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Smart Check Verification: A Game-Changer In Banking Institution To Overcome Counterfeit Checks

In the global fintech and banking sector, check verification plays a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity of checks and facilitating the deposit process. Unfortunately, real-life scams involving counterfeit checks have cost the industry significantly. While manual verification is a common practice, it’s not foolproof, leaving room for potential scams. To address these challenges, smart check verification has emerged as a global solution.

The heart of the smart check verification system lies in its AI-based software. This advanced technology is for identifying and verifying suspicious checks and providing real-time information about potential scams. Equipped with AI algorithms, the system can detect irregularities within checks using sophisticated image recognition techniques. 

In addition, one of the key advantages of smart check verification is its ability to prompt immediate action. Upon receiving the verification status, whether it’s valid, soiled, or fake, you can instantly halt the deposit process, preventing potential counterfeit scams. 

Check Verification With Smart System

If you are uncertain about the phrase “Check Verification,” let me explain it first. It is the process of verifying the check to ensure its originality and authenticity. The payee or check owner is responsible for confirming its validation so the check will not bounce. 

Every bank staff member is very careful to ensure the validity of each check. Throughout the day, many checks are deposited into the bank, making it complicated to identify any scams and keep a check on each customer’s check.

However, to overcome this challenge, the IT industry offers a solution to improve banking workflows and ensure the security of valuable monetary assets. Emerging AI technology is a prominent player in robust check verification software development that simplifies the verification process, saves time, and strengthens security. 

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Features For Check Verification To Avoid Check Scam

Before indulging in features, let’s talk about its workflows. The AI-based check verification software uses AI and its sub-technologies, mainly including Machine Learning and  Deep Learning. Moreover, the system is significantly integrated with the official bank database to extract data for validation. Banks already have a lot of information about their customers that is highly protected with encrypted algorithms. To share their database with smart check verification, banks provide authority integrations to ensure accurate data validation. 

Here are the must-have features for your check verification software solution.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR) allows the software to recognize text from a scanned document. It helps extract information, including check number, date, payee name, amount, and signature. Additionally, OCR features ensure accuracy in handwritten and printed documents using an open-source OCR engine that detects multiple languages.

Signature Verification

In order to verify the payee’s signature, adding a verified signature feature will help you ensure the check owner’s originality. Using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), you can match the payee’s signatures with the stored signatures (in the database) and recognize other image text, including handwritten signatures. It is helpful for sequence prediction tasks, such as unusual patterns of signature or handwriting. With the help of this technology and feature, the verification software detects unusual patterns or discrepancies in signatures.

Fraud Detection

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning extensively opt for monitoring and detecting casualties or fraudulent activity. In check verification software, AI and ML also help detect fraud tactics such as alteration and counterfeit checks. Techniques like autoencoders and recurrent neural networks (RNNs) can detect fraudulent check usage patterns. Moreover, tools like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark can process large datasets to identify fraud patterns.

Security Features

Banking software must contain robust security protocols to provide a solid encrypted environment with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard to secure financial assets. Similarly, smart check verification requires robust security protocols  (including SSL/TLS) to secure data transmission and storage. The system should be restricted to unauthorized users and only accessible to authorized personnel with protected passcodes. 

Real-Time Processing

Smart check verification improves banking workflows by speeding up the verification process. With the feature of real-time processing against instant verification, banking accelerates routine operations with scam-free validation. Moreover, using Apache Kafka, users can send instant alerts for suspicious checks, further allowing bank institutions to take prompt action on time.  

Integration Capabilities

Building scalable solutions is a must. The check verification software must be able to adapt to new features and functionalities. However, integration with third-party solutions is an essential feature to ensure the check verification software’s scalability. For example, it can integrate with existing banking or financial systems through APIs and is Compatible with various operating systems and devices. The software development team can use RESTful APIs for integrating with existing banking databases or GraphQL for more flexible and efficient data queries.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are prominent features that ensure the verification process’s performance. This feature allows users to track the validity and history of counterfeit checks, analyze patterns of scamming, and perform other check verification activities. Furthermore, it also helps to detect areas for improvement with the recommendations. The software can create interactive and detailed reports by using Tableau/Power BI tools.

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Wrapping Up

Implementing check verification software into banking operations would be a great addition to streamline workflows and save time. The banking industry is highly dominant and vital to global transactions. Elevate your banking experience with a smart check verification software solution. 

However, if you want to look for a team that helps you build perfect check verification software, MMC Global, with its vast portfolio of diverse projects based on AI and ML, will be your trusted partner throughout the journey. In fact, our expertise in developing smart check verification software can give you the confidence that your banking operations will be enhanced with the latest technology. 

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