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What is Staff Augmentation? A Practical Cooperation Model To Expand Business

The working approach has changed, especially in the IT or tech sector, after the immense popularity of remote work and outsourcing. The concept is, why spend too much when you can earn more with fewer resources? Yes, it is a smart move to onboard employees without traditional hiring but with the approach of staff augmentation.

In this article, we will help you understand what IT staff augmentation is and its long-term benefits that help you expand your business globally.

Staff Augmentation

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is the latest approach that allows companies to expand their resources temporarily with fewer investments. Like an in-house team, they also associate the company’s goals with a documented process and are actually known as XYZ company’s employees. 

They can be your long-term as well as short-term employees as per your project development. IT staff augmentation carries huge responsibilities to build a new IT product from scratch or upgrade the existing system by adding the latest features and functionalities. 

Types Of Staff Augmentation 

Commodity – When a company needs a reliable resource to complete tasks without any expertise. It may include labor, warehouse manager, retail, and shopkeeper.

Skill-based – Require a team that has some sort of skills to do a tedious task. It can be a customer representative job, a multilingual spokesperson, or a data entry task. 

High-level – It requires high-level experts to tackle the technicalities of projects or in-depth information about their professions, such as engineers, developers, etc. 

When To Consider Staff Augmentation Team 

It depends on different factors, including project timeline, secrecy, length, and budget. Many companies onboard well-qualified developers and engineers to build an offshore team for multiple client projects. They hunt projects and offer staff augmentation teams to companies for mainly short-term projects (2 years maximum).

Moreover, it is not limited to that. IT staff augmentation service providers also sign long-term projects and provide first-rate developers to handle tech-related affairs. They are highly capable of supporting existing systems such as version updates, system migration, feature add-ons, etc. 

Like MMC Global, we own global-wide developers who are capable of dedicated tech stacks. Our approach is to provide staff augmentation services for businesses looking for experienced IT professionals with no hassle. 

Let’s see the benefits to SMBs and enterprise-level companies of Opt For Staff Augmentation!

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation 

The benefits are so obvious that hiring a team will not let you invest costs to allocate your resources. Have a look at the more!

Resource Saving

Resource augmentation allows you to invest less resources and time. You just need to find a trusted resource augmentation team and sit back and relax. You do not need to hire recruiters to find the best fit. There is no longer selection process and no need to take up internal tech team time to evaluate and train the new employee. Staff augmentation service providers have a number of experienced developers who critically pick up by evaluating their tech capabilities. It ultimately reduces the resource costs you can invest in fulfilling other requirements. 


Staff augmentation is a flexible process. You initially hire 1 or 2 developers and easily scale your team as per requirements. In fact, you can discontinue once the project is done or ask for team expansion to include the QA team, UI UX designers, or anyone else. Moreover, time flexibility is another reason to consider staff augmentation. As per your time zones, the staff augmentation service provider provides you with team members who can incorporate with your time zone.

Easy to Communicate

The augmented team studies your company’s culture and starts interacting with you to come on the same page and understand your business goals. As the team is only dedicated to you, the team members easily focus on dealing with you. You can directly assign tasks, plan sprints, schedule meetings, and always keep in the loop to evaluate the project progress. Implementing top-rated project management tools like Jira, Trello, or other task management tools will increase connectivity regularly. 

High Productivity

The IT staff augmentation team is only associated with your project, so they are highly involved in details, leading to minimum errors and higher efficiency. The more focused the team is, the more likely it is to have increased productivity throughout the projects. 

Less Risk In Investment

Give your business a trial phase before actually expanding your teams. Flexible short-term team hiring is the best solution to make informed decisions over long-term team development. Moreover, it reduces the risk of direct investments by associating with team augmentation on a contractual basis. 

Affordable Prices

The augmented team typically works on hourly rates comparatively lower than in-house teams. The in-house teams certainly included high office rents, hardware costs, software costs, and other essentials to make a workplace for the workforce. In staff augmentation, you have a lump sum cost, including all minimal expenses. 

[Nasir-hu-mein heading=”Allocating Talented IT Experts For Your Complex Project” para=”We have reachability world top-rated developers and engineers that help you to integrate tech solutions into your business.”]

How Staff Augmentation Works In MMC Global

MMC Global has been successfully delivering staff augmentation services worldwide. Our team of highly qualified developers and engineers work on different top-notch companies and provide support to upscale existing systems. 

We also help companies hire developers for their latest new projects and engage them for long and short-term periods. We overcome all challenges, including language barriers, diverse time zones, compliance and security measures, quality assessments, etc.

Our short process of contracting over projects includes an initial meeting, sending developers’ profiles, selecting the development team, introducing team members, final interviewing, and signing the contract.

We provide a fully managed project management platform where companies and teams collaborate on the project. Moreover, we will take other measures to ensure team cohesiveness and communication with 100% transparency. 

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