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Angular Development – 15 Facts You Should Know About

Angular Development – 15 Facts You Should Know About

With the global change in trends, people realize the importance of Web applications for business growth. Hence, many frameworks like Angular and JavaScript are used for web app development. These frameworks are inbuilt with MVVM architecture which is highly preferred in making mobile and web apps that possess declarative UI, consistent code, modular structure to support single page app (SPA), and more. 

What is Angular?

Angular Development

Angular is a development platform built on TypeScript.  It is an open-source front-end framework maintained by Google. The new Angular version is different for the developers because they don’t work with JavaScript; instead, they write with HTML and TypeScript- a JavaScript superset. 

Programmers and entrepreneurs enjoy angular development because of its versatility and the ability to combine business logic and UI elements. 

MMCGBL is one of the leading agencies in providing Angular development services. MMCGBL has over 150+ experts with working experience of more than two decades. MMCGBL has more than 300 clients with over 200+ award-winning projects. 

We realize the importance of technology and advancements and ensure we build a digital experience to strengthen your business. 

Why is Angular Development so Popular?

Angular development is put forward by Google and is also maintained by Google. Hence, it is clear that it has worth. However, other than Google, there stand many things that have made it stand out among its competitors. 

Google Supported

Angular is a by-product of Google. A team of highly skilled experts with years of experience help maintains AngularJS. With great efficiency and quality analysis of issues and bugs within the framework assures the developers that their application building won’t stop in the middle of the process. 

Community Support

Being powered by Google and written on JavaScript, it brings a massive community that provides great support and guidance. Developers face many issues, like referring to important material from different sources and conference releases; this community helps solve them. Therefore, this easily available help makes Angularjs much more popular among developers. 

The MVC Pattern

The Model Control Pattern (MVC) is complex and a hassle. There are many languages where you have to divide an application into these segments and write a code to associate them with each other. However, you do not have to go through all this with Angularjs. Instead, you simply divide the application into MVC structures, and Angularjs does the rest for you. 

Compatible with Apps and Devices

Angularjs is highly compatible with most devices like laptops, mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc., developing different types of applications. Organizations prefer angular development for web and mobile app development as organizations find it easier to integrate the Angular-based app. 

Uniform Codes

Since angular js development supports MVC architecture, developers get easy writing and managing robustly.  The Angular Framework is massive and can easily handle a strong infrastructure for coding, guaranteeing a reliable and better coding structure. 

Moreover, Angularjs is a responsive framework, and its optimized CLI tools help use repeatable code blocks and buckets. 


Angular developments provide the best feature of unlocking the potential of User Interface with HTML design of the UI of an application. 

Angularjs makes it easier for the developers to make short labels simple to execute. This is a cheaper way of designing a unique UI.

15 Angular Development Facts

15 Angular Development Facts

Angular development is an open-source web app development. Google maintains it, but it has much more.

#1 Designing

Angular development was designed to eliminate the tedious and lengthy process of writing codes. Angular provides tools that help you write much less code to generate better results.

#2 Framework SPAs 

Angular by Google was designed and launched with an open-source framework. This framework makes an excellent counterpart for developing high-performing Single Page Applications (SPAs).  Moreover, the framework size is massive, as it can fit many applications. 

#3 Multiple Operations

The angular framework comes with an in-built grid that enables a developer to perform multiple tasks in an organized way. It should be fascinating to know that all apps developed in JavaScript are very simple to program and can easily be tested without any crashes. 

#4 Real-Time App Testing

Angular comes with the services of $http and $timeout. They do in-depth testing of the app for possible bugs. This greatly helps the developers because it saves time and effort as it tests any app with real-time scenarios. Due to all these services, it assures the developers of no bugs.

#5 Road to TypeScript

Many other frameworks are using TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. To match up with the competition, Angularjs advanced to TypeScript. It is much easier and more convenient. 

#6 Acceptance

Multiple browsers support this platform, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Android 4.1, and IE 9,10,11. Hence, it can be easily said that all accept it. 

#7 Additional Plugins

Angular is an individual independent framework. Hence it does not require any additional plugins; Neither does it depend on other structures. Angular stands as a separate framework, making it ideal for front-end development. 

#8 Automatic Synchronizing 

Angular provides two-way data biding, unlike some of the other frameworks. It also synchronizes the data between Models as well as views. So, these two components get automatically changed or modified in real-time. 

This is a very important thing added by the angular framework because otherwise, developers would have to manually make all those changes which required a lot of time and extra effort. 

#9 Angular Development Services

Angular development makes the code concise and cleaner. It helps combine the basic logic and app UI. It allows you to download a code once and use it multiple times. Therefore, less code is required, and the specialist works faster. 

#10 DI Design

Angular development comes with a DI design pattern that improves the efficiency of the application. With dependency injection, Angular creates objects dependent on other things and makes it possible to delegate some server-side services to the client-side parts. 

#11 Structural Elements

Angular development provides numerous structural elements, including injectors, components, Directives, Pipes Services, etc. Although, these might be a bit challenging for the developers initially. But, they are a huge plus point because you can create anything with a comprehensive set of built-in features. 

#12 Differential Loading in Angular

Angular development now allows the creation of two kinds of bundles. Both bundles are used to make the app work faster and better. ES2015+ is used with modern browsers, and ES5JS is used with old browser versions. With these differential loading, browsers load less code and polyfills, making the app much more productive. 

#13 Modules

Angular offers the large apps written in it to use lazy-load modules to display various app components based on where a user stands in an application. The application’s performance greatly improves effects by reducing the initial-loaded application size. 

#14 Ivy Render and speed the application

Angular has the Ivy renderer in it, and it allows making the smaller bundles to speed up the application. A renderer engine work to take the instructions written by a developer and translate them for a DOM. 

#15 Material Design Library

Material design is a system made by Google and Angular Material, a library that allows implementing Material Design elements. This helps programmers to make faster and incorporate Angular design elements in further projects. 

Demerits of Angular Development

Angular is one of the finest frameworks. However, it has some imperfections related to its development process. 

Learning Curve

Angular is a complete platform that is harder to learn in the beginning. Angular has a bigger number of structures compared to many other frameworks like React or Vue.js. These things slow down the development process for a developer as the learning time is more. However, it is worth all the time because Angular helps to create successful applications with its huge built-in features. 

Application Size

The wrong coding strategy can make the Angular app heavy (2 to 5 MB and over); this makes the application slow. Many specialists develop the right architecture for each case and monitor bundle size to optimize the speed. There are other methods used as well that include lazy-load modules, Ivy renderer, etc. 

Why People moved from AngularJs to Angular 2020

Angular is a step ahead of AngularJs. It is also an open source platform suitable for front-end development to develop aggressive and dynamic single-page apps. But it has tons of updated features that make the development of apps much easier. 

Many developers have transitioned from AngularJs to Angular, and the rest are planning to make a transition. However, they are stuck on the proper upgrade course and how to deal with it. AngularJs has had extensions and controllers that are uncompromising and difficult to use. However, angular allows its users to precycle aspects. 

Programmers prefer testing codes over the old Angular development. Moving from AngularJs to Angular gives you the biggest benefit of efficiency. Angular is considered to be five times faster in comparison to AngularJs.

According to StackOverflow, 36.9% of developers use Angular for web and mobile app development.

The Future of Agular Development

Angular development has created an ecosystem around it for entrepreneurs and programmers. Angular is improving every six months with its new, improved modules in the latest versions. The future of angular development is bright and secure, especially due to its connection with Google. Google has already enabled bundles for different browser versions and improved services that help write less code and create fast-running applications. It is also working on improving Angular SEO capabilities, which will greatly impact the market. 

Final Words

Angular development is a globally recognized open source framework maintained by Google. Since its first version launched in 2010, it has kept improving and advancing. The new version is the ideal one for the developers.

Angular development offers the developers the best options, such as the Cross-Platform Generic feature, along with great speed and performance. Angular development now allows writing much less code for much more efficient results. Also, you can write a code into HTML and CSS and have the first view of the application on any other platform like NodeJS, .Net, PHP, etc. 

Although being one of the most important and popular frameworks, there are a few lackings of the framework. Angular Development sometimes becomes difficult to debug because of its layered architecture and slightly difficult framework. Moreover, it becomes difficult for the developers to debug the application due to its architecture, like the hierarchal tree. 

Besides, many companies use Angular development for their web applications or mobile app developments. Paypal, Gmail,, and Upwork are the most crucial examples. 

Angular development is an open source platform, but it is a complete framework, and it becomes difficult for some developers to understand. If you want to develop a project on Angular development, MMCGBL can be a big help. MMCGBL is one of the leading agencies in providing Angular development services. We have had more than 30M+ trusted clients with over 1000+ successfully delivered projects.

MMCGBL has provided such a level of expertise and excellence for the past two decades. We have a team of over 150+ experts who work day and night to bring your ideas into reality. 


Is Angular an open-source platform?

Yes, Angular development is an open-source platform maintained by Google. It has many features along with a massive community. 

What browser can Angular work with?

Angular Latest versions work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and also Safari for iOS. Also, it works on Internet Explorer versions 9-11. 

What is the last version of Angular?

Angular 14 is the latest version of Google-developed Angular. However, the stable release occurred on 29th June 2022, with the 14.04 version. 

Why you should hire MMCGBL for it?

With over 150+ professionals and experts experienced in over 20 years with more than 1K projects, MMCGBL is the most suitable choice for Angular Development projects. It is a TypeScript based web-application framework, launched on 2nd June 2022.

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