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10 Best Beauty Mobile App Features To Grow Your Salon Business

10 Best Beauty Mobile App Features To Grow Your Salon Business

Mobile app development is now the fastest-growing demand in almost all industries, such as healthcare, eCommerce, real estate, education, etc. Similarly, fashion and beauty are also in the queue to transform their business with beauty mobile app development.

The adoption of mobile apps brings a lot of benefits, such as accessibility, scalability, and flexibility, to businesses and their users. Let’s cut the crap and talk about how the fashion and beauty industry can revive their business with feature-rich functionalities.

At MMCGBL, we have done a successful project of an on-demand beauty mobile app for our client that drastically increases his business growth. Additionally, our developers are experienced professionals and love to create challenging apps with futuristic technology.

on-demand beauty mobile app

They had multiple mobile app ideas that were initially proposed to our clients. After discussion, we also came to the point and listed down all the much-needed features. We created a fully functional app, from designing a beauty mobile app per the client’s requirement to all the development strategies.

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If you run a beauty salon and want to grow your regular clients without any hassle, let’s make a quick way to connect with them. Our developers and designers are eager to create another beauty app with more advanced technology. Get the right mobile app development company to build your beauty mobile app.

Beauty Mobile App Development Features

The worldwide healthcare and beauty products and services market is worth $4.3 trillion. It is expanding gradually, and there are no indicators that this expansion will slow down as more customers use on-demand services for their daily tasks.

In other words, a mobile application won’t allow you to pass up a chance. In addition to increasing consumer connections, it also expands marketing opportunities. Moreover, you will have an advantage over rivals if you run a small to large salon business by building apps with unique and best beauty mobile app ideas.

Salon Catalog

Dealing with many clients daily and repeating the same services and prices is no more hectic if you launch a beauty mobile app. Adding a catalog in beauty mobile app features is the best option. It also makes your client a botherless journey of knowing your services, selecting what they need, and creating secure payments.

In-app Deals & Discount offers

Your app must be able to offer discounts and tell the sale campaigns at every notification. Apps are more likely to be used if they constantly make the remember via messages. Salon apps also can work like this. Your clients could clearly see discount offers and enable discounts within the app. When using this feature, you get the following:

  • Simple navigation for special salon offers
  • Offer deals and coupons inside the app
  • Live servers and synchronized offerings
  • To use coupons, scan the QR code.

Clear-Cut Service Prices

It’s essential to be open and honest about your service cost. Every salon clientele evaluates the cost of services against those at competing salons. List the actual charges for your goods and services. Enhance the feature’s appeal by:

  • Limitless menu, service, and category design
  • A product with pictures and other characteristics
  • Providing options and packaging combinations

Model Images and Service Library

Showcasing your services and your makeup can also be helpful with the beauty mobile app media library. You can use this feature to add model images, hairstyles, and services to keep your audience engaged. A fully organized section in which you can add pictures, videos, tutorials, etc., within your app.

  • Add an option to save and share.
  • Sharing tutorial videos
  • TikTok links
  • Easy to navigate

Client Management Feature

Adding a client management feature can help track your clients and their needs. You can save their data and last services, send emails, and push notifications with personalized messages. Moreover, adding a chat feature is also a great idea to retain your clients, connectivity, and provide more information.

  • Save personal details.
  • Track and record engaging patterns.
  • Save previous and recent appointments.
  • Easy communication and connectivity.

Salon Staff Management

No matter what industry you serve, managing staff is a big deal if you do not have any automation. Here at Salon and beauty parlors, where the team consists of 100 employees, it is hectic to manage manually. Beauty mobile apps can also consider apps that can manage their staff from one branch to another collectively. With this feature, you can:

  • Manage your staff attendance.
  • Streamline payroll management.
  • Set the commissioned scale.
  • Create an internal team communication channel

End-to-End Login Encryption

Login and registration is the first step that a user interacts with. Let’s make it more meaningful, simple, and secure. The more you can save the time of login and registration, the more chances you have to make your app installed in your target audience. Also, try to make your first stage easy for your users. Various types of login can help you simplify registration and login. The best practices for a mobile app’s login page are:

  • Registrations via guest account.
  • Permit using external accounts for login.
  • Choose email over usernames.
  • Assist with password resets.
  • Keep logged-in users.
Login feature

Salon Location & Other Details

You can use your beauty mobile app to find the nearest location from your users, get connected via email, and add phone numbers of your multiple branches to make your Salon accessible.

  • Google map integration.
  • Account details.
  • Salon locations and addresses.
  • Phone number and other details.
Beauty mobile app - location feature

Save Favorites and Add Calendars

With this beauty mobile app feature, your user can enable them to save their favorite services. For example, if one of your users wants to doll up like a previous model, they can keep safe and look for the future. Moreover, any services or any discount can also be saved for later. You can also include a calendar to take appointments and take advances to confirm their timings. 

  • Details about booking.
  • Save favorite sections.
  • Cancel or accept bookings.
  • Appointment of your favorite stylist.

How To Build Salon App

  • Building a business plan for your app is the first and most important step in creating a salon app. Once you’ve decided on the business plan for your salon app, proceed by following the instructions below.
  • To create your application, select the best mobile app development service company.
  • Choose the platform (iOS or Android) for the app development for your beauty mobile app.
  • Choose the app’s technology stack.
  • Check out the organization of the team creating the app for fashion and beauty. It should essentially include iOS developers, Android developers, project managers, designers of mobile apps, and testers of mobile apps.
  • Give your users some enticing features. The following are a few essential elements that your hair salon app must have.

User App

  • Social Media Login
  • Browse Through salons
  • Book Now or Book Later
  • Book Single or Multiple Services
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Track Service

Beautician App

  • Easy Registration
  • Manage Services
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Define Your Service Area
  • Manage Payments
  • Track Service Location
  • Set Availability

Admin Panel

  • Appealing Dashboard
  • Access User Data
  • Manage Beautician
  • Manage Payments
  • Check Everyday Booking
  • Admin Earning Reports
  • Create a marketing plan for the app launch and the days following it. Before you begin developing your marketing plan, make sure to analyze your competitors.

These are the procedures to create an app for the Salon.

Wrapping Up

The mobile app companies are well-enough to build exceptional mobile app designs as per the requirements of clients. Whatever you need to make your app more exciting and user-friendly, you can ask for your vendor’s mobile app development company.

At MMCGBL, we first take all the requirements and start working on projects while keeping the client in the loop. We have a well-structured team communication process followed by our designers and developers to complete app development successfully.

If you want to elevate your business success, you must try salon apps for your users. Make yourself accessible, easy to communicate, and well-organized with mobile app development.

FAQs Related To Beauty Mobile App For Salon

What should I expect after developing a beauty mobile app for a salon?

As per the benefits of mobile app development, you can get the following:

  • Easy connectivity across the platforms.
  • Easy to access from anywhere at any time.
  • Personalized environment.
  • Showcase your products, services, and models.
  • Staff and payroll management.
  • Cost-effective solution and reduced workload.

What is the cost of a fully functional beauty mobile app?

It depends on the complexity of the project, resources, and the functionalities you need in your app. At MMCGBL, you will get maximum features and functionality suggested by the experts while keeping your budget in mind.

Please refer me to some real-life examples of beauty mobile apps.

We recently completed a beautiful mobile app project called “touch up” with our client. Moreover, there are others, such as,

  • The glam app
  • Glamsquad
  • StyleSeat

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