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7 Exciting Offline Android Games For All Gamers

7 Exciting Offline Android Games For All Gamers 

Are you waiting for a bus at the bus station and getting frustrated and sweating it out, why don’t you download the Offline games if you are an Android user. It is very exciting to tell you that we have gathered a list of offline Android games that you can enjoy without having the internet.

Let’s Define What Actually Offline Games Are

The internet community is growing faster, leveraging it from multiple online resources but there are people who want apps to get offline access. When the app can access offline, the app can gather millions of users. Offline apps get more attention than only online apps.

Similarly, offline games are also a widely-downloaded app across the world. If you are considering developing a game app then it is a good option to make it online as well as offline. To make offline games, you need professional development teams that could work on making your app more accessible, functional, and futuristic.

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Now come to the list that we gather for Android users to play offline Android games. It is difficult to find which offline Android games can be accessed easily, so look through the list.

Subway Surfer – Endless Runner On Subways

Subway surfer is one of the oldest but still futuristic offline Android games with an intuitive user interface. It is a single-player game in which a user can collect the coins by running on the subways and train tracks. The interface is a graffiti-tagging city in which a dweller-like character makes players excited.

Subway suffer Offline Android game

In 2017, Subway Surfer won the “endless runner” mobile game app award. Moreover, the concept of the game was quite exciting, and the artwork, characters, thrilling music, and quick and intuitive controls merely conspired to increase overall interest and potency. It is available for free on both platforms.


Available on iOS App Store Ratings: 4.7

Available Android Play Store Ratings: 4.6

Alto’s Odyssey – Adventurous Yet Mysterious

In 2018, this offline Android game has generated 1 million in revenue within a year or after 8 months. It is the sequel to Alto’s adventure with rich features and the thrilling interface is the most fascinating for players. The holistic graphics, enchanting sounds, and mysterious storyline are the most captivating reasons for players.

Offline Android game

The high-quality graphics and sounds make the gameplay adventurous and the user gets addicted to completing the game levels. There are up to 180 challenges players need to complete. In fact, the app is interesting and easy to understand but requires masterminds to achieve the challenges. It is a free Offline Android app but contains ads while using.


Available on iOS App Store Ratings: 4.4

Available Android Play Store Ratings: 4.5

Crossy Road – Retro-Arcade-Styled Game

For fans of offline Android games, Crossy Road is unquestionably a very addicting retro-arcade-styled game that they can play for free. With over 200 million downloads, Crossy Road has generated a staggering $10 million in revenue. In short, the game has spread worldwide among fans of video games.

Offline Android game apps

In order to gather coins and earn a high score, the player must guide a chicken through waterways, roads, and several more roadblocks.


Available on iOS App Store Ratings: 4.7

Available Android Play Store Ratings: 4.6

HitmanGo – Strategic Puzzle Visuals

The 3D graphics user interface game is known as “HitmanGo” with the strategic storyline of the Hitman Series. Hitman Go is an offline virtual reality game that requires the player to move stealthily across hostile environments. Additionally, the game was showcased in the top place on Google Play in the US in 2018 and is presently ranked as the 13th most popular paid puzzle game worldwide.

Offline Android game apps

The game immerses you right away in the action-packed world of Hitman, where strategy implementation, deception, and concealment are extremely common. In addition, the game has Agent 47’s original gear as a nod to the first Hitman. Initially, the game is not recognizable as the result of critics but the smart user interface and the strategic-based game hit the ground across the world.


Available on iOS App Store Ratings: 4.7

Available Android Play Store Ratings: 4.6

The Room – Outstanding Strategic Puzzle

You can experience mysterious puzzles in this game named “The room”, inspired by “The Room Series”. It is one of the well-praised games by Android gamers and critics. You need no Wifi to play The Room and get easy access to an offline pace.

Offline Android game apps

Although, the gameplay is based on hidden puzzles, with aesthetic visuals of classic theme places. Every level in the game is positioned in a new location, and even though it seems simple, it’s quite challenging. The user is supposed to solve the riddles to exit the chamber.

The game involves not just outstanding strategic ability but also excellent organizational skills. You may progress through the stages more quickly by keeping related items together and accumulating them.


Available on iOS App Store Ratings: 4.8

Available Android Play Store Ratings: 4.8

Why Should You Invest In The Development Of Offline Mobile Games?

There’s no denying that the creation of mobile games is constantly expanding, with 90% of millennials choosing mobile games over PC or console gaming.

The mobile game development industry will have 52 percent of the total worldwide market share in 2021 as a result of its continued expansion.

On the other hand, there are significant differences between offline and online gaming apps. Offline games are recommended for the following benefits even if internet games provide significantly greater connectivity and enhanced features;

Cost-Effective & Secure

Offline games are more secure than online games as there is no need to worry about the privacy of personal information or any data breach. Games played offline are more affordable and secure. Online games demand a lot more attention to detail and consideration, including server construction, assuring security measures, and other things.

User Interactive

Offline games retained players for a long time. As soon as they interact with games that are interesting, users take out time to play with them and get engaged in their leisure. On the other hand, offline games attract players by maintaining the game’s pace, thereby lowering the player drop-off rate.

Effective Monetization

Android games that are played offline can be more profitably monetized. The most popular monetization method for most offline games that are effective in situations with poor connectivity is advertising.

Additionally, even if the connectivity sputters on and off, the advertising may still load in the background, providing developers and investors with a simple source of income.

Overall, offline game creation offers a variety of fresh features and rewarding chances to establish a name for oneself in the gaming sector. Once your game software has acquired popularity in the market, you can always enhance it with an online version.

Ending Notes

Offline Android games are gaining more attraction and have a massive player community. As the gaming industry performs phenomenally in building more apps and generating revenues, you can also plan a game app development to earn money. Hire a world-leading game development company to build games, and welcome more opportunities in your monetization.

Moreover, there are thousands of multiple offline Android games that are not included in this list, but the most popular and revenue-generated games you can find. If you want to launch thrilling, adventurous, creative, strategic, or whatever type of gameplay, then we are here to share more creative storylines for your gaming apps.

No matter if you want an iOS or Android game app or cross-platform app, you can find all services under one roof. We want to be a reason for your business growth.

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