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7 Mobile App Trends That Can Help in Successful App Development

Mobile app trends are evolving every year. In 2022, technologies will find multiple ways to spread their wings to bring additional convenience for programmers and developers. With Mobile app trends, everyone can compete in this cutting-edge era that’s why we decided to compile in-demand mobile app trends that can make successful development.

Moreover, trends always introduce a refreshed market that helps to build exceptional user experience, boost productivity, provide easiness to the end-users, and much more. It is essential to follow mobile app trends, especially mobile app development companies, so you can provide services that feel remarkable. You should find adaptable developers while searching for mobile app development services.

At MMC GBL, you will be glad to meet our developers who are very active to adopt tech-savvy trends to make their development more interesting. You can schedule a consultation to know what suitable mobile app trends can make your app more exciting.

Here I am going straight to 6 mobile app trends that can help you to build robust and modern apps.

7 Mobile App Trends that your should Know

The app trends listed here are the most important and practical to use in mobile app development. Aside from that, you should keep an eye out for mobile app UI/UX design trends. Investigate these ten app trends and put them to use in mobile app creation to stay ahead of the competition.

Trend#1 – Touchless User Interface

Earlier, when the touch screen was a trend and people went crazy about it. Even the market competition was tough among the different brands of smartphones. Those who adopted the touchscreen trend won the market but those who were not, suffered so badly. For Example NOKIA.

Today, when the touchscreen trend is getting old, the new surprisingly mobile app trends are emerging i.e. Touchless UI. It is one of the awe-inspiring mobile app trends in which you don’t need to touch the screen to operate, instead, a zero UI is introduced. You can perform your action by hovering your fingers in front of the screen.

Touchless UI mobile app trend

It indicates that users will be able to communicate via gestures, biometric authentication, and user interfaces (UI).

The market for touchless sensing is expected to grow to $37.6 billion by 2026, up from $13.6 billion in 2021. It exhibits a 17.4 percent growth in CAGR. Touchless UI is successful because it can also function in contactless mode. Touchless technology, in particular, aids in the easy tracking and control of many capabilities, as well as the resolution of hygiene difficulties in biometric systems.

There are many reasons to adopt this trend such as it is ideal to use IoT projects. Moreover, the don’t touch me” sense helps you to digest the fact that it maintains hygiene. Depending on the type of mobile app, you may even adjust the setup of the UI technology by employing different gesture controls such as tap, double-tap, drag, flick, and push.

Trend#2 – Predictive Analytics Using AI

Generally, predictive analytics examines previous and current data to generate an accurate forecast about future trends and results using statistical approaches from the algorithm, data, and machine learning (AI).

This technology improves operations and optimizes marketing strategies. Amazon is one such example. When you buy something from Amazon, it will display you a list of relevant things that are related to the item you just bought.

Predictive Analytics Using AI

Indulging in this mobile app trend helps you provide exceptional decision-making processes to your end-users. Meanwhile, when the user feels confused about their decision you can send them discounted offers or notifications to make them convinced. It also detects the client-side database pattern to make the funnel process streamline. It allows for the consolidation of data from third-party sources into a single location.

Trend#3 – No-Code App development

If you want to save time and make your development process easy, then this mobile app trend is a blessing for you. Most of the developers who are using no-code development say that it helps us to maximize our work productivity and motivates us to do extraordinary things.

This mobile app trend is increasing day by day and the report says that 70% of applications developed by utilizing no coding skills. You may employ a variety of components, including smart services, drag-and-drop modelers, and components.

Instead of acquiring a new tool to operate with, minimal code enables the creation of customized tools in a shorter time. It seems like no-code app development is saving a corporation thousands of dollars. It enables users to design automated processes that may link to a variety of information sources based on fundamental decision-making criteria.

Trend#4 – Beacon Technology

Beacons are small wireless transmitters that provide signals to nearby smart devices through low-energy Bluetooth. They are one of the most recent breakthroughs in targeted marketing and location technology. In summary, employing beacon technology, you can associate and transmit data to a wide range of smart devices. It makes location-based search and interaction precise and appropriate.

This is one of the intriguing mobile app trends that contributes to improved offline attribution with Google AdWords. Businesses utilize this technology to provide personalized messages to users about savings, new offers, and product changes.

beacon technology mobile app trends

Businesses can successfully and quickly send several offers to customers. Trends change quickly, especially on eCommerce sites. Rather than emphasizing discounts, businesses might concentrate on tailored deals that are only accessible in a certain area.

Businesses can profit from adding additional data about user activity to their database. It is simple to arrange your clients’ information using beacon technology.

Trend#5 – Blockchain technology

Blockchain development technology has emerged as a key trend in the mobile app business. That is the primary reason it is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024. Blockchain technology enables the use of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Solana, removing the need for an intermediary.

It also ensures that data is not tampered with by maintaining a transparent and irreversible record of commercial digital data. Blockchains improve transparency by letting users examine the public ledger and all transactions without requiring a controlled zone. Blockchain has a strong and robust architecture. As a result, it can improve the reliability of mobile applications.

Trend#6 – Interactive Chatbots

Covid pandemic made us locked in our homes. But the business that employed chatbots on their website and other social channels boomed the market. Artificial intelligence chatbots are the software that assists or provides customer support to humans without any human help. It is basically well-trained software that responds to every query 24/7.

Its maximum functionalities include 24/7 responses, real-time connectivity, easy integrations, payment gateways, media element, and much more. In the eCommerce business, it helps a lot in increasing user engagement by responding to everyone at the same time.

you can use it to showcase your product catalog, redirect with your website, collective database, capture leads, and so on. A chatbot is emerging with one of the best performing mobile app trends in terms of generating high ROI.

Trend#7 – Foldable Friendly Apps

From the perspective of an Android developer, supporting foldable devices means that the app must seamlessly transition from cover to full-fledged screen. It makes use of all tablet-sized screens to increase productivity.

The foldable features help users to enjoy different size screens for multiple purposes. For instance, enjoying 3D or 4D movies on bigger screens is another level of fun. People love to use large and high-resolution screens over tiny ones.

Additionally, the ability to fold a screen enhances usability for big devices. A tablet-sized screen may fit in your pocket when folded, enabling you to enjoy a function previously inaccessible on a compact device.


Mobile app trends vary from time to time and if you are adaptable, you will never find any complexity to stay with the trends. Mobile application development has never been easy before. But today, when everything is tailor-made and the process of development is smooth, you can earn money by building apps.

Your business app helps you to get more leads, improve customer experience and boost user engagement. So are you ready to try these mobile app trends in your business app? If you need our help, we will always greet you with market competitive solutions. So, Let’s get started!

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