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How Salesforce Integration Transforms Your Sales and Customer Relation

CRM solutions are gaining traction due to their extensive features and functionalities that help employees reduce time and get down to the business. 45% of companies claimed that they observed increasing revenue and employee productivity after integrating CRM. However, not all CRM can lead to their success rate. You may hear about Salesforce integration, one of the most prosperous CRM solutions that help you elevate your business revenue.

Salesforce integration encourages businesses to build a centralized point to exchange data, streamline workflows, and easy collaboration. The main component of Salesforce integration is to connect the dots between the sales team and customers. Salesforce accompanies a customer-centric approach that encourages businesses to think first about customers.

The market share of Salesforce is increasing drastically due to its futuristic features and functionalities based on RPA, AI, Cloud Computing, and much more. There are various reasonable grounds behind the Salesforce integration for business, including boosting employees’ productivity, increasing production, exceptional customer service, 360 views of customer behavior, enhanced data accuracy, etc.

But how can it happen? Salesforce provides a wide range of integration with your existing or newly-built systems, such as ERPs, applications, and other software. Many sales and marketing tools can enhance the power of Salesforce CRM. To summarize, Salesforce helps automate marketing and selling operations that give 100% accuracy and efficiency.

How Salesforce Integration Transforms Your Sales and Customer Relation

What Makes Salesforce Integration Worth Investing

Due to the ever-evolving, quick swap and modification in technology, businesses alarmingly think about investing in automation. You can expect quick swaps as soon as you implement the latest technology. Salesforce overcomes these challenges and turns them into opportunities with the fastest modifications and upgrades.

No matter how traditional your current system is, Salesforce empowers your operations by providing upgrades and quick improvements. You can only go parallel with Salesforce if you have a sorted team to look into this. Yes! You heard it right.

You need a professional team for Salesforce integration to save time and make your investment worth it. Salesforce can be complex if you are not tech-savvy. Instead of experiencing fewer capabilities, you can go for the long-term approach and consult with the Salesforce expert team. The more experienced your team is, the more chances you have to save money in the integration process. Hire a team who knows the business and technical aspects and has the courage to overcome the ins and outs of Salesforce integration.

At MMC Global, we have hands-on experience in Salesforce integration with many leading businesses. From pre-defined APIs to custom API development, we can help you in any implementation step.

Reasons To Implement Salesforce In Your System

In your IT infrastructure, the Salesforce integration is the cherry on top to streamline your major departments within a centralized platform. Businesses like yours can easily manage and control marketing campaigns, sales workflows, and relevant data in a secure ecosystem. Let’s dive deeper into the features to examine why you should integrate Salesforce and what advantages you can get.

Easy To Use CRM

No doubt, Salesforce is difficult to integrate but pretty easy to use once it is done rightly. The user interface of Salesforce is like a website where you can easily browse features, take a quick look at the analytics dashboard, have instant connectivity to your colleagues, and much more. You can access and log in from anywhere with secure and higher confidentiality.

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Content Management

Salesforce contains a robust feature of hybrid content management systems called Salesforce CMS, where users can support multiple content deployments through a single click of a button. Users also allow to organize, edit, and remove content with one central point. Moreover, you can share content by publishing to channels such as a commerce site, marketing email, customer community, partner portal, or any digital platform.

Contact Management

Having customer data helps you to pitch frequently and save it for your potential leads. Salesforce integration restores customer contact data that allows you to track their activity and interaction frequency. With these easy-to-access details and information, you can boost marketing campaigns, retarget audiences, send recommendations, and much more.


Every business has unique selling points and specifications that can not be negotiated while automating your operational system. Salesforce is a highly customized solution for creating business-specific modules, workflows, processes, etc. Establishing customized solutions also helps your employees to merge and adopt the newly generated system more quickly.

File Synchronization

One of the best uses of implementing CRM is to sync data into different touch points. Salesforce not only secures the files and data but also helps in compilation, synchronization, and transition. Regardless of security, you can also control the data usability and rights by assigning user roles.

Email Integration

Salesforce integration streamlines the communication channel, like emails. Gone are those days when you had to send personalized emails manually, which took a lot of time. With Salesforce, you can make a central point to send emails, whether in bulk or engaging with your customer one-on-one. Salesforce can easily connect with Outlook, Gmail, and other email servers.

Detailed Dashboard & Reports

Getting instant and real-time insight into businesses can help improve your future circumstances regarding revenue and productivity. Salesforce provides in-depth sales insights, customer buying patterns, identifying marketing trends, and forecast reports. You can customize or finalize your dashboard according to your preference using Salesforce’s drag-and-drop features. 

Mobile CRM

Get the complete CRM experience in all your smart devices, including Smartphones, tablets, and other internet-led devices. Salesforce promotes remote working experience by providing mobile CRM features so anyone can access data and other essentials from anywhere without glitches or dependency on on-site presence.

Opportunity Management

As the best sales CRM solution, Salesforce enhances the ability to capture potential prospects by introducing opportunity management. It enables users to connect or reconnect to the buyers to close the deal or offer further discounts. Also, it keeps saving all prospect information that can be easily accessed whenever required.

Salesforce Engage

This feature fills the gap between sales and marketing teams by sending alerts whenever a prospect comes your way. It enables teams to streamline collaboration such that the marketing team can send content to the sales team so that they can pitch or close the deal. With the help of Salesforce Engage integration, your team can define mutual goals and work better together.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce has a board vision that makes it a perfect set of tools for functioning your marketing and selling efforts. However, the above features are limited as there are 100s of features that can boost your business success to the next level.

Automating your business functions help you increase your revenue, decrease workload, and, most importantly, reduce time. Salesforce covers key aspects of the business, from running effective marketing campaigns to running email campaigns and gathering leads to managing sales, everything under one roof. Salesforce integration enables you to do better with the best!

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