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How To Build a WordPress Website From The Scratch?

How To Build a WordPress Website From The Scratch?

Building a WordPress website helps you make a beautifully designed website for any business. WordPress contains all features to make your website functional, whether you need an informative or eCommerce platform.

Surprisingly, WordPress gives the opportunity to non-techie users to build their websites as it is a codeless or low-code consuming platform. It has various features, flexibilities, and a user-friendly platform to make simple to complex websites. Moreover, it made website designing simple yet effective with its drag-and-drop functionalities.

Stay with us, and we’ll lead you through the full procedure from start to finish. In addition, we’ll provide some basic strategies that will make you feel like a website design pro. It all begins here.

Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress Website

Identify Your Website Goal

Ask yourself a few questions before building a website, such as:

  • What is the purpose of building your website?
  • What type of website would you like to create?
  • Do you know your audience?

You can add more if you have any questions in mind.

However, at MMCGBL, we offer any type of WordPress Website, including,

  • Getting people to visit your physical store
  • Using a digital store to sell things
  • Using a blog or magazine-style publication to share your opinions
  • Creating a portfolio of creative work
  • Obtaining new newsletter subscribers

WordPress Website allows us to build any app and make it professional; our developers would love to start your project.

Do Research & Conduct Competitive Analysis

According to your industry and niche, you are supposed to research your competitors and start analyzing what they are doing. In the initial stages, the features they have on their websites, the number of pages, internal functionalities, theme and color preferences, etc., must be evaluated.

If you notice anything fascinating or notable about their websites, notify them so you may derive inspiration from them later.

Determine the Number of Website Pages

Be careful in minor details, but be aware that tracking your website page is one of the major aspects you need to decide beforehand. Initially, determine the number of pages and their functionalities so that you have a clear sitemap to redirect each button in the accurate direction.

Some must-have pages are:

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Contact page
  • Service page
  • Portfolio or testimonial page
  • Blogs

Give Your Website A Personality

The aim of building a website is to make it a mainstay for your business promotion. Expanding your online business globally by delivering your branding messages is the next-level experience after deciding on the website design and layout in a rough draft. It is also time to give it a personality by determining the theme and color.

  • Try to establish a color scheme according to the overall theme
  • Note down the color code form pallet that gives brand values
  • Choose hues that complement one another.
  • Decide the visual media elements and other graphic techniques.

Sign up for Hosting & Buy a Domain

Web hosting is a term you may or may not be familiar with. No worries, let’s make it clear. Moreover, web hosting or web server is the home for any website, and it cannot live without. Web hosting allows your website to go live on Google so visitors can access it.

The website needs space on a server you rent from web hosting providers. There are a few best web hosting servers, such as:

Bluehost (

SiteGround (

WP Engine (

DreamHost (

Kinsta (

Namecheap (

InMotion Hosting (

Select the plan, pick the website domain, provide essential information, and submit. As soon as you submit, you will get an email that may include the next step. If not, you need to install a FREE WordPress platform to start building your website. is the website builder.

Welcome To WordPress Dashboard

Once you install it, you will get to build your account and be welcome to the dashboard of WordPress. Start understanding the features and functionalities and have a quick guide to the videos and help document.

Create Permalink

The Permalink also called the URL of the website, should be created in this stage which is very important for every page. The most-used URL structure is based on website name + page name, such as if you make a service page link, it will be

Few more things to mention here that need to be set hand-to-hand.

  • Make your site public by allowing search engine activity
  • Set your website title and tagline
  • Enable or able your site comment
  • Set the default article setting
  • Lastly, select your time zone

Choose a Website Theme

You will then shape your website with a particular or customized theme. WordPress offers free and paid themes, and both have very impactful designs. You can rapidly install them and then replace them if necessary.

  • Install your theme
  • Customize it
  • Work on the color schema
  • Adjusting the typography
  • Placement of CTAs

It’s all helping you provide a better user experience on the WordPress website. The redirection, CTAs, images, color, and all the elements that catch the attraction of visitors reflect the user experience.

Integrate Plug-Ins To Enhance Site Ability

Plugins are third-party tools that help increase the website’s functionality according to your requirements. WordPress offers 70,000 plugins to integrate into the website without any coding skills.

Most common plugins that you need to know:

  • Yoast SEO – This plugin assists you in making search engine optimization changes and making your site more accessible to search engines in general
  • Google Analytics for WordPress combines your website with the web’s most popular traffic analysis system
  • Wordfence Security boosts the security of your WordPress website
  • UpdraftPlus performs automatic website backups
  • Optimal is a program that optimizes your photos
  • WPForms enables you to add interactive contact forms to your website, allowing people to contact you directly – far superior to show your email address in plain text on your site

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Let’s Create Basic Page

Once you have done with all essentials, it’s time to create a basic page or draft a blog. Building initial pages with a simple website layout is not a big deal. Adjusting menus, adding pop-ups, using AI chatbots to communicate, etc., is your choice to make your website powerful.

Let’s make your dreamy website with WordPress CMS. Hire professional WordPress developers to get a feature-rich website for your business growth.

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