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WhatsApp Mobile App Alternatives: 5 Private Messaging Apps That Replace WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp launched, users have been highly addicted to chatting over it. It almost eliminates text messaging and shifts users to the WhatsApp mobile app. Somehow, we are obsessed with the WhatsApp user interface as it gives a soothing feel whenever we use it.

The fascinating thing about WhatsApp is its instant messaging delivery and exciting emojis that make chat more engaging. Also, it uses higher security protocols that deliver a secure environment to the users. Moreover, WhatsApp new updates bring other striking features such as 24-hour status updates, deleting accidentally sent messages, messages disappearing, etc. Surprisingly, many messaging mobile app development gained traction after Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp mobile apps launched.

Still, the process of messaging mobile app development is going on. At MMC Global, we have hands-on experience in messaging mobile app development and recently closed a few projects based on messaging apps that showcase our proficiency.

Moreover, we are a specialized custom software development company that helps SMBs and large enterprises to design, develop, and implement software to run their business operations. We have a vast portfolio of building software, mobile apps, business automation, ERPs, AI-powered solutions, and more.

In this article, we have gathered WhatsApp Mobile App Alternatives that are overlooked and still need to be demanded due to lack of popularity. But if you want to jump-start with new features and engage with a new user interface, this guide is for you. You can pick any messaging app for a unique experience.

Whatsapp mobile app

5 Unpopular Opinion For Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the alternative to WhatsApp messaging mobile app with over 500 million active users. It is a free messaging app that requires account creation, and you are ready to go.


  • It is fast and simple and can download both operating systems, including iOS and Android
  • You can enjoy unlimited chats, create groups, and make broadcasts within your contacts
  • Moreover, you can build communities or groups of over 200,000 people and share conversations and media without hidden charges
  • It gives end-to-end security protection to your chat messaging and calls
  • Only you are the owner and controller of your data, such as shareable documents, messaging, recordings, and media
  • Telegram provides a cloud-based ecosystem where your storage is highly encrypted with limitless storage
  • Additionally, it helps integrate with third-party platforms and works on chatbot platforms for automated communication
  • Available on iOS | Android
Telegram Messenger


It is one of the best-selling chat apps on Google Play, with over 11 million users, including over 2 million Threema Work users. In addition, it keeps security first and prioritizes providing the utmost protection to your communication.


  • It does not require a phone number or SIM card like a WhatsApp messaging app.
  • It can easily be used in the web interface and deliver an excellent user experience.
  • Threema has the features of Voice calls, video calls, media sharing, recordings, etc.
  • Furthermore, you can use it as a document-sharing tool in different formats (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.)
  • It has a dark and a light theme of windows.
  • The poll feature is unique because you can create and respond to polls and easily create groups.
  • As it provides higher security, you can verify the contact identification by scanning their QR code.
  • Emojis and Gifs can make your chatting experience much better.
  • Available on iOS | Android


This app is beautifully created to engage you once you have used it as an alternative to the WhatsApp mobile app. Moreover, its vibrant features make it different and unique over calls and chattings.


  • Enable you to send files and media in a secure environment.
  • Ensuring the security of calls and chats is not a big deal for the Viber messaging app.
  • Moreover, the face filter features let you send images with different characters to make your discussions fun and fancy.
  • 55000+ GIFs and stickers await you to beautify your conversation.
  • You can also react to messages in real time.
  • Create and join an open group chat and interact with your worldwide friends under one chat window.
  • You can limit your chat lifespan, which means you can disappear messages anytime.
  • Available on iOS | Android


The Wire is preferred for team communication and is highly on-demand for video conferencing and messaging collaboration. The WhatsApp mobile app offers video conferencing to enjoy group calls. Similarly, Wire also provides this. Using Wire, your team can communicate and share information quickly, securely, and always in context. It includes messages, files, conference calls, and private conversations.


  • Higher security features and end-to-end encryption among ongoing and outgoing messages and calls.
  • Providing a private and group communication chat window.
  • You can also invite teams and vendors or even call a large group of meetings with one-click calls.
  • Wire can easily integrate with third-party mobile apps to connect instantly with their users.
  • It has customized features of themes, fonts, and chat window colors.
  • Available on iOS | Android


It is another WhatsApp-like messaging mobile app that helps communicate in a secure environment. Element creates group chats and communities to collaborate with the team and your friends.


  • Element also commits end-to-end encrypted security over private chats and calls.
  • It operates on Matrix, an open network for secure and decentralized communication.
  • The element allows you to pick a better destination to secure your data.
  • Promotional ads and other data mining activities are strictly prohibited.
  • You can build rooms and communities to share your thoughts and media stuff.
  • Easy to share documents, files, recordings, GIFs, and much more.
  • Easily integrate external tools, management software, and other messaging mobile apps.
  • Available on iOS | Android

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Other WhatsApp Mobile App Alternatives

As the demand for messaging mobile app development increases, many other WhatsApp mobile app alternatives exist. Messages by Google, Kik, Keybase, WeChat, Wickr, etc., are other popular platforms that give Whatsapp-like experiences while chatting and calling.

If you further expand your determination about having messaging apps, you can also build one and launch it for the public with additional features. Let’s discuss your thoughts; we will help turn your idea into a digital reality. 

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