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AI Design: How UI UX Designers Can Improve Their Creativity

AI design has been emerging like fire in the design and creativity field. The aim is to make AI capable enough so people can sit back and relax and just command AI to do the job. There is no area where AI does not support businesses to fasten their operation. Whether it is product design, application UI UX design, website design, or any other digital creativity, AI design is highly helpful in making this simple. This blog will discuss how AI designs revolutionize and turn human concepts into user-friendly designs. 

But wait… Is there only this question that should be answered, or does something more need to be explained? 

In my opinion, there are a lot more concerns of people behind AI design, such as 

  • How has AI been evolving in the UI UX design sphere? 
  • Is AI helping UI UX designers or some other intention behind it?
  • Is AI actually successful in thinking like a human?
  • How creative is this AI to deliver a better user experience?
  • Any real-life examples where you implement AI?
  • How is it easy to create a design with AI?

AAHH!! There are a lot more questions in our minds. Don’t Worry! We are here to uncover all the secrets behind AI design. Let’s Get Started!

The Evolution of AI in UI UX Design

Artificial Intelligence evolved over time, and it is still ongoing. Initially, AI was popular for running personalized ad campaigns, generating text-based content, detecting breaches, and strengthening privacy. AI takes it a step further and now helps an AI designer with its rule-based system, which performs simple designing tasks such as creating patterns and aligning formats. 

Afterward, AI algorithms got stronger, and engineers focused on improving so that AI could build futuristic images by thinking like a human. Hundreds of AI image generators will help create creative ideas by just giving instructions.

AI Design for UI UX

Is AI taking over UI UX designers? 

AI is one of the smartest technologies which help reduce workload, save time, and cut down huge costs and limited resources. It does not mean it is a substitute for humans but a helper of humans!

Human minds are God-gifted, which is never equivalent to a machine originally built by a human. Somewhere, you must find a gap that only humans can fill. No matter how powerful AI will be, the level of creativity comes when you give an idea to an AI tool so that it can work. Certainly, AI itself is dependent upon human prompts and instructions. Let’s create a list of when AI can be your friend or foe!

When AI is your friend

No More Repetitive Task

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks like resizing, changing backgrounds, adjusting image resolution, etc. AI can help save time for UI UX designers not to waste time on minor tasks. Instead, they can focus on the major task of thinking and adding creativity according to industry-specific requirements. 

Enhance Creativity

AI designs help you to polish your concepts and ideas by giving creative suggestions. AI design also recommends adding more interesting features to your mobile UIs without taking too much time. 

Instant Feedback

Getting feedback from a real user without revealing your app design in public is now easier with AI. AI design is capable enough to judge your design and provide unbiased feedback. If you are a solo UI UX designer and want to take some smart feedback from your compatible person, you can certainly trust AI. 

Insights And Trends

Accelerate the design game by analyzing what’s trending in the market and impress your client with your creative UI UX designs. AI-powered tools allow you to identify the user behavior on which you can optimize your design to deliver exceptional user experience.

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When AI is Your Foe

Limited Human Resource

Undoubtedly, AI performs so well; that is why businesses have to consider resizing their team with limited resources of senior designers. It does not mean they do not need to hire humans, but they just limit it. Although, it is still far to act on this and eliminate beginner-level employees.

Lack of Sentiments

You can not fully satisfy AI sentiments because AI does not prefer emotions and physical attachment. AI is just a technology that can think or understand users’ language and respond accordingly. 

Technology Dependency

AI can make us over-dependent on technology and disconnect us from our emotional and critical thinking skills. In the world of “time is the key,” AI technology can solve your problems fastly but may lack creativity. 

At this point, you must know how important UI UX designers are! Empowering AI does not mean underestimating human skills but ultimately empowering and speeding up human creativity and capabilities.

3 Best UI UX design generator 



It is an AI-powered tool that helps you to create your favorite color combos and pallets. Hues are the basic element essential in designing anything, whether it is black and white or multi-color schemes. With Khroma, you can create your own palette by selecting the initial 50 colors, and ultimately, this AI design tool will provide different color suggestions, typography, gradients, etc. You can make your preferred color list by saving it as your favorites.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei

It is an AI-generative tool that helps create creative designs and adjust photo editing. Now designers do not need to invest much time editing each photo to make a unified design structure. With Adobe Sensei, you can enhance the user experience by studying user behavior and implementing A/B testing without wasting much time. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly takes visualization to the next level by providing realistic Photoshop skills such as changing backgrounds, selecting pictures, and other editions with a real feel. You can experience genuine creativity that looks real and appealing. It contains amazing features and functionalities, including generative fill options, picture adjusting, suggest tags, intelligent image discovery, auto selection, Face-Aware Liquify, and more. 

How creative is this AI to deliver a better user experience?

User experience or UX always incorporates the User interface. AI makes this corporation simpler and more accurate by identifying flaws and suggesting some creativity to make your design impactful. 

In the real world, user experience is essential to your digital products, whether a website experience, mobile app, or a simple SaaS product. You have to be careful while navigating each feature with correct workflows to streamline the user experience. 


It all depends upon the designed user interface, which must adequately address the objective of building each screen with perfect navigation. 

AI is renowned for its personalization features, and it really works to target a huge audience. The association of AI and user experience assists with the touch of personalization by identifying consumer behavior patterns. By analyzing all aspects of the data source, AI helps you provide exact recommendations for your design. 

Wrapping Up

There is much more related to AI in UI UX design, from minor to major editing and creating images or interfaces. UI UX designers are all set to take assistance with these smart tools, but their creative or critical mindsets are always on the top and before the AI. 

AI is still behind human skills, but gradual improvement and advancement will surely come with transformation. Until then, you can use our creative minds for your next UI UX projects. At MMC Global, we mainly focused on designing and developing software and mobile applications for all industries. 

We own professional UI UX designers who can use AI tools and your skills concurrently. Being totally dependent on AI can cost you hard, which is why to invest in reliable resources. Let’s empower your application UI UX design with creative minds and smart tools!

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