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How To Make Sitecore Development Effective With 10 Robust Features

What is Sitecore Development? A Comprehensive Guide for 2022 & Beyond

Are you looking for an adroit CMS for your website development? Well, you can find multiple CMS platforms that help you build a robust website for your business. In this most recent time, where the competition is high as the demand for website building touches the sky, many alternative CMS providers have joined the market. Sitecore development is one of them!

If we talk about Sitecore development, it is mainly used to build highly customized and enterprise-level business websites with rich functionalities. In this article, you will get to know how powerful the Sitecore development is, incorporated with its functionality & API, and why it is harnessed for large enterprises!

What is Sitecore Development?

You will intimate this piece of reading for beginners who are confused about what Sitecore development is. First and foremost, Sitecore is software that has been used for a while to create massive, densely packed websites. Essentially, it is software for creating a unique website builder for large businesses. Its association with Microsoft has seen widespread use in the business sector, particularly among Visual Studio and ASP.NET developers.

Sitecore development

The Sitecore company has started creating JS compatibility tools like JSS around its product to enable JS developers to build on top of it, even if the Sitecore program is still restricted to the Windows environment.

Moreover, Sitecore offers two major products:

1) Content Management System (CMS)

2) Digital Management System (DMS)

Contextual intelligence, omnichannel automation, and a content management system are all included in the powerful platform known as Sitecore. It provides marketing automation technologies that let you run one or more websites and connect with clients when and where it is needed.

One of the striking features of Sitecore is contextual intelligence, which offers an Experience Database (xDB), where the consumer locations are stored, interactions, and behavioral patterns for both historical and real-time analysis.

It enables you to customize every customer encounter at every point of the customer lifecycle when used in conjunction with the automation of multiple marketing channels (web, mobile, social, e-mail, commerce, and print).

For you and your customers to “Own the Experience,” Sitecore gives you the power to manage your branding and customer experiences effectively. To work on Sitecore development, you need expertise that makes Sitecore fully functional for you. At MMCGBL, we are the leading Sitecore development company that provides websites and apps to increase business growth on a large scale. We have done various projects with fortune 500 companies and made our identity as a successful software and  Sitecore development company.

Sitecore CMS Vs. Sitecore DMS: What is the Difference?

You recently encountered two terminologies that seem similar, but actually, it is the two main services Sitecore provides to website Sitecore developers. They harness unassociated functionalities and features to manage websites and offer your business a wide range of opportunities and scalability.

Sitecore development - benefits

Sitecore CMS

In Sitecore development, CMS, named Sitecore Web Experience Manager CMS has been built on the ASP.NET framework. It is used to develop, publish and manage content over the website. We all know a website without content is pointless, and if you do not have access to manage your content, you can not make it viable for users.

Content delivers the brand message to your users so that people learn and become more aware of you and your services. Another terminology used for Sitecore type of platforms is “web content management system,” which indicates the control of external and client-facing website management.

This Sitecore Web Experience Manager is widely used for enterprise-level websites because it includes sustainable features and website architecture functionalities. For example, Sitecore provides one-time content distribution over all channels feels like a very adaptive feature that works like omnichannel automation.

Sitecore web experience manager also provides exceptional personalized content for individual and specific types of visitors, offers multilingual facilities, and focuses on mobile responsive experience for the heavy-loaded website. There are multiple other features that you can explore in Sitecore CMS.

Sitecore development - CMS

Sitecore DMS

Sitecore DMS refers to the digital management system that allows users to manage digital experiences integrated with websites. In Sitecore development, this DMS is called Sitecore experience manager. Sitecore’s contextual intelligence and omnichannel automation features are referred to as Sitecore DMS or Sitecore Digital Marketing System.

The Sitecore Web Experience Manager, customer intelligence, and cross-channel distribution are all included in Sitecore’s DMS, which refers to as the Sitecore Experience Platform. Utilizing data-driven consumer insights, you can enhance the effectiveness and customer engagement of your websites and branding with the Sitecore Experience Platform.

A consolidated data repository, customer information, scoring, and numerous testing possibilities are a few of the characteristics of the Sitecore DMS. Sitecore Commerce, a natively incorporated module for streamlining customers’ online shopping experiences, is also part of Sitecore DMS. Sitecore Commerce offers all three methods to handle pre-purchase, point-of-sale, and post-purchase marketing experiences.

What Are The Best Sitecore Development Features?

Sitecore has several features. Users may build engaging and versatile websites because of their sophisticated editing and digital marketing prowess. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the top Sitecore features as an experienced Sitecore solution partner:

The Experience Editor

Adaptive content creation and managing systems make Sitecore more curated and systematic. Here comes the experience editor that delivers what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) interface. It simplifies managing and editing pages, including content—logo, graphics, links, etc. The “add here” feature helps Sitecore developers to identify and adjust more content. As a result, you can ultimately create a page within a few minutes.


Sitecore provides a well-organized workflow that helps users check and balance their content creation and editors. It supports more than one workflow generation as per the requirement of business operation. It comprises three components:

By controlling the content validation and publication process with workflows, you can make sure that only content that has been approved is published. States, commands, and actions are the three components that make up a workflow.

The workflow started when the major item was posted over the Sitecore.

  • States: The workflow assigned multiple stages for the content creation process. For example, you can select the state to know further users, editing, reviewing, or publishing, whatever the status of your content creation process.
  • Command: It magnifies the scope of status by moving one state to another state.
  • Action: It is automatically done when the content is on the particular workflow and can be executed automatically.


To control the workflow, as an administrator, you can manage the site by assigning other multiple roles to the other members. Different user types, including site administrators or content editors, can utilize a workflow, but they must have Read access to it or the ability to create simple content.

Multiple features maintain the security of your site and only give access that you want, such as hiding states, hiding commands, give on reading access, and much more.

Sitecore Versioning

Users can produce updated versions of content thanks to versioning, which gives access to real-time editing. Users can view the variations between versions and the editors that have been done before. It also provides date-by-date version history that is particularly helpful for keeping track of who and when changes in web content. You can edit instantly, save it as a new version, and even delete the previous version without hassle. Versioning can take two forms, i.e., Language version and Number.

Sitecore development - Versionning


Sitecore development mainly focuses on personalized content. It offers a wide range of conditions where you can deliver personalized content at the right time to the right people. It helps to deliver a better user experience to your diverse client base. The personalization feature is viable based on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns that can easily be identified by Sitecore content profiling.

With Sitecore personalization, you can modify and limit the content as per their geographics, gender, previous action, etc.

  • Depending on where customers are located, display different content to them.
  • Hide contacts who have already filled out a registration form from you.
  • Modify the wording of a website banner in terms of language.

Promoting Campaigns

The Marketing Control Panel and the Campaign Creator functionality can be used to develop campaigns. Each technique creates a special relationship for a marketing effort. You can track your campaigns by generating a link that is only triggered when a visitor visits the page.

You may get a more detailed view of how visitors use your website by monitoring events. You establish goals to monitor and assess how users interact with campaigns and the website, both online and offline.

Marketing Automation

An integrated system called marketing automation is accessible from the primary dashboard. Marketers can quickly design automation campaigns that give real-time, automated customer support in accordance with the user journey.

Sitecore always tries to make the customer journey engaging; only marketing automation tools make this happen. Sending automated emails, display pop-ups, real-time push notifications, and even reminders of cart abandonment can all be handled with marketing automation tools.

Sitecore development - marketing automation

Email Experience Manager

With the help of this potent tool, marketers may make interesting emails and designate distribution lists. Additionally, email correspondence may be tracked and personalized.

A comprehensive dashboard provided by EXM analytics offers insightful data on recipient behavior, including click-through rates, open rates, and more.

Sitecore APIs

The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that CMS Sitecore developers may use to handle data in Sitecore databases, including attribute values, dynamic linkages between items, and troubleshooting details, are conceptually outlined in this section.

You may query Sitecore objects using various technologies, including standard .NET web forms, XSLT, and MVC. The Sitecore API is quite robust. Sitecore has its query languages, Sitecore Query and Sitecore Fast Query, which are similar to XPath. In addition, you may use Linq to query Sitecore objects and utilize “where” clauses to narrow your results even more.

Read more: 10 Reasons You Need API Integration Platform

Sitecore Cortex

Cortex is a cutting-edge marketing feature that powers digital strategy and marketing results using AI and machine intelligence. Its salient attributes include:

  • To learn more about visitor behavior, use “Contextual Intelligence.”
  • With its machine learning technology, automatic personalization may increase visitor engagement.
  • According to visitor data, the cortex can identify prospects like additional consumer categories and greater revenue potential.
  • Cortex solves the “big data” problem by analyzing information fast and in real-time.

Sitecore development for Various Industry

You can find a Sitecore development company that advises you to build a Sitecore website with industry-specific features and functionalities.

In Healthcare Industry

Sitecore provides ease to Healthcare marketers and delivers customized and manageable CMS on Sitecore CMS platforms thanks to multi-site administration and flexible templating.

Moreover, Sitecore DMS delivers in-depth analytics to give healthcare marketers the knowledge they need to engage target audiences with pertinent medical information and resources.

Additionally, a skilled development partner may create unique integrations to the numerous systems required to operate online healthcare marketing campaigns. Sitecore platforms are integrated into several pre-made APIs.

In Retail & eCommerce Industry

Sitecore leverages the retail and eCommerce industry by delivering experienced-oriented website architecture. It provides eCommerce businesses with exceptional omnichannel automation, user-friendly content management tools, highly configured personalization content creation throughout the website, and so on.

Retailers and e-commerce marketers may track how customers engage with a company across channels using the Sitecore Experience Platform and Experience Database. It collects customer data and provides automation for social media platforms, day-to-day search histories, locations in the sales funnel, and more.

In E-Learning Industry

The transmission of knowledge to students is the central focus of all educational institutions, whether on campus or online. With the help of Sitecore CMS, educators may reach out to students through e-learning platforms, mobile learning, social media platforms, and other technological advancements in education.

Using Sitecore CMS’s mass distribution options across a range of media, colleges may simply keep students informed by running their own branded web and email systems. Additionally, in order to connect with students searching for the greatest match, tailored outreach and relationship-based engagements are crucial when promoting educational offers and institutions to potential students. Contextual intelligence and analytics tools are available in Sitecore DMS to satisfy both of these requirements.

Looking For a Partner For Sitecore Development?

Sitecore development needs expertise as it is dedicated to large-scale enterprises that are leading the industry. It emerges down to a few requirements to find the best Sitecore services to meet your needs: experience implementing Sitecore, technological know-how, sector expertise, and business-savvy customer service.

Sitecore developers

Here at MMCGBL, you can find expertise, technical resources, and support all in one package. We work as a partner and understand our client’s business to provide excellent solutions that help to meet their business goals.

For customers worldwide, including B2B, B2C, and small to large organizations, we have built, integrated, and modified the Sitecore CMS and Sitecore DMS platforms. If you need any assistance, we are here to help you!

FQAs Related To Sitecore Development

Is there any real-life website example of Sitecore development?

There are so many, and a few are listed below:

  • P&G
  • Loreal
  • Aston martin
  • United
  • Nestle
  • Canon
  • Toshiba
  • Experian

Why I should invest in Sitecore development?

You can leverage various Sitecore development benefits such as:

  • Flexible UI for editing content
  • Easy learning curve
  • Nuance and intricate digital analytics
  • Streamlined workflow management
  • Striking web content management features
  • Deep and real-time customer insights
  • Reliable and consistent storage for several webpage pages
  • Streamlined organizational structure

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