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8 Chatbot Types That Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

8 Chatbot Types That Can Grow Your Business

Artificial intelligence development technology is booming globally, providing a persuasive association between technology and marketing. The main course of artificial intelligence is Chatbot technology. As it is one of the trendy topics, we can talk for many hours about it. This article will get to know what a chatbot is and awesome chatbot types as per its functionalities.

It changes the way of communication, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the business. Companies that are helping artificial intelligence services you to build a fully-fledged chatbot. In addition, with top features and functionalities, you can make your online store in it.

At MMC GBL, we encourage the usage of artificial intelligence as it is an advanced technology. MMCGBL would love to build a fully managed chatbot that helps your business grow.

By adding all spices of the technical aspect, our chatbot builder presents you with well-functional chatbot assistance for your customers. It includes:

  • Creating text conversation,
  • Intuitive chatbot interface
  • Adding media element,
  • Plugins integration,
  • Website and other channels integrations,
  • Conversational forms
  • Multilingual chatbots, and
  • so many features that you want.

So, if you are a beginner and want to know more about what a chatbot is and how effective chatbot types are, you will explore them today.

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What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a conversational software that mimics human intelligence to ease communication by providing 24/7 assistance. It is a well-trained human-like software that can integrate with your marketing touchpoints. Such as, if you have a traffic-driven website, but there is no one to assist your prospect regarding any query, it may be the worst experience for visitors.

Artificial intelligence chatbot

77% percent of agents say that automating routine tasks allows them to focus on more complex work.

A chatbot is considered a customer support agent that can respond in real-time and all round the clock without skipping a single query. Millennials and Generation Z love to use this exceptional technology during online shopping.

Effective chatbot types have many use cases, but the main functions are worth mentioning.

Perks of Having a Chatbot

Here is the list of perks that I am going to tell you:

  • A chatbot is a source of increasing user engagement.
  • It provides 24/7 real-time assistance from anyone, anywhere.
  • Resolve customer queries and boost the connectivity to provide a better customer experience.
  • It also offers human-like touch in the conversation, so customers feel safe and secure.
  • You can create multilingual chatbots that help to interact globally.
  • Chatbots can integrate with all marketing channels such as websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • It is a cost-effective solution. Instead of hiring many customer support agents, you can embed a well-trained chatbot on your marketing channels.
  • It helps to reduce the bounce rate, ultimately increasing customer retention rate.
  • It encourages a personalized experience that helps customers to be happy and satisfied.
  • The chatbot can convince prospects for quick decision-making, resulting in a smooth customer journey.
  • With chatbot technology, you can reduce the burnout of employees. As a result, they maximize productivity in other tasks.
  • The Live chat option is a plus point of any well-crafted chatbot.

The story of perks is not ending here. The more you explore the chatbot, the more you will know the benefits of using it. Once you get to see the chatbot types, you will understand the use cases of different types of chatbots.

Let’s Explore the Awesome Chatbot Types!

We are categorizing chatbot types by their purpose, functionality, and complexity. So, let’s discover!

Chatbot Types Based on Reason

Here we discuss chatbot types that describe the purpose of its existence.

Support Type Chatbot

The main focus of this chatbot type is to maintain the information flow regarding your product or business. It comprises a unique character that must be human-like, multi-turn functionality, and well-versed responses.

While building a support chatbot, you need to focus on your customer queries. Ask questions from yourself, such as how they interact with you and what type of question they are asking. You can create long-term and short-term keywords and train your chatbot according to them based on this. Eventually, It must get the capability to answer a wide range of answers, from essential to complex FAQs.

Support Chatbot may use any industry such as eCommerce, hospitality, real estate, education, etc. For instance, if you run an eCommerce website, then it provides:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instant connectivity
  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Resolve product-based queries
  • Streamline sales funnel

Skills Chatbots

The most instant and order-taking chatbot types can obey in one command. For instance, “turn on the song,” and it simply does what you want. Skills chatbot encourages voice messaging rather than text. Consequently, it also feels easy to do it.

They can readily obey commands, allowing users to multitask while conversing with the bot. Unless you want to construct a complicated one, these chatbots don’t need to consider contextual knowledge too much because people can quickly learn how to say it appropriately.

Assistant Chatbots

We can say Assistant chatbot is one of the intelligent chatbot types in terms of their purpose. A slight knowledge of asked questions by the users is not a big deal for assistant chatbots. The real-life example of an assistant chatbot is SIRI. Yes, it’s one of the most in-demand chatbot types that users are looking for.

It is simple to use and excellent in performing tasks as soon as you command. For example, ask the recipe of pizza, you will get all the in-depth details in a while.

Chatbot Types Based on Intelligence

In this category, we will discuss the chatbot types based on intelligence. MEasuring how effective and qualified these chatbots are.

Smart AI Chatbot

As you see the word “smart,” you will get my point. Smart AI Chatbot is one of the types of chatbot that every business needs. So, you can imagine that the development of a Smart AI chatbot makes it more intelligent via time to time training.

The element of machine learning in chatbots helps evolve as per the end-user requirements. It follows the “AI + human intelligence” model in which chatbots emphasize a human-centric approach to perceiving complex requests.

Scripted Chatbots

A scripted chatbot is one of the chatbot types that emphasize quick replies. That’s why its nickname is short chatbots. Moreover, a scripted chatbot is a phenomenon in perceiving human phrases. The training of a scripted chatbot is based on a well-versed script. It follows all the possible facts that a chatbot builder can utilize during the conversation.

The script may be based on questions and answers or any rule-based prompt action the user will take. It is somehow the restricted pattern of functions because it follows only a limited context of the conversation.

In this script chatbot, the user does not write the question, but they select the relevant question that they want to ask. It is a clear, most accessible, and quick chatbot type. Companies should opt to start it, especially eCommerce websites. As they have repeated queries all day long such as “what the delivery charges,” “Do you deliver in Austin?”, “When will my order be delivered”?A Scripted chatbot is best for them.

chatbot types

Chatbot Types Based on Complexity

In this chatbot type, you will learn how the chatbot is satisfying and provide user experience from its existence.

Button-Based Chatbot

When we are talking about a button-based chatbot, you build a chatbot that only contains buttons. It provides the direction of the desired action of users. For instance, if you make a food-related chatbot, you may ask,

Q: What type of Cuisine do you want?

1st Button: Chinese

2nd Button: Italian

3rd Button: Thai

This type of chatbot redirects the user instantly to the destination. One of the downsides of this chatbot is it will not provide an advanced level of experience. You can say it is also limited but helping you to achieve your end goal for sure.

Contextual Based Chatbot

It is the rich functional and optimum features chatbot type, and it can lie in the Smart AI chatbot. It has the ability to save the previous data and make conversation according to their previous experience. Additionally, this recalled memory of the contextual-based chatbot can only happen by using AI and ML. 

Once you provide information about your order, the chatbot will store it in its database for future conversation. If anyone wants to reuse the same information, needs to say yes or no.

Code-Based Chatbot

It requires strong technical skills to build a robust chatbot. Code-based chatbots usually have built-in AI technology. It uses software frameworks like the NLP service Facebook Bot Engine or the NLP service Microsoft Bot Platform.

These tools work well for simple customer experience criteria, but they can fall short for the over-the-top incorporation of functionalities. Companies can pursue custom chatbot creation services in such situations.

Ending Notes

Understanding chatbot and its type may be easy, but its development may be complex. As many chatbot builders provide a broad platform to build a no-code chatbot, you can buy from them if you have a budget. Otherwise, we have a plan to provide an easy peasy way. If you are realizing chatbot will be helpful for our business, then don’t wait. Contact us today for more information.

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