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Top-Most React Native UI Components For 2022

React Native development is the most in-demand framework for building exciting mobile applications that can run on any device either for Android or iOS. Developers consider React Native as a good option because it is open-source, reusable, UI-focused, wider audience, cost-effective, and uncountable reasons. Today, we are revealing one important component: the React Native UI components.

It is a must when it comes to mobile application interfaces because it is the best way to maximize user engagement. To make your work more appealing and interactive, developers have many options but the most used is to add attractive UI. This concept is the same while developing React Native applications. No matter the application will be run either for iOS or Android, the React Native UI components library can work on both as it is a framework for cross-platform development.

Building an app for different devices is such a complex task as both iOS and Android have two completely distinct processes of development. Such as the building process of Android needs java, on the other hands iOS needs a swift programming language.

It requires proficiency in both languages. It seems like a burden, time-consuming and costly at the same time. Putting effort into completely different codebase but at the end of the day, you will get the same app just for different devices. That’s why React Native framework comes to life and makes our life easier!

Undoubtedly, the more you build an appealing application, the more you can boost the user engagement within the app. And you know what you can make money with business applications.

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Top 8 React Native UI Components

React Native UI component is the element we use while developing react native app that is segregated from other components. React Native UI Component libraries & UI toolkit are a timesaver. Also, it builds robust applications using a pre-made set of components.

React Native UI component is loved by the developers and they give good reviews about it. To get faster development or quicken MVP development with the pre-built React Native UI kits.

At MMCGBL, React Native app development is much easier because the professionals have vast and in-depth knowledge of utilizing libraries. They’ve conducted good research on React Native UI components and animation libraries to build your app fully modernized.

Let’s Get Started

Here is the top React Native UI component toolkit while developing React Native applications.

React Native Maps

Many applications have the requirement to add maps just to provide end-user quick location details. For example, it is the most important component for a food delivery app that requires customer locations to deliver their order.

React Native has a separate component that provides React Native maps. This library provides custom maps for both iOS and Android. You can even animate the zoom and placement of your map using an animated API to improve the user experience.

GitHub stars: 13.1k

Price: Free

License: MIT License

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues


NativeBase is a wonderful place to begin for beginner React Native developers. Some of the library’s open-source applications include an instructional app, a Twitter Clone app, and a Native starting app. You may also purchase a premium beginning kit from this library.

NativeBase is a well-known UI component that excels on mobile-first and accessible features. Using this package, you may construct and develop a robust design framework for both online and mobile platforms. It also has a custom set of components for React Native UI development.

Additionally, this library also provides accessibility on React Native ARIAand a themeable design approach. It also gives the option in light and dark mode.

NativeBase also includes more complex elements that you can use while developing React Native apps, such as skeleton, row, column, etc., for custom layouts. Moreover, with a complex structure, you will enjoy icons, flex, checkbox, and buttons, with NativeBase components.

NativeBase, a tool for assisting developers design unique React Native UI components, is driven by Styled System.

GitHub stars: 13.9k

Price: Free

License: Apache License 2.0

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues

React Native Camera

When developing mobile applications, there are many custom features and functionalities per requirements. Accessing the camera is one of them. React Native has a library that makes developers’ life easy by introducing React Native Camera. It helps to communicate with cameras that help in face recognition, QR scanning, images, barcode scanning, etc. It provides an ease to developers in the complex requirement where the app owner needs scanning security within the app without structured native code.

React Native Element

It is a cross-platform UI component library with variously contributed parts that are easy to modify. React Native element allows you to create your themes. It also has badges, pricing, avatars, star ratings, a separator, social symbol buttons, and an overlay.

react native elements

However, React Native element is not just giving you a major UI component kit but also delivering a well-packaged prepared set of kits. With a strong API look and feel, the readymade package releases the burden of developers to some extent.

GitHub stars: 22.2k

Price: Free

License: MIT

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues

React Native Paper

This open-source, cross-platform collection includes 30+ production-ready and customizable elements that adhere to Material Design guidelines. It supports both dark and bright themes equally well. It also allows you to switch between different themes with ease.

react native paper

If you’ve customized the theme, you may use React Native’s Appearance API to apply theme movement based on device parameters. Paper also helps you to quickly add simple, clean, and easily adjustable UI components to your work, ensuring that the real MVP is in place.

GitHub stars: 9k

Price: Free

License: MIT License

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues

React Native Snap Carousel

In a gallery view, React Native provides numerous options for displaying a collection of photographs. A carousel is a well-known method for accomplishing this. It includes various layouts, demonstrations, performant administration of a large number of items, parallax pictures, and other features.

react native snap carousel

Carousel works on both iOS and Android devices. It allows the user to cycle through a collection of photographs that may be shown in both vertical and horizontal orientations. In a nutshell, it will enable developers to display their information across various mobile devices.

When it adds extra stunning carousels or sliders to your app, React Native Snap Carousel is the way to go. This UI library has several recommendations that aid in speed improvement; it is well-documented and includes several other important features.

Shoutem User Interface Kit

Shoutem UI Toolkit is a collection of three React Native Kit user interfaces: user interface components, themes, and component animations. In truth, this library is a collection of cross-platform features for iOS and Android that may be customized. You may also develop sophisticated components here without having to define styles manually.

Price: Free

License: MIT License

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues

React Native Gifted Chat

Are you starting from a full chat UI library for your React Native app? Then choose React Native Gifted Chat from the drop-down menu. Messaging chat is already a well-known feature of several applications that helps real-time assistance to users. This feature or capability becomes easier to implement with React Native Gifted Chat. Support for Redux is also included in this framework.

react native gifted chat

Typescript is used in this UI library where you can change components in this collection—adding buttons, integrating multiple links, copying text into the clipboard, modifying or creating profile avatars, or sending attachments to improve chat functionalities.

GitHub stars: 11.6k

Price: Free

License: MIT License

Documentation: Full documentation

Type of support: Community support via GitHub issues

Bottom Line

React Native UI components are much needed to create an exclusive user interface within the app. Moreover, if you want to hire React Native professionals with the expertise to pick the right UI component, MMCGBL will be the right place. Let’s start from scratch and boom the world of applications with the top-most pre-built UI component. The more you build a user-friendly UI, the more people love to use your  app.

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