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10 Best News Apps To Stay Up-to-Date Everywhere

10 Best News Apps To Stay Up-to-Date Everywhere

In this era, where newspaper concept leaves their space, digital media helps a lot. Most people use smartphones, that’s why mobile News Apps are our best friend of us. Mobile application development companies provide ease by building exciting and useful mobile apps for any purpose. You can find rich features and functional mobile applications for iOS App Store and Android Play store.

So, News apps also help us to stay up to date from country-wide affairs even on your busiest days. Even web news also losses web traffic just because people love to engage with real-time news applications.

If you are looking for designing apps like these 10 apps that are given below, you are at the right place. Get inspired by the following app user interface that delivers a wow experience to the users. You can build your app by joining hands with MMCGBL, who put their 100% effort to fulfill their clients’ requirements.

Let’s start with the best and most successful news apps!

10 Best News Apps For Daily Updates

BBC News Apps

BBC News app is a worldwide news app that provides a personalized user experience. It encourages users to get real-time news alerts via notification to keep them informed. This app supports Android and iOS application devices with a flexing user interface that creates user engagement.

BBC News App

In terms of personalization, the feature “My News” is at its best. It allows users to get over their favorites and on-demand talk shows, etc. Additionally, within the app, live-streaming news networks recreate the TV news experience on a mobile device. Get notifications on the news alert makes users informed the current affairs.

Flipboard News App

The emerging trend of the Flipboard news app makes it space in the media market. And no doubt, its unique design and appealing interface make users engage whenever they interact with it.  It also redirects from the social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

Flipboard News app

The maximum number of features for personalization such as “FOR YOU”, live streaming, real-time notifications, etc. makes it more fascinating and entertaining. You can find multiple contents in the form of articles, videos, programs, and much more.

Google News App

Google News uses its advertising algorithm to populate each user’s news feed with stories that they are interested in. And, as you would expect, they’re excellent at it. If that’s what you’re searching for, this news streaming app can also show you local news, thereby making it a local news app. Both iOS and Android users can download to their devices.

Google news

In an era of heightened partisanship and worry about biased reporting, the “Full Coverage” option under each headline allows visitors to study many news outlets’ perspectives on a particular topic—something discerning readers cherish.

Additionally, you can subscribe to multiple news channels and keep informed within the app. Even there is a premium subscription plan to news outlets.

CNN News App

CNN’s official mobile app receives 40% of the company’s overall internet traffic, and consumers find it entertaining and simple to use. CNN has a wide range of content, and the app will customize news to your location based on your IP address, even if the main site is mostly geared for a US readership. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.

CNN news app

The CNN-exclusive is the most wanted feature where you can get unique content that you can’t find anywhere. Moreover, live streaming videos and other chat shows are also available for user entertainment.

Feedly News App

Feedly is one of the top RSS feed news applications. The software gathers all of the key news from a variety of sources, allowing users to browse items from the ones they trust the most. Feedly was one of the first applications to utilize RSS feeds, and they quickly garnered a dedicated following, establishing itself as a major player in the news and information field.

Feedly app

Integration with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote, OneNote, and other services is simple. Simple UX that enables personalization is a cinch. Machine learning aids in the delivery of tailored information that people enjoy more often.

Digg News App

Digg – Another news app that helps users to engage with worldwide affairs. Likewise, Google News, Flipboard, etc. Digg also publishes content to enlighten the highlights of world situations. Its exclusive summaries of News help all those business owners who are busy but still want to connect with the other activities around the globe.

digg news app

The perfect curation of content help readers to dig deeper into the information regarding anyone’s interesting topic. It also holds sharing and saving features that can access you to post breaking news on your social profiles.

The New York Times

The most popular and pioneered media channel is known for its best performance in its field. The New York Times is one of the best sources of making users updated from the world. From news alerts to the newly published books, you can expect all types of breakings within the app.

the New York Times news app

One of the best features of the New York Times app is to get offline access when the internet is not available. Real-time notifications on your favorite talking points that you can take interest in. With the user-friendly interface, everyone can easily engage with this news app. Moreover, it is available on iOS and Android devices.

AP Mobile New App

The Association Press first released its mobile news app in 2008. It’s a great resource for individuals who desire a plain User Experience (UX) and truthful reporting, and it’s one of the most reliable sources for unbiased news in the world.

AP news app

Users may remain up to date on the newest happenings with regular, quick notifications. Moreover, Breaking news is presented in a simplified format. Because of its straightforward design, the app is snappy and responsive and also available on iOS and Android devices.

Reuters News App

In a world of divisive disputes, the Reuters news app remains widely regarded by people of all political persuasions. Reuters is well-known for fact-checking and unbiased reporting, and it covers news from all across the globe.

Reuters app

Simple customization allows individuals to see more of the content they would like to read. More than 2,000 journalists from 180 countries across the world contributed to this content. Editorial features provide users with the opportunity to sample opinion pieces from opposing sides of a specific discussion.

Pulse News App

The Pulse news app is nearly identical to Flipboard in that it collects articles from a variety of news providers that users may curate. The app, which is owned by LinkedIn, can also stream content from LinkedIn influencers if that’s your thing.

Pulse app

It is easy to use in terms of adding various news sources. Also, you can share content on social media by integrating your desired platforms. Users may scan the material in a grid arrangement and touch the items they wish to read using this highly useful interface.

So here it is…

News apps are one of the sources of getting connected with the surrounding. As the element of personalization in mobile applications goes high people love to interact with apps that make them realize “what they want”. To sort our breaking news and favorite talks, all are at the fingertips of the busiest businessmen/women. 

Building this type of application is the source of providing a handy channel that can operate from anywhere. Not only News App, but if you want to build your business mobile application, then give us a try!

We assure you that you will make money from that. No matter if it is an eCommerce store, game development with AR/VR, web app development, etc., our developer help in every step of the mobile application development process. So, Let’s try now!


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