forum – HTML & CSS Coding Community

If you are an HTML beginner and want to become an HTML expert, then the HTML forum is the right place to spend time over there. This programming forum incorporates like-minded HTML pros to enjoy the thrilling discussion. Moreover, you may also discover information on the selling of traffic and connections, domain names, server maintenance, and much more.

The SitePoint Forum | Web Design & Design Community

The SitePoint forum – A huge hub of tech-savvy programmers where you can find the utmost supportive environment in any technological framework. Moreover, if you are a keen learner of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, Database, design, UX, hosting, and other than that, you can get more out of this.


Laminas PHP

Laminas programming is one of the top forums that provide extensive knowledge of PHP frameworks with a vast knowledge of trendy topics. You can even join this programming forum to make your development process faster and simple. Significantly, this helpful developers’ community will not let you go without answering your thoughtful questions. In fact, they will help to analyze your work.

laminas – Developer Community | Discussion Forum

One another best programming forum that is not only restricted to the learning platform but also provides career opportunities. cover a maximum number of software programming languages experts. That’s why they share tips, ask relevant questions, tutorial videos, industry-related trends, career opportunities, and much more!


Laracasts | Laravel & PHP Community Support | Discussion Forum

Laracasts – A super cool Laravel community where you can get help with videos of Laravel tips and tricks. In fact, You can join this forum for free and get in-depth knowledge of the Laravel framework with developers.


Hacker News – Active Programming Forum | Informative Tech News

The most active yet engaging programming forum for developers. It absolutely refined for all tech entrepreneurs. Hacker News is more likely a social media platform. Because you upvote or downvote the discussion as per your choice. If you are the one who can respond instantly and up for discussion, you will learn a lot more.

hacker news

Indie Hacker – Product Launch | Community Support | Discussion Forum

Developers may share their company and secondary project strategies, recommendations, and income data in this area. If you want to start your own digital business as a developer or seek assistance, here at Indi Hacker is one the places where you can join.

indie hacker

ProductHunt – New Product Announcement | Developers’ Community

Although ProductHunt is not technically a forum, it provides the same sense of developers’ community as a regular forum since you can hop in to debate the newest product discussion with other peers, provide comments, and upvote or downvote products.

product hunt


HashNode is a place where web developers may contribute their knowledge on a variety of issues (front-end to back-end, design, mobile apps, and desktop apps). Overall, it’s a terrific location to meet other devs and enhance your talents.


Vue.js Forum

Vue.js connects all developers of the world in one platform. You can post your question, share your project, or even look for a job, all in one platform. Moreover, there are available rooms in Vietnamese, Japanese, and French.

vue js

CodeCademy Discuss – Learning Programming Forms | Beginners and Learners

CodeCademy is where people talk about anything and everything connected to software development. You may study, get assistance, or even share your project for comments. In the software business, you can also discover possibilities to further your career.



Bytes – An informative programming forum for developers and IT professionals where you can discuss hi-tech solutions. Such as IoT, software development, security, networking, web development, mobile app development, database, data migration, and much more.

CodeGuru Forums

CodeGuru is willing to assist programmers and developers by giving the most comprehensive and up-to-date technical knowledge and code snippets available on the Internet! Find hard-hitting articles, debates, ideas, and more, all geared toward real-world developers.

DaniWeb » Programming

For IT experts and programmers, there are discussion boards. Get free digital support and assistance. Moreover, all areas of technical support, marketing, and digital technology are covered by us. Application development, web development, programming theory, and everything in between are all covered in our Programming forum.


So, here is my list of the top active programming forums for developers. If you find more programming forums that can help developers or programmers, then let us know in a comment. Moreover, it will definitely be beneficial for all of us.

Or if you want one-on-one consultation regarding any tech problem, then I’ll welcome you at MMCGBL where you can find virtual consultation from our in-house experienced experts. So, let’s start anytime!

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