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What is The Growing Impact of Social Media on Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is making waves in our routine and business life. The development of complex applications to branding through social media all come in the way of digital adoption. Digitalization is a vast term that includes all digital footprints that ultimately reduce time and cost consumption, improve efficiency, enhance production, and much more.

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What is Digital Transformation?

The inclusion of digital technology in non-digital operations is called digital transformation. Many areas of businesses need automation, but the legacy operating system is lacking, and still, some need to adopt digitalization in their process.

However, in this competitive market, businesses that know the importance of digital transformation are highly dependent upon futuristic technology such as AI, ML, blockchain, etc. Moreover, digitalization is an opportunity for business owners to take over the maximum profitability and production.

Creating a digital ecosystem may be complex, but it will go for the long run once implemented. Every business has its dynamic, which is why customized solutions are ruling over to fulfill the maximum needs of companies.

Digital Transformation

Numerous digital transformation services, like MMC Global, help you give a strategic plan to execute and implement the digital solution. When you get a professional and experienced team of IT consultants to provide exceptional solutions, there is a low risk to fall or errors. With us, you can experience this because we have a team of professionals.

Digital Transformation Services with Social Media

Digital transformation services with social media propel higher growth if you implement them correctly. With the use of advanced technology in social media, we can take over business goals rapidly. Moreover, social media itself is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses capture qualified leads by reaching a wide range of audiences throughout the world.

The average person uses social media for 2 hours and 31 minutes every day. In addition, teenagers’ daily screen time increased from 7 hours and 22 minutes to 8 hours and 39 minutes. Ages 18 to 29 make up 26% of social media platform users. In 2022, social media will take up half of our phone usage time.

Now, you can see how frequently users access social media platforms to be connected in this world. There are many social media platforms where you can find several users, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, TikTok, WeChat, etc.

The association of digital transformation services with social media brings a greater change in terms of reachability. In fact, the more you indulge in your audience, the better you know about them. That will ultimately influence your customer experience. This approach is highly applicable if we build social media marketing strategy.

Till now, they are two different aspects of making things happen. Let’s see how social media can influence digital transformation effectively.

Advanced Ecosystem

Recently, we have seen a great shift in social media regarding numerous automation and integrations. For example, Facebook brings a metaverse ecosystem to make the selling and buying experience more fascinating. That is the real digital transformation in social media marketing—moreover, personalized recommendations, real-time ad bidding, automated time zone engagements, etc.

Brand Awareness

Social media is the source of enhancing your brand awareness. Brand awareness can help businesses inform the public or specifically intended audience about their product or services. Under the digital transformation strategy, social media is a highly compatible promotional platform where companies can run social media campaigns and showcase their services to their target audience. With the help of AI algorithms, social media is totally transformed from an entertainment platform to a marketing hub.

Building Customer Relationship

Interaction and communication make relationships better. That is why businesses also tend to create better and more satisfied relationships with their customer. Moreover, social media platforms reduce the gap between customers and companies by providing a path to communicate with the brands. Regular updates and content engage your viewers and directly connect you if they have any concerns. Most users prefer direct communication in the comment section or chat messaging. 

Data Generation 

The other side of the mirror of digital transformation is generating data. Data is the key to success for every industry, and did you know social media platforms are the best source of generating user data? Moreover, data brings the biggest transformation in social media management while setting up ad campaigns. In fact, you can run effective ad campaigns by embedding the target audience, geographic location, demographics, etc. By setting all these things, these ads create in a personalized way and only show to the intended audience that has the potential to buy your product. 

Automated Communication 

You can use AI technology to make your social media marketing platform a 24/7 communication hub. AI presents a chatbot solution to always make your social media platform active for customer queries. The AI chatbot is a conversational software where a bit can connect with humans and provide assistance without any human intervention. It is a well-trained software that can create a better customer support experience. It is accessible no matter where the customer is and when they bring any query. 

Wrapping Up

Booming with digital transformation is quite necessary if you want to be competitive in this cut-throat era. Social media is another source of marketing and promoting businesses at a large scale, including digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence, cloud-based solutions, SaaS software, etc.

If you want to implement digitalization in your social media marketing strategy, MMC Global is the right choice for your business. From securing users’ data by building customized software solutions to automating your social media marketing campaign, we can solve all your problems with our digitally transformed solution. 

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