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What is Automation Testing? 7 Benefits of Implementing Automation Testing

What is Automation Testing? 7 Benefits of Implementing Automation Testing

Are you familiar with software testing? Yes, it is what you are thinking. Testing is a must before deploying on the server, or any software or application goes live. Developers can do testing in two ways, 1) Manual testing and 2) Automation testing.

We normally see that a car that has participated in the race, before it comes into the ground, a car testing on behalf of the driver is important. To run testing, you need to be in the user’s shoes. Then, you can realize where your software performance lacks and where you need to improve.

Automation Testing

SQA engineers use automation testing and manual testing to determine software quality. After satisfying both ends, they hand it over to clients. However, manual testing is still risky as there is a chance of human error, and it takes time. On the other hand, Automation testing is one of the modernized and in-demand approaches in the software industry. 

With MMC GBL, you can hire a huge team to save your time and cost of buying automation tools for testing. We offer a fully-fledged software quality assurance & testing environment that enables businesses to build successful projects.

Why is automation testing hyped in today’s market, and what is the importance of implementing automation testing is one of the hot topics to discuss. Let’s dig deeper! But before that have a look at the stats, The global Automation Testing market size is projected to reach USD 21870 Million by 2028, from USD 10750 Million in 2021, at a CAGR of 10.2% during 2022-2028.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing refers to automated tools for testing. Automated testing is the process of testing with automated software to ensure the quality of your newly built software. Moreover, automation testing determines the tiny to massive blunders during product development. It can examine bugs, human error, or any other issue that should spoil the user experience.

SQA engineers start automation testing any time of the day, and it turns out effective as it uses test script sequences. It then reports on what it’s discovered, and this data may be compared to previous test runs. C#, JavaScript, and Ruby are the most common programming languages used by automation developers.

Businesses hire SQA teams to design and write test scripts from the beginning. It is beneficial for unit testing as it requires a small piece of necessary module testing. Moreover, the SQA team also uses automation testing tools to test the software efficiently.

They’ll assemble a team to handle test automation operations and experiment with several test automation frameworks to find the ideal one for effective automation. Setting a unit test framework ultimately requires attributes, continuous integration, assertions, runners, screenshots, test suits, etc. The most in-demand testing frameworks include Junit for JavaScript and PyUnit for Python. 

If you choose automation testing, it ultimately shortens the development cycle process, removes human error, and automates repeated testing. 

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Why do you need automation testing?

The answer is simple: it saves time for the developers. Developers indulge in the development process; meanwhile, automation testing works with real-time testing on the go. Many companies hire software testing companies that provide multiple automation tools for different testing methods. It is a cost-effective way as you don’t need to buy costly tools at the same time. As a result, it is cost-effective and less time-consuming for the production team. They can serve their precious time to other aspects of the development process. 

Using automation testing tools allows for more regular testing, which improves overall software functioning. Software development cycles necessitate recurrent testing, typically of the same test. It can also provide more accurate and consistent findings than manual testing. Ensure that the product is market-ready or ready to go on to the next stage of development. This affirmation encourages the team to keep improving.

Most notably, automation facilitates the development of new products. Because when software, an app, or any product can be planned and produced more quickly, it allows for ongoing development after it is released. Essentially, owing to automation, the company will be able to work on more software and goods with the same number of employees. It implies that they are always improving the end goods they produce, but it also means that they are constantly developing new software.

10 Benefits of Software Automation Testing

Let’s look at the main advantages of automated testing and why it’s important in software testing. 

Cost-Effective Automation Testing

Automated testing is less expensive than manual testing. You can’t conduct repeating tests using manual testing. In reality, the expense of manually testing your application increases with time. On the other hand, automated testing is less expensive in the long run since once you’ve built your test scripts, you can reuse them at any time without incurring additional costs. True, automation adoption is initially costly, but it will rapidly pay for itself.

It’s important to remember that the amount of the automated testing ROI is determined by the extent of automation adoption. The bigger the return on investment, the more automated test cases you create and employ. But don’t overlook that manual testing is necessary for some situations.

Fastest Development & Timely Project Delivery

You will also save time by automating your tests. Automated tests are easy to execute and may be repeated. Put another way; you won’t have to wait months to do the tests twice — only a few hours will be enough.

Automated testing accelerates development by taking advantage of quick test execution and the repeatability of tests. Here are some of the benefits of using automation!

  • Accelerate the development process
  • Minimize the time of completion
  • Quick launch and market the product
  • Real-time updates and changes within the app

Increase Productivity

Because automated testing doesn’t require human participation in running test scripts, you may sit back and relax with a cup of tea. Software developers and QAs can spend less time testing since automated tests can repeatedly run independently. Basically, automation allows your engineers to focus on more important activities. Fixing current app functionality isn’t as thrilling as adding new features, as we all know.

Boost Efficiency of Testing

What is accuracy? To eliminate human intervention? Not at all. Efficiency in automation testing implies determining human error and then indicating humans to fix the error. If we eliminate humans in the testing process, then who will fix it in the end. While running automation testing, you can try AI test bots to get the potential use of automation. It’s an artificial intelligence-powered solution that outperforms exploratory testing.

High App Performance and Assure Quality

Furthermore, automated testing allows you to easily generate a large number of test cases, including massive to complex ones. It is something you will never be able to achieve if you opt to test your app manually.

Automated testing will assure your app’s excellent quality and performance due to the wide test coverage. As automated testing is efficient in making rapid test cases, there is no need to wait for long. It lets you run hundreds of automated test cases simultaneously, allowing you to test your app across different platforms and devices quickly. 

Choose cloud-based device farms if you want to get the most out of test parallelism and concurrency. They can assist you with covering all of the needed OS and hardware setups.

Instant Feedback

In case you need to fix an immediate bug on a specific feature, and lastly, test it to know if it is fixed or not, automation testing helps you in this. In fact, manual testing slows down your software. When your software is already on the market, immediate feedback is valuable. On the other hand, test automation will allow you to make rapid changes to your application. As a result, automated testing leads to increased team response, improved user experience, and increased customer satisfaction.

DevOps and CI/CD Implementation

If you want to deploy Continuous Delivery and DevOps principles, you can’t neglect test automation because automated testing is essential to both. Every developer’s commitment to the source code must be tested as part of the CI/CD pipeline. There’s no other way to accomplish it quickly and efficiently than test automation. As a result, once you’ve deployed automated testing, transitioning to Continuous Testing and Delivery will be simple.


Regrettably, test automation throughout the CI/CD workflow may be difficult to coordinate. When the complexity of the code and the number of test cases increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. The good news is that artificial intelligence-powered solutions can help you with smart testing orchestration.

Wrapping Up

Automation testing gathers lots of errors in a short time so developers can fix them instead of doing manual testing. TO buy automation tools, you can test frequently and repeatedly. Testing and development is an ongoing process. As much as you add a new feature, you have to conduct testing for their efficient functioning. Automation testing saves time fastest development, boosts productivity, increases software performance, and shortens the development cycle. Moreover, you can expect more benefits in the future. 

If you are ready with your software and looking for a third-party SQA team, we support you. As we see your product as an end-user, we can evaluate and examine every corner of it and tell you the flaws and errors on the go. We have a huge SQA team that can enjoy testing manually and automatically with the best-paid tools. Are you ready to save your time and cost with MMC GBL? Let’s start today!

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