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BFCM For SaaS Business – Effective SaaS BFCM Campaign’22

BFCM For SaaS Business – Effective SaaS BFCM Campaign’22

BFCM is the best way to uplift your SaaS business by offering discounts on automation tools and software services. No matter what type of business people do, they need automation to manage the customer base, inventory management, employee management, order management, and so on. What if they get automated tools of any SaaS in huge discounted plans in this BFCM 2022?

It will be a huge crowd on your SaaS products, I bet!

BFCM is not only for shopping for clothes or home appliances but for all who do business and want to provide value to their customers by offering discounts. Everyone loves discounts, and if it is on software or automation, business owners would also love to spend more for their business growth.

The SaaS industry is already the fastest-growing industry in this cutting-throat era.

  • 38% of companies say that they are running almost completely on SaaS.
  • By 2023, investment in SaaS will total $500 billion across all types of businesses.
  • According to 31% of SaaS businesses, they rarely give discounts.

Many businesses maintain the quality of services over prices. But if we talk about SMBs, they constantly search for services within their budget, especially for software development or buying any automation.

BFCM is the most awaited sale season in which SaaS companies cut down their prices so users can avail of their services. If you are a SaaS business owner and you are baffled by BFCM sales, then you have to be clear that you will not get into a loss. It will be a huge success at the end of the BFCM sale.

This article will go through every possible sales opportunity for SaaS businesses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let’s see what the SaaS industry sells and how it is worth selling.

What is SaaS Business?

SaaS stands for software as a service, also known as cloud-based software, that can only be accessed only with an internet connection. Avoid complicated software and hardware maintenance by accessing the software via the Internet rather than installing and maintaining it.

SaaS Business

The SaaS provider is responsible for its maintenance, installation, performance, and security. You just access it by paying a fixed amount and enjoy their services by integrating them into your operational system.

What is Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale?

Black Friday is one of the largest shopping days of the year, and the weekend after Thanksgiving is when Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) deals are held.

Since at least 2005, it has been popular in the US and has spread around the world. After a short while, we welcomed Cyber Monday and Cyber Weekend, expanding our attention beyond retail to take into account the significant demand for online browsing and shopping.

BFCM online vs. instore

We have observed a sharp boost in Black Friday sales year over year for all industries.

Why are Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale important for SaaS Business?

Every business has a strategy to attract customers, generate qualified leads, and make them their potential customers. It can only happen if you build a positive relationship with your customer by delivering value. A few trendy tactics are circulating in the market, such as sending personalized messages, giveaways, and delivering exceptional user experience.

Similarly, these tactics can be implemented in SaaS businesses to garner customers. In addition, BFCM gives the opportunity to generate more leads and customers. By decreasing the price of your software tool, you can unlock more sales, make your software recognized, expand your customer base, and much more.

Let’s get into details about it.

Increase Sales During BFCM and Beyond

Once you have initiated your first BFCM discount, your audience will be prepared for the next time every year. If this is your first BFCM sales offer in SaaS business, put all your effort into it to market your discounted rates all over the marketing touch points.

The more people see your BFCM deals, the more chances you have to attract customers and generate sales. In the USA, BFCM is the best time for retailers and SaaS business owners to provoke sales and generate more revenue streams.

Reach out to your past & current customers via email and announce the BFCM discount offers. Moreover, running ad campaigns on social media is one of the best ways to generate new prospects and attract them to your SaaS.

Easy To Market Your SaaS Product

Why are you under the roof if you are new to SaaS and have unique solutions for other businesses? Keep your solution public to get the utmost potential customers who leverage your SaaS product.

BFCM is the right time to hit the ground! Not only can you market the product, but you can instantly generate a customer base by using great marketing strategies. Sharing testimonials and client reviews can also increase the trust of your SaaS business.

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Longer customer lifetime value

SaaS businesses enable customers or clients to get a connected lifetime by providing lifetime deals. Once your product benefits any company, they will never let you go. And ultimately, you have a longer customer lifetime value.

If you’ve offered Black Friday clients a wonderful discount on your product or service, they’ll be likelier to stick with you and take advantage of their subscription. Additionally, since there is a chance they won’t receive the same degree of discount again, they would be less inclined to churn.

How To Set Up Effective BFCM Deals For SaaS Business?

Make a BFCM Marketing Strategy

Choosing which holidays to emphasize is the first step in developing a holiday marketing strategy. Will your first major campaign be on Black Friday? Or will a Thanksgiving discount kick off this season’s advertising? Whatever holidays you select, be sure you have adequate funding to carry out effective promotions. After that, you may begin focusing on the details:

  • What is your objective?
  • What will be your marketing strategies?
  • Set out the calendars.
  • Be creative with your campaigns.

Be Ready With Plan B For the BFCM Sale Season

No matter how efficient you are in your SaaS business, you must be prepared for a technical glitch or any technical inconvenience. In short, you have to be ready for the worst as well. Double-check your best and worst situation and make a plan B to avoid massive outages. Examine various problems and analyze how well you prepare for everything.

  • What would happen if my website or app crashed?
  • Can we handle ten times as much traffic?
  • How long will our servers be offline if they’re overloaded?
  • Do we have a fallback strategy in case of outages?

If you need more clarification, you need a consultation with a software development company like MMCGBL to help you in this way. We can help you to develop your software with support and maintenance.

Personalization Across All Touchpoints

Personalization never goes wrong! Some people need to understand why personalization gets this much hype in the market, but they actually experience personalization in their daily life. Searching for laptops over the Internet and automatically finding laptop ads on Facebook is not a miracle.

But it is personalized ads to provide a personalized experience to the user. AI technology made this happen, and many more technologies can help you deliver personalization. Scraping out data, conducting data analysis, and running marketing campaigns are not a big deal, as you can find immense automation tools.

In BFCM, you can run personalized email campaigns, text messaging, recommendations, paid social media content, ad campaigns, and more to interact with your visitors and customers.

  • Personalized content for messaging and email.
  • Be active on social media to connect with any queries.
  • Use data-generated tools to gather clear audience data.

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Explain Your Product’s “WHY”

Before starting to sell your SaaS product, explain to your customer WHY? It is all about why your business needs your product. What problem is your SaaS product resolving, and in how many ways can it benefit your business growth? SaaS business owners mainly focus on identifying business complications and introducing time-saving solutions.

For example, building a CRM platform can help many industries to manage their customers. So, it is beneficial for businesses to maintain and retain their customers. Once you send the BFCM sales discount pitch, they will definitely think to invest in it, that too, at the lowest prices. Your product should be result-oriented and problem-solving at the same time. For SaaS business, your product should be:

  • Secure and safe for users
  • Strong database with backup storage
  • Excellent technical and customer support.

Plan and Create Your Discounted Offer

You may pick what to give your audience on Black Friday and Cyber Monday once you’ve chosen your benefit statement or statements. Will you provide the same bargain on both days or separate discounts for each event that caters to a different audience? Regardless of your decision, have a look at these more offers:

  • Deals and coupons for referrals
  • Free upgrades or add-ons
  • Free samples

Try to extend your sale to begin before and conclude after Black Friday/Cyber Monday and make it a three-day event if you feel constrained by one-day sales. Your consumers won’t grumble about the extended sales, I assure you.

Upscale Technical Support During BFCM Campaign

BFCM is the time when you open the door to welcome a huge crowd on your site and give access to your SaaS product. SaaS products are meant to build for techie and non-techie users. That is why SaaS businesses need an extra efficient technical support team to reduce the gap between techie and non-techie geeks.

At the time of the BFCM sale, you have to build a technical support team who can help 24/7 until the BFCM ends. Even if there are no disruptions as a result of higher traffic, there will still be more customer inquiries requiring prompt responses.

Make sure to expand the server and database capacities on your website. Online shops often see traffic nearly twice what it normally is during BFCM. Be ready to manage a 10x increase in server demand in order to prevent any outages or delayed loading times. That might seem extravagant, but the comfort and content consumers will make the expense worthwhile.

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Let’s Wrap Up!

For all SaaS business owners out there, BFCM is around the corner, and you are going to increase your revenue if you offer great discount deals. SaaS businesses have great leverage to run BFCM campaigns. Partner with other SaaS products, initiate referral programs, blast on social media platforms, set up webinars, and more to initiate SaaS marketing campaigns.

To get your back, you need technical support from your in-house or outsourced team if you have built your product. Or, if you need a marketing strategist, you can hire a digital marketing team to streamline your BFCM campaign.

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