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10 Massive Android App Development Ventures 

Every year the market is getting fueled by affordable smartphones introduced by all smartphone makers. There are two types of major operating systems, namely iOS and Android. For the uninitiated, iOS is the mobile operating system created and developed by Apple for its line of products. Google mainly produces Android. According to Statista, Android holds an 85.9% global market share. These stats clearly explain how the user’s businesses find Android app development services a lucrative solution. Many people use Android apps to interact with their friends and family.

Also, there have been a lot of people now using Android apps for online purchasing. If you are a growing business or a reputed brand, you might find it easier to target your prospective customers through your mobile application, specifically from Android app development.

Why You Should Consider Android App Development

If you plan to enjoy the benefits of growing monetary transactions through apps, you must take Android app development seriously. Building an app allows you to create brand loyalty and stay ahead in this competitive market. Many users want their favorite brands and companies to have a mobile application for a customized user experience. It provides you with a wide range of phone features that the audience appreciates. Android apps have the edge over other actions because of their usability and affordability. Hence, it stays unbeatable.

However, choosing the best Android app developer can be a hassle; it is a quite difficult task. You can opt for agencies with creative designers and experienced developers. MMC Global is a leading Android app development company, providing Android app development services for over two decades.

MMC Global has a team of 150+ experts, specializing in building exceptional Android mobile applications with creative app designs and ideal functionality. In the past two decades, our expert team has saved 30M+ clients. Based on customer satisfaction, we have a success rate of more than 95%. Our satisfied customers have given us multiple reviews that you can check on our page and our top projects.

Photo Editing and Photography Android App development

In a world where top mobile cameras compete with DSLR cameras, and people are constantly taking selfies, photo editing, and photography, android app development has become vital. Numerous Photo Editing and Photography app preferences are available in Android app development. A few Android apps are completely free, while some are paid.


Snapseed - Android App Development

Snapseed is the principal photography and editing app available on iOS and Android. It allows you to enhance your photos and apply digital filters. It was created by Nik Software and is now owned by Google. That became a major hit due to its huge range of filters and effects. Since 2015’s major revamp, Snapseed has become entrenched in the must-have territory.

The upgrade star: Stacks converts each filter you apply into an editable layer. Each effect can be tweaked later rather than burned into your image when used. It provides more scope for experimentation. Moreover, its stacks can also be saved for later re-use.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop- Android app

Adobe Photoshop is a premium editing and photography software launched as a mobile app through Android app development. The Adobe Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe Inc. that gives subscribers access to graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography software. Moreover, it comes with a set of mobile applications and some optional cloud services.

Photoshop is so intense that it never smiles, which makes it surprising this live filter camera app of a similar name is so breezy and silly. Some filters are dull and designed for people who like taking photos of their breakfasts. Other filters are for people who fancy landscapes.

Filter management is a breeze. The Android app development works on existing images. It’s fun and powerful.

Art and Design Android App Development

Numerous artists have come forward after developing Android apps for Art and design. Moreover, it is super fun to illustrate visitors of friends and families.

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator

Through PicsArt animator, you can unleash your inner Roobarb and design wobbly animations in minutes. You can start with a picture of a blank canvas picture and get a drawing. Moreover, you can add frames and check the prior ones faintly.

Through the Android app development of PicsArt animator, you can design that might not terrify Disney. However, your creations will be full of character; besides, by using this app, you can develop characters with much less hassle than doodling flip animations on an old notepad.

Adobe Illustrator Draw- Power House

Adobe Illustrator Draw- Power House

When discussing art and design, it is almost impossible not to discuss Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator has a full reputation on the desktop for enabling creative types to fashion anything from logos to elaborate illustrative fare. Illustrator Draw brings much of the tech to Android app development but is mostly concerned with creating freehand artwork.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is an impressive desktop-oriented Android app development feature set. There’s a layers system for separating elements or tracing over an imported photo, a 64x zoom, multiple configurable pen tips, perspective grids, and shape stencils to temporarily plop on the canvas when you fancy some accuracy. Export options are limited. However, if you subscribe to Creative Cloud, that’s the only drawback.

Music Android App Development

Music is something that connects people. According to numerous sources, it is concluded that music apps are by far the most used Android apps. Music app refers to those apps that include massive music libraries, online song remixing, etc.

RemixLive- Music, Audio Android App

RemixLive- Music, Audio Android app

We are all for making music properly, but sometimes you want to make a noise with minimal effort. With Remixlive, you select a genre and tap away at pads to trigger loops. Everything is always in tune, and you can record your electronic masterpiece as you go.

Do you want more control? Try the mini mixing desk with knobs and sliders or the FX section with a pad for slathering your tune-in delay or a filter. If you have some cash for burning a hole in your pocket, then splash out on additional sample packs, effects, and features.

FxGuru: Movie FX Director

FxGuru: Movie FX Director

This slightly gadgety special effects app is nonetheless very clever and useful. It comes with some free effects (the kind of things you’d see in a disaster movie) with additional packs as in-app purchases.

You point your phone or tablet camera at a scene (say, your office, the street, or your garden). Then the Android app development records a short video clip with a destructive missile attack or perhaps a hovering UFO superimposed over the live-action. The motion tracking feature allows you to pan as you film, too.

Entertainment-based Android App Development

It is crystal clear that Android users are rapidly growing in numbers. With more than 25 billion active users, Android App Development is the most important app development. In addition, Android Apps is of such importance that it holds over 85% market share in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam. With this number of active users, Android has some good classic entertainment apps for its users.


Netflix- Android App Development

There can not be a list of Android apps without mentioning Netflix. Netflix and YouTube stand at the top of all the video streaming services. But, ever since Netflix is more focused on content like Hollywood, this is the go-to place for numerous movies and TV Shows available in 2022.

After its first launch as a movie rental service, Netflix later transformed into an online streaming service. On 30th November 2016, Netflix was made available for Android and iOS users.

YouTube- Entertainment

YouTube- Entertainment Android App Development

YouTube was a small company that started back in 2005. The developers just wanted to give the audience a free experience of consuming content. Later on, Google bought YouTube.

The YouTube Android app development was done and launched alongside the launch of the first Android phone. And now, YouTube is the second app to cross 10 billion downloads on Google Play, making it the prime example of a massive Android App Development venture.

Finance-based Android App Development

Developing an Android app is important, but it is unsure whether the app will be a hit or not. According to a survey by Statista, Google alone launches more than 70,000 new apps per month.

There’s a never-ending supply of banking and money Android app development on the Play Store.



PayPal is an online money transaction application. It is a massive example of developing an Android app with great intent. Developing an Android app like PayPal can be difficult as it has various features. Furthermore, it offers biometrics for easy sign-ins, alerts any time money leaves or goes, and you can even perform transfers straight from your device. While you would never replace my bank with PayPal, the conveniences and protection this app has brought to the table are certainly worth the effort of connecting a bank account.

Travel and Navigation

The modern world of technology has made it far easier for us to travel. Numerous apps provide car-pool services, taxi services, and much more. However, the biggest shift happened in mobile app development when the navigation-based application started developing—for example, Google Maps and City Mapper.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Almost all users around the globe are familiar with Google Maps. Most of us use it for identifying and navigating locations. Google Maps has more than a billion active users. It is indeed the best mobile app development.

Google’s map is the best Android app, with excellent routing by car, public transport, or bike/foot. The Google Maps is far more than just a huge map. On Google Maps, you can get Street View for areas with noise around, including mountains, through panoramas, and fast access to local facilities and entertainment information. Google Maps also provides an offline version, where you can download the pathway you want to go and check it even without access to the internet.

By developing such Android apps, google has made our lives much easier. With just one click, you can know the location you are in and the location you want to go to. Moreover, you can also check the places nearby you with distance and the means of transportation available to get to the location.


Android App development deals with creating apps for the Android Operating System. The Android App Development includes software that includes a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, documentation, sample code, and tutorials.

An Android app developer’s major work is designing software and applications for Android devices and deploys on the Google Play Store. They often work for large organizations or directly for an app development company. There are a variety of different languages used for mobile app development. However, the most common language used for Android app development is JAVA.

MMCGBL is a prime App Development agency that provides Android app development services. Our team focuses on designing quality apps that work efficiently and are market-competitive. We have done multiple projects on mobile app development. We offer Android app development services at affordable prices compared to all Android app development companies and deliver projects on time. Our diverse impeccable services include custom app development, android game apps, social media apps, app maintenance, enterprise app development, and more.

Here at MMC Global, we don’t just say we make things happen. The guarantee for our excellent work comes from our clients and a team of more than 150+ experts. Our experts possess more than 10+ years of experience. You can also visit our website to check out our previous projects.

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