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Social Media App Development – 10 Kickass Ideas For Next-Gen Fun And Entertainment

We are trapped with thousands of apps and digital channels that make us engaged, reachable, and entertained at the same time. Social media apps are playing a vital part in reducing the gap between people to people and businesses to people. It is not the latest news that social media apps are transforming the way of business. Moreover, counting on multiple social media apps helps you discover loads of ideas you can make for your audience.

Social media is internet-based and allows users to share anything quickly, including movies, images, documents, and personal information. Users interact with social media using web-based software or applications on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

As we know, social media also promotes businesses; you have a great opportunity to build apps that help companies market their product and generate revenue. Mostly, 1/4th of the world’s population is using smartphones and is highly engaged in sharing memes, and videos, posting pictures, and buying with online sellers.

Moreover, the US number of social media users is anticipated to reach over 257 million by 2023. There is no way back if you are engaged with social media platforms, whether as a user or a business owner.

Do People Need More Social Media Platforms?

People are free to share their thoughts, make new friends, Start chatting and calling, and much more on social media platforms. You just need to connect with Wi-Fi or the internet, which helps you to access multiple social media channels without any cost. Some prominent and common examples of social media apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, etc.

It is not a big deal if you want to introduce your social media app. The demand for mobile apps is rising, and there are no speed bumps. In fact, 3,739 new apps are added to the Play Store daily!

So, what are you expecting? Do you have any thoughts to share with us to build a global social media app development? Connect with our professional social media app development team! Our team is highly engaged in complex projects with a 98% success rate.

Moreover, we also have a list of social media app ideas we want to share with you. As soon as something clicks in your mind, just hit us, and we will help you make your app a reality.

Let’s talk about a few ideas that you might like them.

Great Ideas For Social Media App Development

Social media apps are classified into different types. On the basis of categories, we are going to elaborate on all social media app development ideas for your next project.

Social media app

Social Network Apps

A social network app is one of the most in-demand and sustainable applications used by billions of users globally. Moreover, it is totally user-centric, where people can share their thoughts, give points of view, raise voices against any mishap, and communicate across borders just by creating content that rolls out over the internet.

Facebook and Twitter are the two popular and on-demand examples of social networking apps. On the other hand, social network apps also leverage businesses to give a vast space to sell and promote their products/services. Companies experienced facebook Metaverse that recently came into the ground.

Facebook’s metaverse was formally introduced on October 28, 2021, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighting his vision. Launching Metaverse aims to develop these platforms and hopes to provide an interactive virtual environment where users may communicate, build 3D NFTs, digital trade goods on built-in markets, and much more. In short, it gives the opportunity to elevate digital trading to a secure platform.

Media Sharing Networks

One of the top-rated social media platforms you can build is “the media sharing platform. People love to share stuff with their family and friends and overrun their happiness by showing what good happened in their lives. On the other hand, some media sharing platforms help us to spread information on multiple topics, tutorials, and how-to guides. You can not imagine the worth and flow of information on these media-sharing networks.

It is high time to introduce your media sharing network with feature-rich functionalities for your audience. One fundamental fact—younger consumers like media over textual content—explains why they are so popular. More significantly, they like sharing it. Most importantly, they like doing it as quickly and easily as possible. They can do this on some of the most well-known media-sharing platforms, such as Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Youtube.

Social media app - media sharing network

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Video Streaming App

No one can beat the power of video content and video streaming apps. Like Netflix or Disney+, you can also create your video streaming platform to engage the audience with movies, cartoons, series, etc.

Consider Netflix your competitor and start building an app that manages Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood movies for your audience. It is a bit complex. But if you choose the right social media app development company for your project, you will get a successful application in the end.

Video streaming social media app

Community and Discussion Forums

Human beings are seeking opportunities to learn more about their concerned subjects. No matter if it is marketing strategies or code-related puzzles, everyone wants assistance from experts and professionals. And it is not surprising if I say hundreds of community platforms run on the internet, and people are leveraging all of these communities.

A few examples that you can find easily are Reddit, Quora, GitHub, and so on. Even every technology has its community handled by professionals, assisting beginners and mid-level masses against their problems. Moreover, community and discussion forums are highly impactful in running ad campaigns. It would be beneficial for companies who want to sell their products with exceptional marketing strategies.

If you target any specific market and want to build a community and discussion forum, it must be fruitful for your intended audience. You can also make a private platform with secure log-ins, or you may build a large-scale platform like quora where any point can be discussed, or anyone can raise questions without hesitation.

Networks for Consumer Reviews

It is very important for today’s business to collect customer honest feedback in real-time. As feedback helps improve products and services for the future, gathering feedback digitally or in person is a never-ending strategy.

However, building a huge platform for customers where people leave reviews and feedback for diverse products and services helps businesses and prospects to get the right direction.

The users who already buy your product leave a good reviews for new users, and ultimately they start buying from the same company. As a result, you can simply enlarge your customer base without putting much effort.

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Providing this type of platform helps customers and buyers to get instant positive intentions towards products and services. On the other hand, if anyone gives a bad review, businesses have the opportunity to improve that area and keep assisting their customers.

Networks for Consumer Reviews

Blogging App

No doubt, blogs are the ultimate way to get informed about your concerning topics or any product/services. Every business must have a blog section on their websites to engage its audience with quality content. It also helps rank over Google and other search engines.

Blogging sections can overly convert into social media apps where people search their relevant topics and read as much as possible. Creating dedicated social media apps for blogs is one of the best ways to collect maximum knowledge on one platform. Tumblr and medium apps are the best examples of blogging platforms.

blogging social apps

Social Shopping Networks

One way to deliver a shopping experience is on social media platforms via ad campaigns and showcasing products publicly. But there is a need for a completely streamlined process from buying to checkouts. Mainly, the online business pages are directly integrated with websites that drive buyers as soon as they click on the call to action.

Let’s make this way shorter by building social shopping app for brands. It is one of the good social media app ideas as the growing number of online shopping seems never to come to an end. Building a social shopping network is one of the intimate overrun for small and mid-sized businesses. These networks are particularly effective for small firms and startups since they allow them to promote their goods without a physical office or store.

Messenger Apps

Introducing messenger apps is always welcomed by users. Social media messenger app reduces communication barriers and provides no intrusive media sharings if you own internet connections. People around the world can easily chat, share photos, make calls, and send audio and videos with free services.

If you are planning to throw a messenger network, you have to be clear about all essential features required to make your app feasible from your competitors. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc., are the most popular worldwide apps for users.

Social messenger app

New App

The news has shifted to an app format to appeal to younger generations who often don’t watch television or visit websites of that nature. Everyone is kept up to date on current events in this way. Flipboard is one of the best social media apps for news that people visit to get news alerts worldwide.

Creating an app for your specific country or region is also a great idea to entertain your people. You can also make an app that can publish magazines and fashion news apps for a dedicated audience.

Social media app for news

Hidden Identity Social apps

A few days ago, when people started to play ludo star, they loved to interact with anonymous people and create playing games without knowing them. The trend of guest playing went viral, and also people feel comfortable playing and even chatting with their opponent teams.

This can be the best social media app idea if you want to make a different app for users. In addition, creating an app that anyone can join anonymously and start generating content over multiple topics, share thoughts, discuss and make friends across borders.

Must-Have Essential For Social Media Apps Development

Whether you have a planner for your next social media app, there are some trending and futuristic features that you must contain to attract users.

Media Sharing Feature

Now, people are talking with photos and videos, making them highly growing trends all over the social media app. The feature of media sharing, whether in the inbox or on the news feed, must be at the fingertips of the users. Moreover, it is easily accessible with phone media, Google drives, etc.

Log-In Authentications

To make and prove your social media secure, you must embed strong login and password authentication. The more your app is safe, the more likely your user to trust in sharing their content and media. End-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication convince users to provide information without any hesitation.

Chat Sections

Although you provide a separate messenger app or chat section within another type of app, you will need to skip this. People love to get personalized and instant messaging options if they face any complexions in using your app service. It is always a good option to provide messaging or chat section to deliver a better experience.

Regular & Push Notifications

If you want to engage your user with your app, real-time notification always helps you. App developers may send consumers messages inside their apps called in-app alerts. They’re frequently employed to guide consumers in the direction of attractions to increase usage, retention, as well as lifetime value (LTV). In-app notifications can improve user satisfaction by assisting users in finding what they’re looking for. Push notifications also improve by popping up messages on your lock-screen without opening the apps.

Face Filters Feature

It is trending! Adding AR-based face filters will be the best if you create a media sharing app or anything that includes a photo capturing feature. Around 1 out of 5 Americans (21 percent) with any social media account have used a beauty filter before posting pictures on social media. Edited selfies and face filters are the attention-grabbing features of your app.

Simplifies Transactions

Handling purchases and buying within an app can be difficult if you are not defined in the checkout process. Embed multiple payment methods allows the customer to buy your product without any hassle.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots revolutionize the customer support department and provide automated customer assistance without human intervention. AI chatbots within the app allow users to respond instantly to any queries at any time of the day. It is viable for 24/7 hours and makes your app a futuristic and modern solution for your users.

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Bottom Line

Social media apps are the fastest-growing applications that are gaining traction. You have many successful examples of social media platforms by which you can inspire. Like TikTok, one of the most proliferate social media apps that attract teenagers, youngers, and even older to make videos and share them with their friends.

People in Generation Z (those between the ages of 10 and 25) spend one-fifth of their daily time on TikTok, which is more than five hours. Even businesses also take advantage of having a large audience on TikTok and sell their product over it. Only 3% of marketers in 2021 believed it was the best platform for achieving their corporate objectives. By 2022, that percentage had increased 700%, and 24% of respondents said the platform was the most successful.

Similarly, the spike in online n shopping platforms also gives the leverage to build apps where brands can add their product to sell and generate revenue. Online social shopping apps are highly demanded as, in fact, there are now over 80 million social commerce consumers in the US, a 25.2% growth.

If you need assistance regarding social media app ideas or want to develop a team that can help you on any step of engineering and designing, choose the best social media app development company. Moreover, at MMCGBL, you can get professionals to generate new ideas, creative UI UX designers and engineers, a talented development team, and SQA to deliver flawless apps, all you can get in one platform with affordable pricing packages.

FAQs Related To Social Media Apps

Is it worth investing in social media apps?

Around 4.59 billion people will be using social media worldwide as of 2022. It’s an increase from the mere 2.5 billion users in 2017. Now you can imagine the worth of social media app development and the usage of multiple types of social media platforms.

May I know the cost of building a social media app with MMCGBL?

We mainly prefer customized social media app development to help us fulfill our client requirements. The charges may vary according to the project’s complexities and features. You can schedule a meeting to discuss your project idea and what should be added that makes your app functional. Then we will decide the estimated cost of your app.

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