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How Order Management Software Can Enhance Customer Experience In 2023

How Order Management Software Can Enhance Customer Experience In 2023

What if users’ needs are always fulfilled, and they always get exceptional experiences with your eCommerce services? What instantly get what they want from your eCommerce website? It would be a dream come true. 

So do you have this streamlined order management software to make your customer experience wonderful? If not, then this article is for you. You can do your business like never before. 

Taking good care of stocks and supplies is way too difficult, especially if you are running an eCommerce business. Generally, companies highly dependent on supply chains and logistics have also triggered many problems as they have to maintain and organize enormous amounts of shipping region or countrywide.

Technology introduces multiple software based on order management to overcome this issue. Many leading companies have implemented order management software to make their business progressive. 

Let’s see how order management software can enhance customer experience and satisfaction in one go!

Order Management Software – Features & Functionalities

“What is Order management software?” If this question is still wandering around in your mind, then have a quick squint!

“Order Management software solution refers to the streamlined order management processing that helps to maintain the decorum of your site with any supplies and stock requirements. In short, it is a digital way of managing products and services at all marketing and selling touchpoints to complete and manage the lifecycle of a customer order.”

Order management software

What do you expect with order management software?

Custom order management software helps you create customized software containing your essential and favorite features and functionalities. Professionals and expert software development companies like MMCGBL suggested that an eCommerce business should create customized software if they need long-term software solutions to manage their orders.

At MMCGBL, we first gather the requirements of clients, conduct a market and competitor analysis, and then suggest effective solutions within their budget. It helps our clients to have a successful, fully functional, and scalable solution for their business.

The eCommerce business market is unstoppable, and it is expected to grow exponentially. Growth is anticipated to continue, with a projected peak of 23% by 2025—a rise of 5.2 percentage points in just five years.

It totally depends on you how you can build your software with 100% compatibility, and it is most important to create a scalable solution for future enhancement. For a rough idea, the order management software should cover order route processing, shipping label printing, order return facility, subscription management, etc. 

How does Order Management Software work?

Generally speaking, eCommerce order management is in charge of efficiently delivering goods from the point at which clients add them to their shopping cart until they get the delivery. With an order management solution, all manual entries and order fulfillment process is transformed into an automated tool. Although each procedure is customized to the unique requirements of the business, the typical phases of the eCommerce order management process flow are as follows:

  • A client sends an order receipt to an online retailer.
  • The order information is input into the system by the company’s sales representative.
  • The consumer receives information that their order is being processed.
  • The eCommerce warehouse or order fulfillment facility gets the order.
  • The goods have been packaged and are ready for delivery.
  • Using the information on the shipping labels, the order is dispatched.
  • The consumer is informed that their order has been dispatched.
  • Due to the preferred address or postal service, the order is delivered.

For effective order processing and product delivery, the order management system enables the integration of various operations into a single order fulfillment system, rather than managing each stage in a separate system and manually filling up the order status data.

Core Features Of Order Management Software

The eCommerce business needs a clear objective that extracts from deep analysis of business goals, pain, and target audience. To configure your order management software, you have to be aware of major and minor features that can enhance customer experience.

Here is the list of main features that gives the utmost automation in your regular order management process. 

Easy Order Placement

The eCommerce business market always operates online and takes secure orders with a streamlined payment process. The order fulfillment process notifies customers and sends confirmation of successfully receiving customer orders automatically. Automated order placement facilitates the verification process and reduces the workload of manual data entries.

Your order placement process must be customized with customer details and demographic limitations such as region or country-wise delivery charges, coupons, platform charges, discount calculations, etc. Many eCommerce website builders offer integrated order placement solutions like Shopify, but if you use another CMS like WordPress, you must incorporate it separately. 

Inventory Management

Managing the stocks in your in-store and online store is called inventory management. But in eCommerce stores, it is a bit difficult if you are manually monitoring your inventory. Not only do retailers need to be aware of their inventories, but customers should also know to avoid disappointments. 

Thanks to order management software that helps eCommerce services to work independently with inventories. Once you have integrated your inventory management system into your order management system, you will easily handle current and upcoming stock material with the automated status of stock availability.

It also shows on your eCommerce business website or application so that customers can easily know about the out-of-stock and restock of goods. It is one of the most important essential features of OMS for getting up-to-date with goods reservations and stocks level. 

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Order Tracking With OMS

One of the most important features of Order management software is the order tracking solution. Customers need to track their order’s estimated time and tracking information when ordering a product. Your order management system must be capable of generating a confirmation email that must be sent to the customers’ given email address which contains tracking ID and a dedicated customer support contact information for any query.

Your OMS must guide how customers can track their orders by themselves. It is not only good for customers but also for your customer support team. Online businesses have a large pool of customer support teams, especially if you are a giant online business tycoon such as Alibaba, Amazon, etc. Millions of buyers connect with customer support teams to track their orders via call, email, or text. 

In case any customer calls you to track the order estimation time of arrival, then the support team easily handles the query against the order ID. Ultimately, your customer experience with your customer support team will be highly appreciated for real-time resolving the queries. 

Manage Returns

Selling and returning are counterparts of each other, and when it is in online businesses, it can be hectic for customers as well as sellers. It could be a long path for customers and sellers, such as receiving an order that has to be returned for some reason to the address of an online outlet. The seller gets the order back and finds the customer’s details to send their payment back. 

The well-versed returning policy should be spoken to the customer so that they can refrain from any inconvenience. Moreover, customers also appreciate the streamlined refunding or returning process, and it has higher chances to get back to shopping and send referrals because assisting customers to exchange color, size, and replace other items can be helpful for them. 

You will have a lot of return choices with a fantastic OMS, including:

  • Vouchers or coupons that may be used as refunds.
  • Exchanges of comparable goods.
  • Order returns in parts.
  • Return labels that display automatically.
  • Monitoring data for returns.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management is one of the crucial aspects of knowing your customer. With CRM, businesses can easily track customer buying patterns, monitor their favorite product, and much more. CRM is an amazing tool that can help you better know your customers.

Integrating with OMS, you can track your customers’ insights and what they actually want to order. If They are not buying at the time, you can send an email pitch to offer some discounts or offers. Prior orders, location, and communications with customer support are a few crucial pieces of information to obtain.

By gathering information about orders, you may offer them customized messaging, enhancing their experience. For instance, sending a lot of emails on your new men’s line might not make sense if your client has purchased a lot of women’s clothing.

Verified Payment Process

OMS must contain multiple payment gateways so people will avoid getting in trouble paying for your goods or services. You have to make a trusted platform where people are fear free of adding their bank card information globally. 

Another potent reason for the presence of this feature is to escape from any fraud or scams. Online platforms have to create a secure environment so that no one can scam or hack customers’ personal details.

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Bottom Line

Whether you plan to have an eCommerce business or already own it, let’s make it more optimized by integrating order management software. Keep a check and balance your inventories, monitor your stock and out-of-stock, record your supplies, improve customer experience, and much more. 

Let’s hire a software development team to help build order management software for your eCommerce business. We have a vast portfolio of building mid to enterprise-level eCommerce services, including software, mobile application, and progressive web apps. Let’s get in touch with us for out of world digital experience.

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