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Top 10 Real-Life Examples of Flutter App Development

Top 10 Real-Life Examples of Flutter App Development

Did you know there once was a time when you had two options – universal mobile apps or native apps? And the universal apps were made using web technologies such as HTML or Javascript, which used to function badly on mobile. In comparison, Native apps were better since they were made separately for each platform but extremely expensive as you need to hire separate teams of developers for both platforms. In comparison, Flutter mobile app development changed the whole scenario.

Now there’s a sea of Flutter apps right beside you, and you wouldn’t have even noticed. For instance, you may have shopped from Alibaba, paid through google pay, or run an ad campaign through Google Ads. However, if we talk about when it launched in May 2017 and the more stable or official version released in December 2018, it was not long after Flutter got the prominence it needed (or deserved).

In March 2021, Flutter 2 was launched with better updates and advancements, providing a great experience to developers and users. While Flutter app development was all over the sky, there were and still are existing agencies providing the service, such as MMCGBL. Where you can find professional developers who provide you with professional guidance and assistance.

Now there’s no need to worry if you want your apps made with Flutter; we are here to make your ways easy with our professional development team that can help you throughout the development.

Here in this article, we will look into the top 10 Flutter app examples, demonstrating how versatile they are and describing why they are gaining popularity.

Top 10 Flutter mobile apps examples

My BMW – App for automotive capitalist

BWM Flutter app development example

There was a time when My BMW took the automotive application market by storm, and Flutter technology was utilized to implement the idea. Their forerunner product was My BMW, an app that is an end product of Flutter technology. And after it launched, it was not long ago that software ended up becoming a core product for the relevant audience.

Well, you know that one of the largest development groups all over the globe is BMW which operates on Flutter or Dart. Secondly, Google is the only one employing over 300 people. Also, the application works proficiently on both iOs and Androids. It means you can download the app easily from the Apple store and the google play store.

Google Ads – Flutter developer shows its potential

Google Ads is one unique advertising approach launched by Google, which became prominent among people in no time. Additionally, it is utilized for many reasons, such as boosting the success rate of marketing efforts, and you can advertise your digital platforms while enabling you to promote additional materials. Moreover, several organizations reported greater ROI after the use of this tool.

However, the Flutter framework was utilized to develop a Google mobile application, and its features were designed thoughtfully. With the help of Google Ads, you will be able to monitor your advertising and marketing processes easily. Furthermore, the software allows users to get in touch with the customer’s support team and get helpful input from the Google staff.

As Google is the developer of the Flutter app and technology, you can see a natural harmony in Google Ads. Through this particular technology, the company could display its full potential and the productive way of using it.

Alibaba – leading in the eCommerce market

Flutter app development example

As we all are aware that Alibaba is one of the largest eCommerce in the world, and there are millions of people using the platform on a daily basis. It was possible to create such a masterpiece just because of the Flutter technology. It is said to be the best Flutter app development that enables people worldwide to shop easily. The team which developed Alibaba used the Flutter technology for several reasons: you don’t have to spend so much of your time and money, it is easy to maintain, and precision in UI/UX design.

Flutter technology convention also added to the smooth stream of eCommerce transactions in the application. Because of this, the business focused on the marketing changes’ rapid growth and ongoing growth.

Cryptograph – An app for cryptocurrency analysis

Cryptograph Flutter app development example

This app with Flutter gives you the high-end outcomes of observing and tracing the new updates of over 1600 cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. It enables you to acquire the latest information on market backing, altering percentages, trading mass, and each currency exchange rate.

When you utilize a cryptograph mobile app, you can get notifications whenever the cryptocurrency exchange rate alters. Your customers would be able to know about price fluctuations and read the history as well.

MGM resorts – an app made entirely on Flutter

MGM flutter app

It is another popular app made using the Flutter framework. Through the app, guests staying at hotels can easily open their rooms, even check in and out, and also could be able to use other services provided by the MGM resort.

While the app is constantly in development mode, the latest feature is discovering the nearby hotel. The app’s efficiency and performance are all because of Flutter.

Tencent – International supplier of digital goods and services, trusts Dart

The business aimed to develop an effective and satisfying solution for its customers. Tencent chose to include Flutter in a number of its apps. DingDang, Mr. Interpreter, AITeacher, QiDian, K12, and Now Live are among them.

The app’s developers attentively made use of all the benefits of Flutter. They actively get together the faster code development and coordination development process to achieve the desired results.

Philips Hue

It is a product made for managing lighting in homes. The company provides you with products such as light bulbs, lamps, and many other light accessories. With the help of Flutter app development, they created two applications named Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth. With this application, you can change the lighting level in your house and integrate them. 

Philips decided to go with Flutter technology in 2018. They took that decision since, from the start, the tool was perfectly lined up with the company’s objectives and has made the company successful to date.

Nubank – Flutter is the choice of Brazilian digital bank

Nubank flutter app

One of Latin America’s largest Fintech service providers with over 34 million active users. People can easily manage their Visa cards, money, and personal accounts. All of this can be controlled or managed via their application. Yes! It uses sensitive data; that’s why Nubank focuses on the safety measures of a product.

They paid attention to mobile applications in 2013, and since then, they have been using innovative solutions for its success. The first app was developed swiftly, but the company decided to shift to Flutter. Praise to the Flutter app development because now their products take advantage of the hot-to-reload option, efficient Flutter documentation background, and more secure API.

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Google pay – improved payment system via Flutter

Google’s online payment app was launched in India and was referred to as “Tez” at the time. Because of its easy-to-use nature, the application became popular very quickly. Today the active users of Google pay are about 70 million with a capital of 10 billion dollars.

It became important to develop an app that could give a smooth experience that could rapidly change according to the ever-evolving market. It all came down to the Flutter app development. With its code written in Dart, you can say Google pay is a great flutter app example that can be altered at all times without disrupting the service. It is assumed that Tez could be the best app in the future built on this technology.

The New York Times

Flutter is not just for developing mobile apps; it has much more potential and tools. One example is the New York Times ken which is usable on mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers. The app provides several puzzles of different difficulty levels. Individuals who like these kinds of intellectual games will find them interesting. The product is the most desired mobile game for Android users. Because of Flutter, it’s easier for users to navigate through the app, solving puzzles simultaneously.

Benefits of Flutter app development

The language, tools, and extension – everything is easy to use

We are aware that Flutter utilizes a Dart language implemented after Google replaced Javascript. If your developer knows Javascript, it’s not difficult to understand Dart. Also, don’t worry about operational plugins in the default toolchain since Flutter has already taken care of it.

But if you struggle to find suitable ones, you can easily find a library in a pub. Dev to use it in your project. It’s not very difficult to build plugins for your platform. Yes, it may require some time, but it will boost functionality.

Quick start

It starts once you’ve begun working with Flutter. You can begin developing a new app after installing and executing the Flutter platform in less than 30 minutes. This is only one of the several advantages of Flutter.

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Own furnished engine

You can develop user interfaces that look the same on every forum, thanks to the native processing engine. The asset-showing layer for the framework display and the synchronization of gadget information for the platform are typically further hampered by the rendering phase.

And in this instance, Flutter is making every effort to make this process easier. It leverages Skia and requires a canvas for coloring, not a particular user interface element. What a great benefit to using Flutter!

Hot live to reload

Flutter provided their users with a full benefit and created a Hot live reload feature. Back in the day, developers needed to write a code and wait for the combination and, after that, download it to the device to see if there were any changes in plugins. However, everything has changed, and you can see the changes in real time while writing the code.

With Flutter, the whole thing is changed, and you don’t have to restart in order to see if there are errors while writing a code. So, isn’t it great?

If you want to read more about its advantages to see if it is what you are seeking, then:

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Bottom line

The apps mentioned above are mere flutter app examples. With this, you can write a single code and distribute a product across various devices. Numerous analysts think this technology enables the development of creative and useful apps, shaping mobile development in the coming years. As a result, it is being used by numerous industries.

Our daily lives are being improved by Flutter apps more and more frequently, which is why more programmers are getting involved with this platform and its network. Entrepreneurs are choosing to employ programmers who are proficient in the Dart programming language more often.

FAQs Related To Flutter App Development

Why should we trust your Flutter app development company?

First of all, you will find experts at our company with 20+ years of expertise in the market. While seeking any company or people you would want something to trust, why not visit our website MMCGBL and see for yourself how many projects we have delivered to several clients?

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Actually, it’s a good question if you think about it because projects are completed by people, not companies, so it’s important to know about the developing team. Yes! We assure you that you can trust our developers as they have delivered similar projects before.

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