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5 SharePoint Workflows That Automate Your Business Operation Process

SharePoint brings internal and external staff to one place where sharing and receiving documentation and files are much easiest. In fact, SharePoint workflows elaborated on why it is so important to include in business operations.

SharePoint is backed by Microsoft, which helps build a website where you can store, share, organize, and access information in files and documentation.

There was a time when employees walked around managers or subordinates to get approvals, signatures, and getting follow-ups to proceed further with tasks. A single action required by senior management gets a lengthy procedure to complete a single task.

However, SharePoint workflows made all documentation and manual tasks in the automated process. In this article, we will discuss what SharePoint Workflow is and the types of SharePoint Workflow that automate certain operations.

What is SharePoint Workflow?

SharePoint workflows are pre-built applications that automate a wide range of manual business tasks to save time and increase efficiency. It provides a proper channel or workflow to execute a project or plan a project cycle by keeping everyone in the loop.

Everything gets done with SharePoint workflows, from circulating a document, collecting signatures, feedback, and approvals to tracking a routine task.

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There is multiple SharePoint workflow that can help you with a wide range of tasks. Let’s have a look.

Approval Workflow

To manage the approvals of a senior or concerned group of people to initiate a project or collect their consent over a matter, Sharepoint’s approval workflow allows you to make it streamlined and informed.

For instance, team members decide to change the current product in a single document, requiring senior management approval. With approval workflows, you can upload that document to share with your managers and further need people to get written approval. Approval workflows make the way streamlined by passing documents from one person to other. In addition, to give you a clear vision, the document will pass in this way:

Team members > Team Lead > Senior Manager > Head of Department = review and approved!

Status Workflow

SharePoint workflows allow you to track the status of any task, whether it is done, reviewed, in process, or incomplete. You can set many variables into the status workflows according to the requirements that are automatically changed as per the team action.

For example, you made a list of conditions, including draft, reviewed, reverted, and approved, and set it to the document you uploaded. The status will automatically show the document is in the draft. As soon as the concerned team member reviews it, the status will automatically change to “being reviewed” and so on until the last condition is not applied.

Notification Workflow

The built-in notifications via emails are the heart of SharePoint. It helps team members always be connected and informed about their surroundings. Real-time notifications make team members aware of what action has been taken from another side. It helps increase communication and collaboration skills within the team and streamlined business operations.

Automation Workflow

Automation workflows allow you to automate the manual sharing and organizing of documents in automation. It automates certain actions within the SharePoint environment without any human intervention. In fact, Sharepoint makes certain the routing process reaches its goal. Moreover, using Sharepoint automation workflow, you do not need to waste time on repetitive tasks and tracking techniques.

Custom Workflow

It is likely that you would want to utilize multiple workflow types and possibly even a blend of all four when you understand the benefits they can bring to your business. By creating Custom Workflows, you can design your workflow within SharePoint and customize the settings to create a mini-program specific to your needs.

Bottom Line

SharePoint technology allows the organization to work on the same platform, effectively increasing communication and collaboration. If you are ready to implement SharePoint in your business operation, then MMC Global will help you in every step.

Our high-profile and professional SharePoint developers have a good command of developing effective infrastructure where you can easily run your business operation to increase your growth and employees’ productivity.

 Without any inconvenience, you can share confidential and non-confidential documents, files, and recording with internal and external teams.

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