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8 Fintech Mobile App Ideas to Become a Next Unicorn

8 Fintech Mobile App Ideas to Become a Next Unicorn

The fintech industry is a groundbreaking revolution in the banking and financial sectors. Fintech is a vast term; it does not only cater to banking but also covers all financial aspects in it. Technology makes every complex calculation, real-time stock management, handling cryptos, etc., very easy and sufficient for building fintech mobile apps. There are still multiple fintech mobile app ideas that can encourage people to develop and earn money by launching them on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

In addition, you can determine multiple Fintech apps that have been built for Android and iOS apps. One of our projects is based on money-saving apps, namely “$bag,” a unique concept for those who want to allocate their expenses and save money. One of the amazing ideas of the fintech app is worth mentioning.

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If you belong to a fintech app and want to make a change in your manual system, then we are here to assist you with what you need in your company. We also help startup businesses to determine which web app, ERP, mobile app, or any automated solution is best for you.

$bag Fintech mobile app

Let’s dive straight to explore fintech mobile app ideas that you can consider in 2022.

8 Best Fintech Mobile App For Your Consideration

We consider all industries, but for this article, we discuss all fintech mobile app ideas for you. Let’s discuss it further!

Calculation App

I know it’s basic, but calculation is one of the elements that everyone needs. In fact, the invention of the computer is for the measure. Playing with the numeric element was not an easy task. People could not calculate their money, large units, or other trading logic.

The calculation is not simple, but it is actually a calculation of business health, financial stocks and inventories, business revenue, and so on. One of the MMC GBL projects helps analyze business health according to pre-built health markers.

This unique app idea was very challenging for our developers, but the app named “Vital Signs” is one of our fintech projects that helps businesses to know where they stand. We can also build a mobile calculation app for calculating business expenses; managing household accounts related apps.

Fintech app example

Transaction Mobile App

Although these mobile apps are used in the banking sector, most banks have built their banking apps to create a digitized environment. We are now able to transfer money from one country to another country and from one region to another region.

But now, without any hassle, we can also launch a transaction app that helps you to pay your vendor. For example, an eCommerce app store adds multiple payment gateways to ease spending on different platforms. If you are planning to give another way of payment, then build an app and introduce it to the world.

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Investment Mobile App

People are more likely to have apps that create ease in saving money or even provide ways of saving money. Here comes a trust factor. Not everyone can invest in a mobile app, but if you have an app that people can trust, it is a good deal to launch a mobile investment app.

It is one of the best Fintech mobile app ideas that can be used by well-known banking sectors or trusted financial institutes. Moreover, if you can build trust, you can individually build your independent app.

Insurance Fintech App

All Insurance companies out there now make your clients dealing easy and manageable via fintech mobile apps. There are loads of Fintech mobile app ideas for insurance companies famously known as “InsureTech”.

If you are related to an Insurance company and want to make your business app, here you go. You can create an app for managing clients’ details and build personalized apps for clients so they can manage their accounts by themselves. It provides a great experience to clients with insurance, data, insight, and savings.

Crypto Exchange App

The “golden goose” of fintech is typically referred to as cryptocurrencies. Ever questioned why? Because it can aid in eliminating intermediaries, the answer is rather straightforward.

Cryptocurrency is one fastest-growing trading currencies and is highly acceptable worldwide. For the time being, crypto exchange is one of the best Fintech mobile app ideas that can grow more and be successful. These are the existing cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, bitFlayer, etc.

Binance App

Funds Management Apps

There are many purposes of fundraising and management. Funds are collected to support major causes or any campaign. It is very common in our daily lives, and if you are in the fund management department, you must keep a check and balance on all aspects.

What if a dedicated mobile app is for managing funds? Let’s create a fund management app to streamline all fund activities, real-time data, and calculations.

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FAQ of Developing Fintech Mobile App

Question: Can we use the fintech mobile app to provide a better user experience?

Answer: It is absolutely true that people find easiness to transact money, get real-time data and insights into businesses, compute calculations in a different domain, or maintain business accounts automatically without any error. If you lie in any of these domains, then building a Fintech app is fruitful for you. Discuss your Fintech mobile ideas or get a consultation with us. We will definitely provide the best fintech solution that will ultimately provide a better user experience.

Question: Is it safe to use Fintech mobile app?

Answer: If the Fintech mobile app posses authentication, access control, and end-to-end encryption with minor details of security can be a good application for everyone to use. Although the possibility of hacking and breaching can occur, there are many other possibilities that can help reduce these threats. If you are building your app with professionals and experts, they will guide you from the core and give you the solutions that refrain from any vulnerabilities.

Question: Why should you adopt Fintech in your Financial institutions?

Answer: There are many benefits of adopting technologies in financial institutions, some are given below:

  • Good for managing expenses and spending.
  • Allocate your finances in a simple and flawless manner.
  • Better user experience for your customers.
  • Notify status with alerts and push notifications.
  • User-friendly with maximum features and functionalities.

Bottom Line

These are the few Fintech mobile app ideas that can build and launch in the market. If it is done in the right direction with the right professional developers, these apps can transform the fintech industry.

Let’s talk about these a little bit more; we will discuss, conclude ideas and start developing apps as we have done for ages. At MMCGBL, we are very confident in our development and designing team.

They have a hands-on experience like a pro in 1000+ software and apps that are still successful in the market. We assist all startup companies and provide business models and automated solutions for their instant growth.

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