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Woocommerce Development: Automate Your E-commerce Store via Top 06 Plugins

In this fast-paced world, you wouldn’t be able to compete with others or make your name if you were unwilling to adapt to the progressive changes. Even the littlest of things are now more advanced than we ever thought. Well, if you own an eCommerce store, don’t you believe in this modern time that automating your store via Woocommerce development would be a great initiative? Because sticking to your manual means will only cost you the valuable time and effort you could use for something important.

Everyone has a tough routine and wants everything to be done as soon as possible. That’s life nowadays, doesn’t it? And I bet you may have put your potential to the test to reach the particular sales goal by working late or giving extra hours to your store, changing your already made plans, holidays, etc., yet the difference it makes is not so much. Yes! We understand that managing an eCommerce store is not a piece of cake when you have so much to deal with.

Here you are in need of time-saving and cost-effective tools to make your hectic routine a little easier. Why? It can boost performance; you won’t have to do most things manually, with minimal error susceptibility, ultimately leading to efficient working. But where can you avail of the tools or services? Some agencies like MMCGBL provide the Woocommerce development services, including designing and developing your entire online store.

You just want the right tools to automate time-consuming business processes, examine and manage data to attract traffic, and generate more sales and revenue. Although, don’t forget that the right Woocommerce development company is essential. Sound appealing? Let’s learn more about automating your store via Woocommerce development. But first, we will look at what woocommerce actually is!

An overview of Woocommerce 

It is basically a WordPress plugin that enables users to create their eCommerce store in a few clicks. It became so appealing to Woocommerce admirers just after its launch in 2011. Then Automattic WordPress, the parent company (an organization that acquires subsidiaries owning separate businesses), obtains both WooCommerce and WooThemes plugins.

If you are a WordPress user, you have an option to download a free plugin and get free Woocommerce development services to create your dream store. The online store will also provide exclusive functionalities and many extensions. Since it has 85 million downloads with 45 million live websites, it is one of the largest eCommerce platforms all around the globe.

Important Woocommerce development components


As we know, it is an open-source platform that requires a basic understanding of installing, managing, and optimising it. However, it will be a little bit difficult to install if you are unfamiliar; once you install it, you won’t have a problem using it as the setup wizard will guide you through everything.

It doesn’t have a drag and drops feature like WordPress, yet it has a very user-friendly interface. The side control panel enables you to customize your online store’s layout. When you get into Woocommerce development (simply developing your eCommerce store), you will see it is the same as creating a WordPress page.

Interestingly. You can even utilize most WordPress page builders to create your pages (don’t forget to check their compatibility) since you won’t be happy when an inconvenience in coding arises at the scene.


Everybody has mobile phones in their hands most of the time, whether a child or an adult. It is the most significant source through which people engage with the digital world. So, don’t you think people focused only on desktop users for their eCommerce store are making a big mistake? Because that way, you lose all the traffic that could reach your website through mobile devices.

Don’t fret! Woocommerce is mobile-friendly and saves you from making the same mistake. With this, you can offer a great experience to your customers. 

Shopping made easy

Woocommerce is not just limited to offering you the best user-friendly or mobile-friendly eCommerce platform but also provides you with a shipping feature. A plethora of shopping features makes it easier for your customers to shop through your store and receive their orders without any problem.

It offers all from delivering to locals to international customers. There is an option to set your rate to ‘Automatic’ to provide minimum rates to your customers according to their locations. One more feature that you can add is a shipping calculator in your cart, as well as mask shipping rates until your users put their address in it.

Several different themes

Branding is nothing without individuality! While nothing better than themes to create individuality essence. Just select the suitable theme that fits best with your idea and impression. Don’t worry; you can find multiple responsive themes from Woocommerce for your store.

As we know that Wooommerce is a WordPress plugin, you can utilize WordPress themes as all these would be compatible. There’s an option for you to select from free and premium designs. Moreover, if it feels like you want to change your theme, you can do it as per your requirements.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is the most important factor in making your online store appear in front of people. When wondering why there are no clicks and sales generated through your online store? You should consider checking your SEO strategies. A successful business may require a solid SEO strategy to get your products noticed on the search engine result page.

With Woocommerce, you will be provided with an added SEO feature as it operates on WordPress, an SEO-optimized platform. WooCommerce helps its customers by combining user-friendliness and SEO friendliness.

Top best Woocommerce development plugins

Running an online store has never been simple. Among the most well-liked solutions for building an eCommerce store is WooCommerce. Fortunately, there are many ways to systematize many areas of your store in the modern virtual world. You could automate your advertising campaigns, parcel service interface, inventory control, advertising strategies, customer relationship governance, etc.

Fortunately, you can automate several features of your store using the technologies at hand in the WooCommerce platform. We’ll talk about a few of the top plugins in this post to assist you in streamlining your WooCommerce online shop. Or you can also approach Woocommerce development company to give what you want. These plugins will help you with various features and must benefit your shop’s ability to operate with less administrative work.


Woocommerce Development plugins

With this plugin, you can automate the daily follow-up emails that you have to redirect. In this busy life, it becomes difficult to send customized emails constantly. So, within your Woocommerce development, you can add this plugin to make your work easy.

It will assist you in regularly interacting with your customers by fabricating a daily follow-up campaign. The main goal is to encourage interaction and boost the possibility of persistent purchases from customers.


  • This plugin can gather all the emails and tweets together to create the campaign. It is to encourage daily interaction with customers.
  • You can track the productivity of your campaign with an all-inclusive reporting feature.
  • There will be ease in managing a mailing list; you will be able to add emails to the current list and import the latest mailing list.
  • You can find free email templates to start your campaign or can customize your templates on your own.

Smart coupons

Plugin for Woocommerce Development

This plugin will let you develop a large-scale strategy for building and handling discount coupons in large amounts on your Woocommerce online shop. It enables you to make a detailed coupon strategy for your store to boost sales statistics whenever you are in need.


  • Produce and ship coupons in a significant number and import and export using CSV.
  • Provide coupons for purchasing products to make sure repetitive purchases from your store.
  • Store credit system for buyers so that they can keep a fund balance.
  • Provides customized text greeting cards for customers.
  • Show accessible coupons on a cart and My account page.

Dynamic pricing and discount

Plugin for Woocommerce Development - dynamic

If you want to get away with the struggle of coupon codes, you can use this plugin to elevate price adjustments on your products, product kind, and cart levels. This plugin helps make dynamic price adjustments regarding the discount rules you made for your store.


  • Set flat rates or fraction discounts at the product, class, or cart levels. Using this plugin, you could also set regular pricing for your commodities.
  • There’s a possibility of formulating combo discounts to encourage cross-selling.
  • Depending on their email address and user role, provide customers customized discounts.
  • You can also promote a buy one get one (BOGO) promotion such that the free products will automatically be added to the cart.
  • Arrange discounts for cart rules regarding features, a shipping method, or a billing processor.

PDF invoices

Plugin for Woocommerce Development - pdf invoices

This plugin will enable you to add an automated PDF invoice to the order fulfilment email. The My Account section will also provide exposure to previous bills for customers. In addition, the store administrators will be allowed to email or download invoices through the backend. You need to contact the right Woocommerce development company, and everything will be as you want.


  • You will be able to create invoice templates that reflect the branding and style of your store. You could also add your tax ID number and your logo.
  • Possibility to include the invoice PDF in the emails delivered to store administrators with new orders.
  • Your product detail page will include invoice information.

Advanced notifications

Plugin for Woocommerce Development - advanced notification

Upon receiving an order, there might be other people you know and like to notify about your order. Your team for fulfilment and procurement must be well-trained and qualified if they want to obtain real-time information on orders from your store. With the help of this plugin, you can automate the process by configuring stock and order notifications to particular people.


  • This plugin will allow you to generate a notification for particular events for your store, such as:
  • New orders
  • Backorders
  • Low stock
  • Out of stock
  • You can set notifications for every product or category or even shipping classes in your store.
  • You can select certain order items from which to receive those notifications. If any order contains numerous things, you can display the pricing or other information of a single chosen product.


Plugin for Woocommerce Development - Zapier

You may need third-party Woocommerce development services to manage your Woocommerce store. Incorporating every service could get difficult for you in this situation; Zapier comes to save you! It offers options to send orders, customers, and information from subscriptions to numerous services.


  • Incorporate third-party services, such as DropBox, Zendesk, MailChimp, etc., into your Woocommerce online shop.
  • Impulsively update selected services on your store. Events such as recent orders, status updates, and new customers will be updated too. 
  • It enables you to take proper steps to lessen cart elimination.
  • Members of your team will get notifications for more effective fulfilment and restocking.
  • Brief reports to understand store productivity.

FAQs Related To WooCommerce

What do you know about the key functionality of Woocommerce?

WooCommerce has capabilities that can assist you in matching the perfect offer to your customers. WooCommerce is powered by WordPress, considered one of the top platforms for SEO techniques. Provide customers discounts in the form of coupons for a certain sum, a percentage off, or special deals like free delivery.

Can Woocommerce be usable without WordPress?

Unfortunately, WooCommerce can’t be used without WordPress because it is a WordPress plugin. If you aim to simplify the client’s backroom, you can remove all the extra items on the menu from the sidebar so that he just views the WooCommerce possibilities.

Why would MMCGBL be a good fit for Woocommerce development services?

You can visit our website and see that we have experience and have delivered projects on time. By selecting MMCGBL as your Woocommerce development company, you are opting for a cost-effective option for your concerns. So, why not go for an agency with experience in the field? 

Bottom line

You could save time by introducing automation to your WooCommerce business. Time is a valuable resource for business entrepreneurs. Often it seems like you can never get enough of it.

Locating, implementing, and automating WooCommerce businesses will save you from a variety of small but time-consuming selling and advertising jobs, letting you focus more on activities that support your primary issue.

Depending on your specific needs, you will also have the opportunity to devise structures that afterwards transfer data or assist peers. 

For that, you may need advice or information about Woocommerce development; you can approach MMCGBL as we have quite an experience and have worked with more than 150 clients. Let’s set up your store with professionals and experts.

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