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What Is Drupal CMS? Learn How Drupal Development Helps in 2022

To initiate with top CMS, we do not underestimate the drupal development that is getting more optimized every day. So, today’s topic helps you to know what Drupal CMS is and what makes it beneficial for developing complex software and applications.

Drupal is an open-source CMS written in PHP with large support and community. A huge crowd uses Drupal CMS to build websites and applications. From building small-size software to enterprise-level software, developers all around the globe take the help of Drupal development. Additionally, not only private but also a government wants to build apps or major platforms with Drupal CMS.

At MMCGBL, one of our successful projects of the UAE government Abu Dhabi Open Data, is based on Drupal development. This project is complex yet most informative to develop because it is based on an Open Data portal of Abu Dhabi. Surprisingly, our Drupal developers made it possible to build it and still provide support if any inconvenience occurs.

Drupal CMS is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. This implies it has intrinsic advantages over proprietary software in terms of cost, adaptability, autonomy, privacy, and responsibility.

For instance, Drupal is open source and can modify and extend to whoever wants. This prevents “vendor lock-in” and allows users worldwide to monitor Drupal’s underlying code for compliance and security issues and quickly fix them.

drupal developer

So, you can see how well-liked this CMS is and how efficient it is for enterprise-level software. Let’s see the features of Drupal development to understand more about it.

Optimum Features and Customized Drupal Development

Drupal is an excellent content management system. It has a user interface that makes it simple to generate and publish content. With fully customizable forms, the platform can accept a limitless number of content kinds, including text and media.

features of drupal CMS

With sophisticated yet simple-to-use capabilities, it dynamically obtains, filters, and shows this material. Additionally, intuitive content creation tools and sophisticated in-place editing capabilities are also available. Drupal’s complex user role classification and permissions mechanism restrict access to information and functionality.

In fact, in Drupal CMS, all the administrative and end-user functions come in modules, such as:

  • Managing user account
  • Managing login and forgetting
  • Creating Content
  • Picture galleries
  • Voting system
  • And so on…

Drupal CMS is a robust website development platform as well. Drupal follows current object-oriented programming paradigms, PHP best practices, HTML5, and YAML specifications. It also includes CKEditor, Symfony2, Twig, jQuery, Backbone.js, and Guzzle, among other fantastic web technologies. Additionally, a broad collection of add-ons in modules and themes allows you to extend functionality and total control over the design.

Highly Scalable

The scalability of Drupal development allows it to handle the world’s largest and busiest websites. Sites with significant daily traffic, such as, and sites with occasional spikes in traffic, such as and Time, Inc. magazines (such as, all utilize Drupal CMS to ensure scalability as traffic and content expand.


Develop responsive websites and online applications that provide the best possible visitor experience regardless of their device. Drupal adheres to responsive design best practices, ensuring that your users have a consistent content experience across all devices.

Integrated Digital Applications

Drupal development seamlessly interfaces with a diverse ecosystem of digital marketing technologies and other business systems. It allows you to employ the finest tools while flexing with new products tomorrow. Furthermore, Drupal’s API-first approach implies that content can integrate other sites and apps, making it more effective.


Drupal’s community provides a plethora of filters to aid with the security of Drupal sites. Therefore, to secure your sites and your company, depending on your team, as well as the open-source community, to uncover vulnerabilities and create/deliver updates automatically.

Easy Content Authoring

For content and marketing professionals, important content generation and publication tools include a configurable WYSIWYG editor. For controlling editorial workflows and material, authentication and permissions are required. Moreover, Drupal development can use by authors, publishers, site administrators, and developers to suit their needs. As a result, It is a process that gives them just enough access to the information they need.

Flexible Content Architecture

With strong display mode tools and views, you may show only the relevant material for each context. It also includes a range of media formats in your presentation (images, video, PDF, etc.). Customizable menus provide a pleasant user experience by allowing users to navigate to information across numerous devices.

Community of Talent and Experience

The Drupal community worldwide offers its best practices for getting things done correctly. If you have a problem, someone will be able to provide you with an answer. Also, use the potential of open source by expanding on existing solutions. Drupal developers have exposure to a global community of Drupal developers.

Multiple Language

As part of your translation plan, design and set up Drupal to offer sites to a worldwide, multilingual audience. Drupal development enables you to construct and maintain sites for various areas and locations, as well as to handle multiple languages across all of your sites. It allows you to translate and localize your content and experiences.

Strong Stack Foundation

Drupal runs on a current LAMP technological stack, which combines Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP to fulfill the demands of fast-paced, versatile, and agile businesses and brands developing next-generation internet technologies.

Content as a service

Drupal’s structured data format allows you to show content in various responsive web layouts or export it to any app or client that supports REST services. Drupal’s open architecture and APIs give developers a foundation and tools for creating Drupal-based applications and connecting to other data, content, and application capabilities, such as Martech solutions.  Also, content and distribution are distinct: you can send content anywhere, on any channel, and in any format.

Learn And Build!

Drupal development is a rising star in the tech field, and if you are planning to learn deeply, then this is the time. If you are a business owner and want to create Drupal-based software, consult with our Drupal developers, who are experts in this field.

Drupal CMS is a dynamic platform with an “out of the box” web content management tool. Also, it assists you in developing the best tool for your content management strategy. Business and technology professionals take help from Drupal development to build real-world enterprise services that improve web innovation.

When evaluating Drupal, think about your aims and ask yourself, “Can Drupal CMS be utilized to achieve this?” “Yes” is almost usually the response. Drupal’s inherent features and module extensions give it endless potential. It’s a platform for the next innovative technology that won’t disturb your business. So, if you want any consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out to MMCGBL!

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