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WooCommerce Migration Services

MMCGBL is providing safe WooCommerce migration services to migrate your products and customizations without losing any data.

woocommerce migration services
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WooCommerce Migration Company

MMC Global is a leading eCommerce technology partner with a decade of migration experience on major platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WordPress etc.,

Clear Data On Target Store Before Migration

We help you clear your data on the Target Store that is not useful anymore. Therefore, it is not needed for migration purposes. Hence, there is no loss of data at all, and unimportant data is deleted.

Preserve Order IDs on Target Store

After the migration as well, order IDs can be preserved. Therefore, it makes it easier for the Target Store to save the IDs and use them for repeat customers, without asking for or generating new ones.

Create 301 Redirects on Target Store

Creating redirecting options for products on Target Store that can lead customers back to the Source Store products and categories. Hence, we use the same links, makes it easier for customers to continue their order where left.

Create Product Variants Based on Combinations

Different products variants can be made, depending on what combinations of options are available in the store products & categories. Furthermore, migration can make these variants & combinations configurable later on.

Strip HTML from Category, Product Names

HTML tags can be separated by stripping them off from the product names, categories or descriptions. However, it is done to ensure that they fit perfectly into the Target Store and display properly.

Migrate Images from Products

In order to attract customers towards your products, it is important to display images within the descriptions,. Therefore, making it important to migrate images into the Target Store as well, from the Source Store.

Change Products Quantity

To display any product out of stock means a loss of customers who would want to buy that. Hence, we provide you the option to change the quantity of products so that they do not display out of stock for the customers.

Migrate Additional Images

Migration makes it possible for you to bring along all the additional, full – size images into the Target Store. However, not just the thumbnail,. It is done so that the customers can have a better view at the product being offered.

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Custom WooCommerce Migration Services

Our WooCommerce Migration services suit all kinds of businesses and web stores. Moreover, if you feel the need for a more tailored plan, get in touch with our developers now for a free consultation. Our services are especially designed keeping in mind the impact on Search Engine and the overall performance of your store.

What data can be Migrated to WooCommerce Services?




Poduct Categories





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WooCommerce Migration FAQ's

WooCommerce Migration Service helps you move your store from more than 120 eCommerce platforms to WooCommerce automatically, accurately, and securely.

  1. Products. Name, SKU, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Tax Class. 
  2. Product Categories. Name, Description, Sort Order.
  3. Manufacturers. Name, Image.
  4. Taxes. Tax Class: (Tax name, Country, Tax rate)
  5. Customers. 
  6. Orders. 
  7. Coupons. 
  8. Reviews.

WooCommerce is the most used and therefore considered the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Moreover, its integration gives great SEO for eCommerce websites. As it is open-source, it offers limitless customizations. Using WordPress with WooCommerce means you’ll have the support of a robust open-source community.

MCGILL’s skilled team provides safe WooCommerce migration services to migrate your products and customizations without losing any data. Therefore, choosing us is the best decision you can take because we have more than ten years experience, but we have also catered to more than 300 clients. 

The best way to migrate your data is to export it to a CSV file and then import it into the CSV file to the target site. WooCommerce plugin allows you to export products from your existing site and then import the CSV file to the target site.

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