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How To Build Video Conferencing Apps Like Zoom & Google Meet

Video conferencing apps emerged like a boom in 2020 due to irregularities in human lives during COVID-19. Businesses, educational institutes, and even ordinary people’s lives became virtual rather than physical appearance. At that time, video conferencing apps played a vital role in making people connect with their loved ones. 

Moreover, video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet are highly appreciated by the corporate sector and educational facilitators. Businesses run their operations and work by connecting employees to conferencing apps and streamlining communication related to work. 

The concept of working from home was raised with the help of conferencing apps to run virtual business operations and simplify collaboration among teams. Now, this adaptation of working virtually is normal, and people work from home without inconvenience. In fact, organizations save costs of power, capital, and other essential things required in the workplace. On the other hand, employees also save commuting costs, spend most of their time at home, and have flexible working hours.

And guess what? Video conferencing apps are one of the major constant tools that make business operations connected and collaborative in a streamlined way. 

This is the time when you can launch a conferencing app like Zoom or Google Meet for corporate, health facilitators, and educational institutes for better connectivity of employees and education. So what do you need and what cost do you have to pay? We will find it in this article and help you assist with the great features that make your app stand out.

Video Conferencing Apps Like Zoom & Google Meet

What Are Video Conferencing Apps?

Video conferencing app is software that helps users connect and communicate through audio and video calls. These apps can support 1000 participants in a single call meeting throughout the globe. 

The caller has to generate a meeting link (just created in a few clicks) and distribute it to your participants to join the call in the internet presence. Moreover, video conferencing apps have multiple features that help users improve communication and provide better experiences like physical interaction. 

Features like screen sharing, live video chats, file sharing, audio-only conferencing, cross-platform messaging, meeting scheduling, waiting room, meeting recording (audio/video), virtual backgrounds, and other advanced AI and machine learning based features are available. To build your app, you must create unique features, exceptional interface, flawless functionality, and more. 

Sought-After Features Of Video Conferencing Apps

Investing in video conferencing apps is like fulfilling the demand of the market. People are looking for affordable video conferencing apps that are functional and within the organizational budget.

According to Global Market Insights, video conferencing services are an ever-evolving market (CAGR 10%) with increasing valuation, exceeding $95 billion by 2032. You will surely rule the market if you provide more features with lower prices than competitors. 

Our mobile app development company will help you build a budget-friendly video conferencing app without compromising the final product quality. As we have hands-on experience in mobile app development of any type, you will not regret choosing us for your video conferencing app development. From design to development and deployment to support and maintenance, we will deliver our mobile app development services from scratch.

Let’s see how we will make your app unique with demanding features and functionalities. 

Sought-After Features Of Video Conferencing Apps

Audio and Video Calls

The main feature of the video conferencing app is audio and video call availability. It enables users to access cameras and microphones of devices, including laptops, computers, mobile devices, tabs, etc. Moreover, with the help of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) ( an open-source protocol that helps enable real-time communication through audio and video), our developers make your app able to run communication between web browsers and devices. 

The WebRTC also helps to streamline the exchange of data like files, media, etc. Users can control mic and camera access by their ends.

Group Video Calls

It is another important feature for video conferencing apps to accumulate multiple participants in one meeting. Group video calls usually make the team in the organization more collaborative. Moreover, it is also feasible for teachers to conduct virtual classes, for doctors to provide e-consultants to their patients, etc. With the help of group conferencing calls, you can invite participants from throughout the world and make them able to attend the meeting no matter where they are located.

Call or Meeting Recordings

The call recording feature helps participants record meeting minutes and important discussions for later needs or for people unable to join the e-meeting at that time. It is one of the most important features that makes your app credible. This feature can also enhance the user experience by providing different downloadable options. It may be a video recording link, MP4 format, stored in the cloud, etc. 

Media And File Sharing

Your video conference app must deliver an easy exchange of files and media materials for streamlining organizational-level communication. Moreover, businesses mostly work on graphical representation, and some organizations work on other graphics or documents to make other team members understand the scope of work in the meeting. Your app must provide that experience of sitting together and sharing ideas on different subject matters using their documentation and media resources. 

Screen Sharing Feature

The screen-sharing feature allows users to display their screen to other participants in the meeting. It usually helps present your work and documents in real-time to make others understand your points. Moreover, the screen-sharing feature is important while showing what changes you want in a particular subject area. For example, if you need to change some pictures on a website, you can tap on the screen sharing button and ask to change images by keeping the website in front of you and other participants so they can get your point easily. 

Instant Login & Profile Management

What if your boss asks to join a meeting, and you are rushed to log in? You need a quick profile account for instant joining. Make your login process simple and quick. You can offer guest login and provide accessibility to edit names and information after joining the link. Moreover, you can give social media logins and Gmail logins and keep users logged in. 

Push Notification

A mobile app without any push notification can be a trouble. Similarly, video conferencing apps should have a push notification feature to inform important updates, messages, or upcoming calls. Apps like Zoom or Google Meet provide push notifications of scheduled meetings to inform about dates, times, and user IDs. 

Video Chats and Privacy

The video conferencing apps also contain in-app messages to single or group participants. Users can send private video chats that only show concerned participants, or you can also send conversations in groups that can see all the group call participants. The video chat messaging also turns into media and file sharing with the participants.

Virtual Hand Raising

To tackle the chaos during the discussion, a conferencing app must add features like virtual hand raising, which means someone wants to speak. As soon as the host gets the notification of hand raising, they can easily address the participant to allow them to speak. That is the power of virtual hand raising, less disturbance, and effective communication. 

Polls And Quizzes

What if the virtual meeting turns into a feedback-gathering tool? The host must allow feedback or suggestions by creating polls within the video call to get real-time insights. Allowing quizzes to be generated to maximize participation in discussion is also an effective way to interact with the participants. This feature is important for teachers and facilitators and plays a vital role in engaging students in meaningful class discussions.

How do you build a perfect video conferencing app?  

Let’s make a quick roundup of our straightforward web and mobile app development process:

  • Research the market, brainstorm our unique ideas, and make a final draft of features. 
  • After getting approval, we designed the app’s interface that looks appealing and functions smoothly. 
  • From color plates and customized themes to a properly navigated design, we will turn a static visual into an exceptional prototype design that will be the final look of your app. 
  • Our professional developers will use an advanced and trendy framework for video conferencing app development to make the approved design function. We integrate third-party API whenever required to make your app functional with every command.
  • We ensure a professional should do the app testing throughout the development process. It helps us to deliver flawless, error-free, and bug-free mobile applications to our clients.
  • After testing, we will deploy and launch to the market and always welcome constructive feedback to improve the app in the future.
  • We also provide support and maintenance to ensure every update runs instantly and every inconvenience is supervised by the tech support team in real-time.

Wrapping Up

Video conferencing apps require a professional development team with creative mindsets. From gathering unique ideas to intuitive designing and navigation and from development to deployment, everything needs professional supervision to turn your dreamy app into reality.

Investing in mobile applications that, too, in conferencing call apps will always be worth it. Let’s contact us to help you proceed with the design and development phase. Our top developers assist you at any stage!

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