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Why WooCommerce Migration Is Important & 3 Ways to Do WooCommerce Migration

Why WooCommerce Migration Is Important & 3 Ways to Do WooCommerce Migration

In recent times, WooCommerce has raised demand as an eCommerce engine for contemporary online businesses and retailers. Shopping websites that are massively available on the internet currently, WooCommerce is acknowledged as the front-runner for establishing an online retailing business in some previous years. WooCommerce now has one of the leading positions that e-merchants are trying to do WooCommerce migration in 2022.

WooCommerce goods are a kind of “post” that help in migrating the goods or products from one website to another in a similar way that you migrate posts. Products are stocked up in the database of the wp_posts table, inside the wp_postmeta of metadata. There is also a connection to the things such as terms because they observe similar structures as posts.

WooCommerce development is a content management system (CMS) that is rapidly growing that empowers 33% of all emerging websites, and it has 22% of the most dominant and elite one million eCommerce websites that use this plug-in.

Relocate your orders, products, customers, and other integrated systems to WooCommerce with the progressive, advanced, and most trusted WooCommerce migration services and solutions. No additional software and technical skill set would be required to perform this task.

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What Are The Core Benefits of WooCommerce Migration?

If you are willing to do WooCommerce migration and looking for some main reasons and benefits for WooCommerce development, then your wait is over because now we will see through all these points briefly to understand the WooCommerce development so you can make the right decision for your online business website.

Without wasting any time, let’s dig in to know the benefits:

Roots Of WooCommerce Development Is Interlinked To Dominant CMS

WooCommerce is built and interlinked to WordPress, which is the most dominant and prominent content management system (CMS) worldwide; WooCommerce possesses all the qualities and durability of WordPress and pursues its footsteps that grants you establishing a top-class eCommerce experience for online business websites and its potential customers.

Economical Approach

WooCommerce development is easily available without any charges and is an open-source platform. This allows people who want to work on the WooCommerce development platform, can make changes in the software according to their requirements and establish add-ons for it by being within their budget. This is the most economical approach if you are tight on budget.

Easy To Understand

Opting for WooCommerce migration would be best for people because they can operate it easily. The software configuration, installation, and managing processes are convenient and can be easily understood by people with little knowledge or experience with the computer and WordPress.

Fully Personalized

WooCommerce development can be fully custom-made according to your business concerns and expectations. WooCommerce migration services will provide a lot of extensions and themes that will authorize you to alter the business website with diverse styles and purposes.

WooCommerce Migration - Personalization


WooCommerce migration will allow you to sell virtual, tangible or intangible, and even downloadable products. It is flexible enough to accommodate all types of online website businesses; it doesn’t matter what their products and market niches are.

Favorable Security System

No matter if you have just converted to WooCommerce, the WooCommerce migration services are always up to the mark, and the software security updates appear expeditiously. It can be implemented effortlessly with only a single click. If you are into WooCommerce development and regularly update your WooCommerce software and plug-ins, then you can prevent your store from cyberattacks, which will be completely secure.

Painless Analytics

One of the main reasons that people often go for WooCommerce migration is because it has spontaneous, simple, and uncomplicated deep-seated analytics tools that accommodate online business owners to understand their potential customers. The options that are visible on websites, such as sales by date, most popular products, and customer information; these indicators are accessible in graphs that can be understood easily by online retailers and business owners.

Enthusiastic Community

The WooCommerce development platform has a vigorous and active association that caters to a welcoming atmosphere to help customers and users deal with any issues and manage them well. Additionally, there are plenty of articles, informative guides, and documentation that you can easily find for use.

Continuous Evolving And Advancement

WooCommerce migration and usage would be the best idea for their online business website as this WooCommerce platform is continuously getting advanced over time because there are thousands of developers, followers, and admirers worldwide who want the platform to get better regularly. They strive to make changes to make it more useful for online business owners so more businesses can opt for it.

Which Type Of Businesses May Need WooCommerce Migration Services

Everything is not suitable for everyone; there are some circumstances that every software has and need to be considered before doing WooCommerce migration.

WooCommerce migration service would be great for small-scale online business owners that probably have already run a WordPress website or a startup business that wants to expand and enters the online market. WooCommerce will be good for small-scale online companies because they have fewer products to display and use simple or plain displays. Whereas, if a large online business store uses WooCommerce, then they will wish to increase the efficiency or requires to add more things for their display; in order to meet these demand, they need to install more plug-ins that will affect speed and maintenance cost. Thus, big online stores are usually handled by BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Additionally, an e-merchant who is on a tight budget but wishes to shift to an online store can also try WooCommerce migration. Many people think that WooCommerce is open-source, so they don’t have to pay for anything, but there are other circumstances as well. In reality, WooCommerce development needs a lot of work to deal with the huge amount of orders and traffic on the online store website. Also, it needs to be flexible enough, just like other DIY tools, and maintain a good level of experience for the users.

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On the other hand, huge and enterprise-level online businesses might not settle with WooCommerce development and go for the all-in-one eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify.

WooCommerce Migration - market share

What Are 3 Techniques To Get WooCommerce Migration Services?

As we have discussed earlier, WooCommerce migration is a tricky procedure, and if not handled right, then the online business owner might lose all the precious business data. So, when you plan to go for WooCommerce migration services, you must follow each and every step very carefully so that all the business owners’ data is safe and will be transferred easily, efficiently, and polished.

There are three techniques through which an online business can do WooCommerce migration:

1. Manual WooCommerce Migration

2. WooCommerce Migration By Utilizing A Tool

3. Hire A WooCommerce Migration Services Provider (Recommended)

1. Manual WooCommerce Migration

This is the first technique to manually complete the WooCommerce migration of your eCommerce online store website. WooCommerce development has played a significant role in the eCommerce world. It is easy to transfer the products in a WooCommerce online store as it is similar to posts on a WordPress website. Therefore, you can do WooCommerce migration smoothly by moving your products from one website to another.

WooCommerce arrives with the CSV product importer by default, making it simple and effortless to import the products from one website to another. Still, you need to check that the data you are transferring is mapped accurately because one wrong step can do a lot of problems for the online business owner.

Below mentioned steps can be used for WooCommerce migration manually:

  1. First, you need to export the products from the website that you wish to migrate and then develop a separate CSV file for Products, Users, and Orders.
  2. The next step would be to set up your WordPress website; if you already have a WordPress website, then it is great; otherwise, you need to set that up first. After the WordPress website, it’s time to install WooCommerce and import all the products from the file that you made earlier.
  3. When you start importing the data, go to Tools and then click Import from the Admin Panel of your WordPress. The WooCommerce migration services have the importer tool that allows you to import the data like products, orders, and user information in the form of a CSV file.
  4. At this stage, you have to click the Run Importer icon that will appear on the page. It will be placed under the WooCommerce products (CSV) button for importing the products and other data.
  5. Select the product CSV file and run the importer to finish the procedure.
  6. Congratulations! The procedure of manual WooCommerce migration is completed here, and all the selected products that you want on your new WooCommerce website will appear here.

As you need to transfer the data like tax rates, orders, users, and other data that was available on your website so you can use the same procedure mentioned above. If you wish, then you can also import the pages, custom fields, posts, comments, tags, and categories with the assistance of a WordPress importer.

This manual WooCommerce migration procedure might seem very simple, uncomplicated, and painless, but as mentioned earlier in this blog that it needs to be done with so much care, and each step must be followed as it is, otherwise it might cause huge damage to the online business owner and its website data. If you have zero experience in the technical field or are new to WooCommerce or even digital platforms, then it is recommended that you should not opt for manual WooCommerce migration.

2. WooCommerce Migration By Utilizing A Tool

WooCommerce migration services have gained a prominent place that now there are various tools that are accessible in the eCommerce market with the built-in quality of migration protocol. By WooCommerce development, you can utilize these tools, and then you easily go for WooCommerce migration and can relocate all the data to your new website.

Core benefits that you will avail yourself with the WooCommerce migration tools are:

  • There will be no website downtime during the occurrence of the migration procedure.
  • You can get new orders while importing the old data.

This means the WooCommerce migration process allows you to run your store while the migration of data takes place. This won’t budge the user’s website experience.

The most used and famous migration tools are as follows:

The LitExtension

WooCommerce Migration tool - litextension

This plug-in LitExtension is the most favorable option that assists in WooCommerce migration. LitExtension permits you to relocate all your crucial data from one eCommerce website to another WooCommerce website in just three easy steps:

  1. After installing LitExtension, fill out complete details of your online store.
  2. Single out the data that you wish to migrate to the WooCommerce platform.
  3. Run the program on free demo migration and when you are satisfied, then immediately take action and transfer all your data to the desired place.

The LitExtension plug-in caters to all the WooCommerce migration services to you from all other popular eCommerce website softwares like Magento, WixStore and Shopify, etc. You can also relocate the data and information from customized platforms to the WooCommerce website automatically and spotlessly.

The Cart2Cart Plug-in

WooCommerce Migration tools - cart2 cart

The Cart2Cart is another contemporary plug-in that permits you to relocate your eCommerce information and data, like users, orders and products, etc., to WooCommerce. It automates the procedure of relocation with no downtime.

This is how the Cart2Cart plug-in works:

  1. The user will select the migration source and platform that is targeted, which In this case, is WooCommerce.
  2. Choose the data that you wish to migrate to your new WooCommerce online store website. Pick the vital entities you need to transfer with the crucial 301 redirects.
  3. In the end, you can go for a free run of demo migration or go straight for launching the complete migration.

When the Cart2Cart plug-in is migrating the data from an eCommerce website to the WooCommerce website, during all this WooCommerce migration service procedure, you cannot perform the relocation from customized platforms or third-party applications.

The Plug-in WP All Import

WooCommerce Migration tools - WP all import

This plug-in WP All Import has some rare characteristics compared to other plug-ins. WP All Import has a simple drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to transfer the data in less time and with fewer risks.

The plug-in WP All Import is a unique solution for the eCommerce online business owners and has the following capabilities:

  1. You can import any field and themes that you wish for by this plug-in because it can auto-detect taxonomies, custom fields, image galleries, and all other things on your WordPress site.
  2. WP All Import permits you to import WordPress data from any CSV, Spreadsheet, or XML. You only need to drag and drop the files to map data, so in this case, you don’t need to reorganize the information.
  3. Whatever data you enter into the software, gives you full control over it, and you can make the decision whether you want to make some changes or leave it untouched.
  4. The items that you can import are ACF, listings, WooCommenrce, and so on.

The WP All Import plug-in is an excellent tool for WooCommerce migration services, and it is reliable and trusted by thousands of customers. It is a plug-in that not only works as user-friendly, but is also developer-friendly and contains a massive amount of PHP functions, technical documents, and a strong API.

Above mentioned plug-ins and tools were the most prominent WooCommerce migration tools that aid the migration smoothly and efficiently with less to zero downtime. Nonetheless, there might be a tiny issue which is these quick fixes works like one-fits-all tools, so they don’t cater to rare business requirements.

The WooCommerce migration services tools and plug-ins have a specific protocol for relocating the eCommerce data and information. These plug-ins and tools are a great source for WooCommerce development and for small business owners to join the eCommerce world. Still, comparatively, they might not fit the requirement for a huge online business because the tools are billed on the number of products and orders, so for a huge business, it would be quite costly to opt for WooCommerce migration.

3. Hire A WooCommerce Migration Services Provider (Recommended)

Either you are going to opt for a manual WooCommerce migration, or you are opting for tools and plug-ins, there will always be a possibility and risk of vanishing the precious business information and data in case you don’t have knowledge about the technical field. Without the proper knowledge, WooCommerce migration would be a huge risk; therefore, we don’t recommend that a newbie do data relocation alone.

It is recommended that a business owner who wants to get WooCommerce migration services should take help from professionals and hire a WooCommerce migration services provider to get the best outcome without any risks of losing important business data.

Some of the basic reasons to go for a WooCommerce development and migration through an expert are:

  • Your business project will be in safe hands, and there will be no fear of losing business information and data.
  • You can rely on the expert that he/she will do their best and handover you an amazing, professionally handled WooCommerce website for your online business.
  • You will learn from them and be guided on how to use this platform according to your business need without messing with the records.
  • The WooCommerce migration services agencies know every detail, in-and-out as to how to operate all eCommerce platforms, how they work, and all the ups and downs of the program so they can take better charge of things and provide the optimum results.
  • Last but not least, you can do WooCommerce migration in the least amount of period with no trouble as everything will be handled professionally and accurately.

The only hassle of hiring an expert is that it will cost you a few more bucks than usual, but the amount of experience, knowledge, and durability you get by taking them on your side will make all that money worth it.

End Note

This blog discussed the three vital techniques that will aid you in performing WooCommerce migration. It doesn’t matter which option you select from these techniques; the main thing is that when you are migrating, you must have strong basics to do WooCommerce migration.

Once that motive is strong, then you must select from the mentioned options according to your business requirement. Getting expert help would be the most recommended option because it gives you the security of doing things right without any fear.

An online business will make a positive presence in the eCommerce market with the right usage of digital resources.


Is manufacturer to WooCommerce migration possible?

Yes, it is possible to migrate the manufacturer to WooCommerce online store, but for that, you need to install the WooCommerce brand plug-in, and that is a paid plug-in means, additional cost to your program.

Does WooCommerce support taxes migration?

Yes, the taxes will already be included in the service or product prices after the migration procedure occurs.

How can we transfer the customer passwords during or after the WooCommerce migration?

Cart2Cart can transfer the customer passwords from Magento to WooCommerce, but the online store must have the default settings and no customized code or moderations included.

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