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8 Companies Use NetSuite Development Services

What is NetSuite Development? Top 8 Companies Using NetSuite Development Services

What is NetSuite development? The answer to this question has changed drastically over the past many years.

NetSuite development is a cloud-based business application development software and publisher. NetSuite development has been designed to enable SMB and Mid-market companies and businesses to run their business from a single platform. It has helped majorly in bringing uniformity to businesses.

Allowing uniformity in business has made the companies run their businesses right from their accounting, procurement, or back office systems to sales, customer relationships, and management. Moreover, NetSuite development is vital for websites and eCommerce site businesses.

Oracle NetSuite development

NetSuite development enhances the business on any platform, including websites, mobile, shops, etc. It focuses on all elements of a company, from ordering a product, managing a product, delivering the product, and invoicing the product.

Through NetSuite development, you can easily manage the whole business process through NetSuite development from one platform.

Numerous companies are providing NetSuite development services. MCCGBL is a leading NetSuite development company. We offer various NetSuite services that enhance the quality of your business and produce noticeable results.

MMCGBL has been providing NetSuite development services for more than 10+ years. We have a quality team of more than 150+ experts who excel in producing master projects and consulting others.

MMCGBL is a trusted software development company. We have completed more than 1000+ development projects for our customers. We have been awarded 20+ times in the past two decades. We consider working with the client to produce the optimum results. Moreover, You can visit our website to check our previous projects.

We do not limit ourselves to NetSuite development projects but also build scalable web and mobile applications. Our applications are made with top Node.js, TypeScript, React Native, ReactJS, and .NET engineers.

What Makes NetSuite Development Ideal for your Business?’

NetSuite development is considerably the finest development way to enhance your business. There are a variety of unique reasons that make NetSuite developers prefer NetSuite development. The single platform, improved decision-making power, and wide range of customization make NetSuite development the prime choice.

Uniform Solutions for Business Development

You can uniform your business through NetSuite ERP and get all of your business worries on a single platform. This NetSuite development service is a major feature as having all the company in one place limits distractions and helps cut costs.

You can focus on all the business areas through NetSuite, from financial processes to supply and management. NetSuite development provides a single solution for businesses that allows customers to run their companies more effectively and efficiently. The single solution feature not only brings ease to the industry but also gives a competitive business advantage to companies using NetSuite development services.

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On-Point Decision-Making Power

NetSuite development has the superpower of making decisions that are effective for your business in the long and short term. It has effective business intelligence tools that ease businesses’ decision-making processes—resulting in high results and massive progressive business growth.

NetSuite Development and Multi-languages

NetSuite development is capable of dealing with business in multi-languages. Estimated, it can be translated into 27 languages, including major languages such as Chinese, French, German, etc. 

The feature of being multi-language helps the user interface to bridge communication. NetSuite development provides an easy hierarchy that allows businesses to run with minimum complexities.

Flexibility and Customization

It has the ultimate quality of flexibility and customization. You can customize the system per a business entity’s stipulated requirements. Moreover, through NetSuite development, you can customize and integrate into a third-party system hassle-free.

Twice Update in a Year

NetSuite development is ideal for your business as it helps you grow your business more effectively. NetSuite development has biyearly upgrades, meaning that it updates twice a year. These updates are made so that we can comprehend the advanced technologies. Hence, NetSuite development is promising for your business.

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Data Security and Cloud backup

NetSuite development is cloud-based development software. It functions in the Cloud. Moreover, it provides high data security for your business. Moreover, NetSuite development offers you the best feature of mobility. You can operate your business at any time in any world. In addition, all companies using NetSuite development services do not have to worry about data loss. Hence, you can work your business without worrying about losing even a simple data file.

NetSuite Development and Its High Scalability

NetSuite ERP development system has got much higher scalability. Moreover, this higher scalability in NetSuite can affect the expansion of business and can eventually make massive growth and development.

8 Major Companies Using NetSuite Development Services

Gartner, in 2018, recognized NetSuite development as the “Leader” in Cloud Core Financial Management Suites. Statistically, NetSuite development has grown over 45 percent in the global market. It has surpassed its closest competitors with a rate of more than three times.

During significant NetSuite development, more than 30,000+ companies and subsidiaries used it. Approximately 5,000+ companies are using NetSuite ERP.

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Companies prefer NetSuite development services because it provides the tools needed to succeed and the ability for their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Innovative solutions and a step ahead of the competition are a few reasons most companies prefer NetSuite services.

Avant- Financial Tech Company

Avant is a Chicago-based online lender company established in 2012. It is a leading financial technology company. Avant has issued more than $6.5 billion in loan funds. Avant has maintained more than 1.5 million clients.

NetSuite development - avant

Since the company was founded, it has kept growing at an extreme rate. Eventually, they required a trustworthy business management system that could assist their customers and clients. Hence, Avant acquired NetSuite development services.

Once Avant shifted to NetSuite, they pushed aside all their worries and got an ideal user interface that allowed them real-time visibility with their clients. Moreover, NetSuite also gave Avant a chance to acquire detailed insights into the changes occurring in the market.

Avant has saved approximately $120,000 annually due to NetSuite.

Qardio- Tech Firm

In 2012, another tech company was founded under the name of Qardio. Qardio provided its customers with a variety of health monitoring products. According to the tagline used by Qardio, they design innovative health products that fit the modern lifestyle.

Qardio needed sustainable ERP software that could perform internationally during its growth. All of their requirements were fulfilled by NetSuite development. NetSuite development helped Qardio to fully streamline its business processes from order management to financial management.

NetSuite development - qardio

Moreover, it allowed Qardio to view its customer database fully. In addition to that, NetSuite development also enabled Qardio to have real-time insights into trends and behaviours of the modern time to enhance and improve its business operations.

According to Jorrit Kelderman, CFO of Qardio,

“For us, it was really important to have billing, inventory reconciliation, taxes, accounting, and consolidation in one place; NetSuite OneWorld’s flexibility, agility, and scalability made it a clear winner, allowing our business to expand at an unprecedented rate.”

Shaw Industries

Founded in 1946, Shaw Industries Group, Inc. is one of the World’s massive carpet manufacturers. Shaw Industries is huge, and they have more than $6 billion as annual revenue and more than 22,000 employees globally.

NetSuite development - shaw

Shaw Industries is a growing company in the carpet manufacturing industry. They introduced a new 210,000 square feet manufacturing plant in Nantong, China. At this time, Shaw Industries understood the need for a reliable and enhanced system to manage their orders and finances globally. Hence, they opted for NetSuite development services.

NetSuite One World is operated in 190+ currencies, which helped Shaw Industries manage their global subsidiaries massively and continue with international business operations more effectively.

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Make-A-Wish Foundation

This name is hardly unfamiliar to anyone. Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the leading non-profit organizations that help the dreams come true of children that fight for their lives and are critically ill.

Make-A-Wish Foundation is a well-established organization that is highly appreciated. The President and CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation America are Richard K. Davis, and he said in one of his talks with NetSuite that “Technology plays a crucial role in how we’re able to grant life-changing wishes to communities across the country successfully.”

NetSuite development services - make a wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation had approximately 59 unique financial systems, which made their admin processes complex and time-consuming. They opted for NetSuite development to solve their business and finance complexities. After using NetSuite development services, Make-A-Wish Foundation can now rely on one financial system. NetSuite development has brought uniformity to Make-A-Wish Foundation systems and enabled the donation process’s automation. Hence, NetSuite development has helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation to focus more on changing the lives of critically ill children.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd is a cosmetics company. In 2013, British make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury founded this company.

The company enabled the donation process’s automationTilbury shifted her business to NetSuite development One World.

NetSuite development Services - charlotte tilbury

After tremendous growth, Charlotte Tilbury needed a new business management system. NetSuite development aligned with all the requirements that businesses needed. It also enables Charlotte Tilbury’s company to have a single financial plan to manage inventory and customer relationship. Moreover, it helped report analytical data with prominent savings in IT costs.

It also provided Charlotte Tilbury company with real-time figures for mid-product launches. Moreover, NetSuite offered easy access to profit and loss for evaluation and recommendation.

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NetSuite development has happened to be one of the finest choices for business enhancement and advancements. When its business changes, Charlotte Tilbury, can adapt and customize the platform to meet its needs, which is extremely important for a brand as big as Charlotte Tilbury.


YouGov, an international market research firm founded in 2000, used NetSuite to help achieve significant company growth and implemented various systems such as OneWorld, Revenue Recognition, and SuiteProjects.

NetSuite development services YouGov

NetSuite provided them with automatic updates in the Cloud without any problems. In turn, YouGov generated an increase in revenue of 100% while adding only eight staff members to the administrative team.

These automatic updates enabled the business to eliminate any downtime and saved valuable time and resources for YouGov to continue expanding.


Brandwatch is a social media software company that assists big-name clients such as L’Oreal and Marks and Spencer. During a period of international growth, they chose to implement NetSuite OneWorld to help manage their accounting systems across the globe.

NetSuite development services - Brandwatch

This system would allow Brandwatch to automate the taxation requirements in different countries and make modifications for other currencies and legal compliance scenarios when necessary while streamlining the reporting process.

The company implemented the software within 14 days and created a smoother working environment for their UK, US, and German offices, taking the number of employees from four to 400.


Streamlining your business processes is a massive bonus for any company, and Secrid, a Dutch company that manufactures wallets, was able to do that with the help of NetSuite ERP.

After designing wallets that protected RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near-Field Communication) cards, the company gained a surge in customers and needed software that provided them with reliable analysis and insights, as well as retail and trade sales information.

Thomas Boogert, ERP & ICT Manager for Secrid, spoke to NetSuite and said, “I am always blown away by the possibilities of NetSuite.

Each of these companies has reasons for turning to NetSuite in times of expansion and growth, which is why this decision was made.


Nearly all businesses need NetSuite development services as these services help run in the long run by taking the business to the next. Numerous companies are using NetSuite development services currently.

NetSuite can help unify your business and add more to your company by developing better decision-making. Moreover, with NetSuite development services, you can easily keep a check and get real-time reports on your business.

Numerous agencies offer NetSuite Development services. However, MMCGBL leads the section by a mile. MMCGBL is a prime NetSuite development company. It provides various NetSuite development services, including, Integration, NetSuite Implementation, Custom workflow, Managing projects, Application Development, Ongoing training & Configuration, etc.

We understand the difficulty each person has to go through for their dream projects. Hence, we have compiled a simple process where you can request a consultation; here, we will concentrate on listening to your ideas and guide you with the best available and suitable.

Here at MMC, we have a team of more than 150+ experts working in the field for over two decades. We have completed more than 1000+ projects. We try our best to provide complete Offshore Software development Services that help your business.

FAQs Related To NetSuite Development

What is the usage of NetSuite development?

NetSuite Development is generally a platform that offers multiple modules, which provides ease in producing reports, managing accounts, analyzing data, tracking employees, monitoring, overseeing CRM, etc. With NetSuite and its modules, you can perform all these functions.

Does NetSuite Provide a Warehouse management solution?

NetSuite Development is an all-in-one service provider with a warehouse management solution. It effectively keeps track of inventories, optimizes cost, makes you up-to-date with stocks, and reduces errors due to minimal human intervention.

What do NetSuite developers do?

As a NetSuite developer, your main duties involve reviewing your organization’s current systems, planning and executing new strategies, providing front-line support, communicating with vendors, and ensuring the success of all NetSuite applications.

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