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8 Most Sought-After React Native Animation Libraries

Animations are moving objects that attract the viewer more than other objects. We’ve seen cartoons, logos, movies, and other videos that are well-animated and vivid. Same for application! React Native development is fun because it provides developers a broad area to build impressive yet more appealing graphics. Say hello to the React Native Animation Libraries that support animations within the app.

At MMCGBL, we use React Native animation libraries to build eye-catching visuals that help to convert your prospect into your potential customers. Your business app must look professional and run on all devices so people can access it with ease.

This is the motto of our developers when they start any React Native project. Moreover, their massive experience in this field helps you build an exciting yet engaging app that optimizes user engagement at the next level.

Discuss the top-most React Native animation libraries which are used in today’s application development to give a breathtaking view of your app visuals.

Top React Native Animation Libraries for 2022

To increase user engagement within the app, React Native offers a well-executed set of animation libraries. In contrast to images and graphics, the addition of animations gives spice to the whole application interface.

Let’s see the most sought-after React Native animation libraries that you can include in your app.

Lottie for React Native

Lottie is an Airbnb mobile library that allows you to add animations to your apps. Usually, you’ll transform your animations created in Adobe After Effects into a format to use in your web app. This is something Lottie can assist you with.

Lottie for React Native

Source: Better Programming

BodyMovin, an After Effects add-on, exports animation information in JSON format, which is how it works. To render animations on the web, this plugin comes with a JS player. In addition, it also functions with React Native. You can see the supporting documents on Github, which has almost 12,000 stars.

The Lottie libraries and plugins are accessible, and you may leverage the selected selection of animation assets to build your apps more appealing and engaging. The animation assets are in vector format and are compact. As a result, there should be no negative influence on the functionality of your app. Simultaneously, it may liven up your user interface and make it more pleasant to the eye.

React Native Reanimated

This library contains a full and broad moderate abstraction on top of which you may construct an animated library API. Furthermore, its built-in designed Animated API from the ground up provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to gesture-based interactions and creating animations in apps. This library pairs well with the Gesture Handler library to create such encounters.

This animation library is constantly put in place by Expo and Software Mansion developers. Furthermore, it functions well with low-end devices.

reactnative reanimated

Source: npm

React Native Animatable

React Native Animatable is one of the most used React Native animation libraries when it comes to building micro-interaction in the React application. By providing declarative wrappers, you can use them to build React Native elements, looping, generic transition, and more using an easy-to-use API.

Additionally, you can find optimum options in the applications such as swipes, slides, bouncing, etc. For this addition, React Native encourages UI developers to use pre-built and preconfigured elements while developing apps. Thus, you can enjoy the 60+ pre-built React Native animation libraries that give you ease as developers don’t need to rewrite code for different animations on their own.

Fluid Transitions

This is a JavaScript package that allows you to do seamless transitions between components. This may be done with the React Navigation library when navigating. It launches Fluid Navigator, a revolutionary navigator.

React Navigation’s StackNavigator has been replaced with Fluid Navigator. And, such as the navigator from the navigation library, this new navigator has a remarkably equal API and configuration method. It also supports the creation of bespoke transitional and navigational movements. When each piece corresponds to a distinct navigation screen, this library aids in the creation of common transitions between related items.

React Pose

This physics-based React native animation toolkit allows you to create smooth animations. This library operates uniquely. It automatically selects an animation based on the name of the provided attribute.

It also supports unmounting and mounting animations and motions in the same way that a React element does. This library is also accessible for Vue and the React.JS framework.

React Native Tabbar Interaction

The design of Tabbar Interaction is using React Native and the most recent version of Google’s Material Design. SVG components are used to create the Tabbar.

Tabbar has several components that compile together to form it. It includes a Tabbar item image, Animation in the Tabbar and circular tab item during switching, Hollow semi-circular Tabbar, and Circular Tabbar Item. When moving between two tabs, the Tabbar employs animation. This is what adds to its charm.

React Spring

It is another physics-based animation library that is easy to use as well. React Spring provides its API in the form of plug-and-play React Hooks. However, as a cross-platform capability, it supports React Native web apps and React Native mobile apps on different platforms, such as iOS and Android. 

react spring

This spring-physics-based animation library will take care of the majority of your UI animation demands. Simply opt for it if you want adaptable tools for translating your ideas into a dynamic UI. React Spring introduces a cutting-edge animation technique. It joins declarative and implicit response movements together.

React Native SVG Animations

This is one of the main React Native animation libraries that allows you to create an animated version of a large vector graphic picture. Many wrapper components are included in the package to help explain the animation.

Ending Notes

The aforementioned React Native animation libraries have specific goals. The main purpose is to assist react native developers in creating user-friendly interfaces with animations in their apps. The majority of these libraries are very customizable and come with a slew of useful features. If you’re making a react native app, utilize one of the aforementioned libraries to improve the user experience.

At the conclusion of this article, I’d like to point out that the described React Native UI components and React Native animation libraries are the OpenBase community’s top picks. Their major goal is to make it simple for you to develop a user-friendly transition and animation in your app. The best aspect is that you can customize many of the libraries with amazing in-built features and functionalities.

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