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Dubai REST App – A Revolutionizing Solution For Real Estate Industry In Dubai

In recent years, technological advancements have profoundly transformed the Dubai real estate industry. Among these innovations, the Dubai REST App (Real Estate Self Transaction) emerges as a pioneering solution. With the help of the UAE government, the app reshaped real estate industry operations in Dubai’s bustling city. Over the decades, real estate businesses have observed unprecedented growth in Dubai. Quick accessibility and instant connectivity to tenants, landlords, and agents are the main reasons for the increasing demand for mobile application development, such as the Dubai REST App.

If you are wondering why the Dubai real estate business is growing exponentially, the answer is the great flow of investment in property. Investors highly indulge in property investment due to Dubai’s tax-friendly policies, high return on investment, and low property rates. Moreover, Dubai is also known as the best tourist spot, increasing the demand for property rental services. These factors attract local and foreign investors to invest in construction, buying & selling, and renting.

To make the real estate business process more accessible, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) launched the Dubai REST App in 2018. This groundbreaking app manages all property dealings and enlists licensed real estate brokers. It aims to go paperless and improve the convenience of tenants and landowners when selling and buying property in Dubai. 

The Dubai REST App is not just another real estate app. It’s a game-changer. With numerous unique features and functionalities, it stands out from the crowd in Dubai and across the UAE.

However, we will delve into its best features, sparking your curiosity about how you can build your competitive real estate app to beat this app.  

How To Get Dubai REST App?

Dubai REST App is available for both iOS and Android users. Users can download it from the Google Play store and Apple Store. In order to create an account, the user must provide UAE pass details or register directly. 

Once the user logs in, the app needs his Emirate ID to register as a tenant or property owner. The user instantly gets a confirmation email from DLD with the Emirate ID. After getting confirmed, the user can access the Dubai REST App. In addition, if any update is required in your profile, you must visit the DLD or property trustee’s office. This is the only way you can proceed with updates in your profile. 

Key Features Of The Dubai REST App

Dubai’s government took great initiative in launching the Dubai REST App. It simplifies property-related trading for international and local property owners. Two major roles have been defined: Tenants and Owners. 

This app enables property owners to assess their current worth and handle various legal real estate contracts, service charges, and rental yields. Conversely, tenants can use the app to renew their lease agreements and effectively address rental disputes.

Let’s dive deeper into the major features tenants and property owners use.

Key Features Of The Dubai REST App

Real-Time Information

The Dubai REST App is a smart app due to its ability to provide real-time information about off-plan property, such as land details, location, pictures, etc. Moreover, the feature of real-time information in the Dubai REST App also helps you track construction progress and estimation time. 

The preceding information primarily aims to facilitate tracking the advancements of Dubai’s off-plan properties. Additionally, the REST API grants access to data regarding the property service charges index and sales index in Dubai. Real-time information, including owner details, property prices, transaction history, etc., may help investors stay aware of the real estate market and property listings.

Real Estate Brokers

Listing authentic licensed real estate brokers is one of the best features that makes this app trusted and increases its credibility. There are many real estate brokers in Dubai, UAE, but whom to trust is crucial in property dealings. 

This App provides an excellent feature for listing trusted brokers. Users can easily get details about brokers and read reviews about their experience. Moreover, real estate brokers can build profiles, showcase their dealings, and provide maximum information to gain investors’ trust. 

E-payments and Real Estate Services

The Dubai REST App facilitates online transactions from the UAE’s trusted payment platform, Noqodi. Users can easily access the app’s payment option if they need to pay rent or transfer money to buy property.

With the Dubai REST App, you can buy any flat, villa, townhouse, apartment, suit, etc. In addition, this app helps you request important documentation, such as contract papers, requests for value certificates, letters of concern, etc.

Mortgages Dealings

The Dubai REST App is associated with banks and has powerful integrations from the backends. With the help of an integrated system of this app and banking accounts, users can easily transact, lend a mortgage, withdraw a mortgage, and perform other related actions that may require lots of time and effort without the app. Banks are also taking advantage of this app to make it convenient for their client by providing full assistance in the matter of loans.

Online Ownership Transfer

The Dubai REST App allows dealers to finalize their deals and transfer ownership within the app. Users no longer need to go to government offices to complete their documentation or experience any other headache while taking ownership.

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Users may upload all the essential documents to ensure every paperwork is done with digitalization, which requires minimum time and effort. The overall process of transferring ownership is step-by-step, and you will be informed once it is done.

Other Features

The app has multiple other features that provide users with ease and scalable scope for the future. This app allows instant calculation of mortgage, generation of several generations of certificates, title deed verification and registration, and much more. To build your Dubai REST App, you must give it a detailed look by logging in.

Ready To Build Your App Like Dubai REST App?

Building a real estate app like the Dubai REST app requires a qualified and experienced mobile app development company in Dubai that helps you in every step. At MMC Global, we provide a dedicated mobile app development team that enables you to build highly functional and feature-rich apps according to your preference. From user-friendly interfaces to highly navigated workflows, we build apps that look beautiful and feel native. Let’s introduce a competitive real estate app to help you grow your business like never before!

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