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5 Beautiful Expert’s Thoughts On Digital Transformation For All The Time

5 Beautiful Expert’s Thoughts On Digital Transformation For All The Time

To witness the digital transformation, you can experience in your daily life. Although there is no need for digitalization as there are many success stories around the globe in which technology plays a vital part.

Day-to-day, we experience new technology to transform our manual tasks into automation, such as Smart locks, wifi video doorbells, smart CCTV cameras, smart voice assistants, etc. These are the only digital home appliances we can use in our homes.

Imagine what leading businesses are doing to make their business optimized. There are an enormous number of high-end technology, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, quantum computing, NFTs, metaverse, etc.

Digital transformation

These trending technologies have been configuring thousands of software, such as high-tech detecting machines, a complex algorithm for the target audience, worldwide searching, in-depth analysis and prediction, and much more that we can’t imagine.

To sum up, all these techniques are circulating worldwide, and businesses are highly dependent on them. Few are striding strategically and must find ways to implement digitalization in their business operations.

To motivate them, we have gathered meaningful thoughts from inspired experts who share lots of tips between the lines to transform in this digital era. Let’s have a detailed look over some musing sayings.

1# The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think

The way we engage with people, objects, or any business is too different from what people have done before a few decades. Digital transformation changes the way we think, interact, and communicate with each other.

For example, people now want to see simple, user-friendly designs, not ordinary or stuffed-designed interfaces. Businesses are looking forward to the transformation by implementing multiple automation, but it still has a long way to go.

2# We should no longer be talking about ‘digital marketing’ but marketing in a digital world

The example of this aspiring saying is people are highly engaged in mobile devices, and the growing number of mobile users is still rising. In total, the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 7.26 Billion, making up 90.72% of the world’s population.

This is the primary point for businesses to start marketing on that platform where your audience is. That is why digital marketing is nothing, but marketing your product in the digital world would work. Engaging the audience with your marketing strategies, such as running an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, is one of the best examples of marketing digitally.

3# Executives need to engage, embrace and adopt new ways of working with the latest and emerging technologies

Innovation and technology always open the door for new ventures and profitability in business. After COVID, many businesses opt for digital transformation to embrace their business, but still, startups and mid-level companies are suffering from high legacy systems.

It is high time to transform your legacy solution into an automated and digital solution to provide exceptional user experience, increased productivity, and, most importantly, to become market competing against your rivals.

4# Building a community will be essential to growing a customer base

Discovering yourself and your business is such a blessing in this era. We promptly explore historical places to know more about multiple things. Similarly, to spread the brand message, you must create a community that can see your content material over various touchpoints.

Conducting community activities to engage your audience will be highly entertaining in growing your customer base. In this matter, adding a personalization element to the marketing strategy would be highly impactful.

5# At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies. Let’s be clear about this!

If you want to implement technology, you will have to build a great in-house or outsourced team. Start exploring technologies that suit your business. Get a good command of market analysis to ensure your business competitiveness.

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Bottom Line

Staying competitive is only possible if you are digitally transformed. Digital transformation influences the market and your rivals, greatly impacting your productivity, marketing, and selling strategies.

Let’s make a new year resolution to start with digital transformation and revamp your strategy, including innovation and automation. If you need assistance in planning and managing your strategy, consult MMCGBL’s IT expert, who has years of professional knowledge.

Our expert helps various industry-leading companies, from startups to enterprises, level and revamp their infrastructure for their betterment. Let’s have a good call conversation.

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