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5 AI Mobile Apps For iOS And Android Platforms

AI mobile apps are revolving around the market, and people are getting crazy to see the utmost level of advancement. The trend of building AI apps is getting noticed as it helps to make human tasks speedy and error-free. AI technology is worth trying if you want to add spice to your business operations.

AI technology is one of the best formulations that empowers functional business departments such as marketing, selling, accounting, etc. AI technology is not just useful in organizations; people also like using it in their daily lives. For example, Alexa!

Phew! Still do not relate with what AI technology is? Let’s start from here!

What is AI Technology?

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI technology, enables us to build software that acts like a human. It builds a machine to simulate human behavior, perform human tasks, respond to human language, recognize the user’s pattern, etc.

Developers use AI technology in building AI mobile apps, web apps, and other software. AI can perform voice recognition, image recognition, and machine learning tasks.

AI app technology

A key consideration for entrepreneurs is the income models that these AI apps circumvent. If you are interested in finding AI mobile apps, then this article rightly found you.

We have gathered a few AI mobile apps in which you can experience real-life examples. Let’s dive straight into the details.

Experience 5 AI Mobile Apps For Your Use

Here are 10 AI applications that are the best at exploiting this technology!

ELSA – Learn Language With AI App

If you are awaiting someone who can teach you to speak English, then English language speaking assistance has you covered. The acronym we are using for English language speaking assistance is ELSA which works as assistance that helps everyone to polish their speaking skills.

This app is built for candidates struggling and preparing for speaking language assessment tests such as IELT, TOEIC, and TOFEL.

Elsa AI mobile apps

The artificial intelligence algorithms at the center of this program generate practice sentences for accent reduction based on specified learning schedules after recording user speech and analyzing it for various benchmarks.

The well-depicted development structure with multiple challenges can help users to instant engagements. With the power of AI technology, ELSA is much more responsive and provides 1600+ practice materials for preparation. There are many more features in ELSA that helps to improve your speaking, writing, and reading expertise.

With a community of approx 10 Million users, this AI mobile app is available to iOS and Android users.

Hound – Exceptional Voice Assistant

Use your natural voice and command this AI mobile app with your natural voice. This app aims to convert your conversational queries into commands and get the best result with Hound.

Users can get instant answers with the help of using natural language processing. In fact, to give users a personalized experience, some features filter out your commands. These features make it powerful voice-powered digital assistance.

Hound AI mobile app

In addition to processing sophisticated search requests, Hound can also provide music suggestions and enable hands-free access to Spotify. Moreover, it lets you set timers, alarms, and reminders, retrieve the most recent news stories, schedule an Uber trip, and even respond to amusing pop quizzes.

It may be utilized for computations, financial aid, and even the quick and easy discovery of customized trip itineraries. With a 4.5 rating star, it is available for Android and iOS app users.

Robin – Voice Assistance For Android User

Are you feeling bored while driving a car or sitting behind the driving seats? Robin will be your best friend if you have it. It can listen effectively to what you have command and play songs and informative material for you to make your leisure time well-spent. 

This AI mobile app doesn’t sound like a bot as they behave and act like a human and performs quick task at one command. Robin can do it all like a human by recording voice, accessing calendars, giving weather updates, and even texting while speaking. 

Robin App

The development structure seems like a Hound, but it only works for the Android platform. It is more intuitive and reflects the app’s major goal. Based on use patterns, Robin’s AI algorithms instantly adjust to user demands and offer tailored interactions. If you’re in the mood, you may utilize it just to talk or ask Robin to share a funny or fascinating tidbit. 

With a rating of 4.1 stars, you can download the Robin AI assistant if you are an Android user. Download it here: Robin

FaceApp – Photo Editing AI Mobile App

Everyone is experiencing Face app recognition for different purposes, such as marking attendance, unlocking the lockers, using mobile passcode, etc. Now, taking Instagram

FaceApp is one of the AI mobile apps that gives a completely new look to your face. With multiple editing features, filters, face impressions, and much more, you can make your appearance in a new way. 

FaceApp AI

Last but not least, you can see your future version of your face and see yourself oldie at your young age. You can also use FaceApp for reverse effects such as removing your wrinkle, creating artificial lips, wearing make-up, and so on features for your face.

With ratings of 4.7, this app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

AI Chatbot – A New Trend To Make Businesses Functional

Another invention of AI is the chatbot, a hot topic in the artificial intelligence industry. The chatbot is bliss for many businesses, especially for customer support services, marketing, and selling. 

A chatbot is a software that enables us to make conversations automated. For example, if you see the customer support against who work tirelessly 24/7just to provide instant responses to their customer queries annually. In this modern era, AI has changed the aspect of thinking, working, and doing our work. With a chatbot, the manual system of handling customer queries is now automated, and the chatbots take over this duty. 

Chatbots are functional in responding to queries, available throughout the day (24/7), do not take a single break, and connect all users without skipping one. Businesses are using it by embedding websites and social media pages. As soon as visitors come to the website and have some queries, they can reach out to the chatbot. A chatbot can assist and resolve the issues for their questions. 

AI chatbots need training to tackle users’ problems. Let’s take an example of an eCommerce website that has a chatbot. What do you think which type of question customers ask? 

Maybe, what are the delivery charges? 

How long does it take to receive my parcel?

Do you have more colors in this product?

So, if you consider these types of questions are frequently asked, then the chatbot builder must train the chatbot in this way. The algorithm of AI helps the code architecture in which you can include your FAQs and their answers. AI chatbot app seemingly answers trained questions with no mistake. 

So, building a chatbot can reduce your cost of hiring thousands of employees, enhance your productivity, boost the performance of employees, and ultimately, overall organization.

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Bottom Line

AI mobile apps are very effective in reducing errors, increasing productivity, upscaling your production, and more than you can’t expect. In the future, many companies are moving towards AI-based software that helps make daily business function rapid and instant. 

Developers are using AI technology in the development of AI mobile apps to conquer the maximum advancement and functionalities for gaining user traction. People love to use those apps that make their daily life easy. 

If you want an AI mobile app and are looking for hardcore app developers, then at MMCGBL, you can meet with us. Making your app on time on a distinct and unique variety of applications allows us to perform complex development tasks with the help of our professional experts.

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