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Interesting Facts You Must Know Before Starting Your Business Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is gaining traction, and people are highly dependent on having apps on their mobile. Whether you are using Android or iOS, there are millions of native and cross-platform apps that you can use on your device. Mobile apps make life easier to keep available all the time. Whether you are using a shopping app, management app, or any game app, all can be available for your assistance.

Mobile app development is a lengthy process requiring expertise to create the best app for your audience. Companies that never thought about creating an app now changed their mind to stay competitive in the tech curve. 50% of businesses are ready to build custom mobile apps that meet their requirements. Besides that, we have gathered interesting facts about mobile app development that can enhance your understanding if you plan to build your business mobile app.

Interesting Facts About Mobile App Development

Mobile app > Website

It is interesting to know that mobile apps are creating a wave around the globe as people are more likely to use mobile apps than websites. It is noted that an individual portable device contains more than 80 apps. People invest more time in mobile apps than websites, as carrying a mobile with apps is much easier than loading a web app.

Mobile app

Earn with app monetization

The mobile app does not just get downloads; they are more than that. A good app monetization strategy can help you earn more money than you invest. Running ads on your app is one of the best marketing strategies, as every view counts if someone sees your app. That depends on the impression, per click on the ad, and whenever a user installs the advertised app.

Mobile gaming is gaining traction

Post and during COVID, we see a mesmerizing number of gaming activities on mobile devices. That is why mobile game development companies are growing rapidly to cater to this business demand. However, mobile game development companies design and develop different types of games to cater to a larger audience of native and cross-platform applications.

Minimalist design > Complicated design

UI UX design of the mobile app should be more minimalistic to give an appealing effect to the users. The more simple the design is, the more people love your app. Mobile app development can improve if your designs are organized, well-navigated, monochromatic, and have an easy user interface. Complicated designs with the multi-color app do not fascinate.

Android app is more than iOS

The weightage of Android apps is higher than iOS apps, as many apps are downloaded on Android rather than iOS devices. No matter how fancy iOS devices are, there are large numbers of Android users due to lower cost and less techie around the globe.

Most downloaded app

Social media and gaming apps are the most downloaded apps at the Play Store and App Store by Android and iOS users. People are most likely to invest time in social media and gaming apps. Moreover, social media is a great way to communicate for multiple purposes.

Free apps are more attractive

You can earn money by offering in-app purchases, but you may lose downloads. People are more interested in free apps or free apps with in-app purchases. Due to the competitive edge between mobile app development companies, they offer free in-app purchase versions.

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Wrapping Up

The above facts highlight the fastest-growing demand for mobile app development, and you can see the app development revolution in different industries. From creating gaming apps to building a hi-tech ERP app, you can easily make with a trusted mobile app development company.

At MMCGBL, you can find highly professional mobile app developers to fulfill your requirements. We create apps with the latest tech stack and futuristic technology such as AI, blockchain, IoT, etc. Let’s start with your project.

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