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ChatGPT and Software Development: Where is This AI-Enabled App Lagging?

ChatGPT unhitches numerous content generation knots and provides a better result if asked to generate any kind of content. The AI ChatGPT not only brings an evolution in text-based content generation but also rules computer language or coding materials for software development.

Delivering logic-based codings smoothens the development process of developers but wait, does it really good to create a whole app in a few minutes without losing the consistency and loads of codes?

Software development is a lengthy procedure that requires attention to detail attitude, problem-solving skills, and logic-based strategies. Leaving all these aspects on the shoulder of AI software will not bring results.

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ChatGPT and Software Development

When I practiced ChatGPT for a small task, it actually did so well. But in the eagerness to discover more, I commanded it to create a program that integrated 4 to 5 main functions; it completely lost its path. The result was shocking because what ChatGPT generate is something else, not coding. That unusable code is nothing meant to add to my working project. Despite giving detailed instructions about each function, it did not meet my expectation.

A Few Observations About ChatGPT Software Development Coding Skills

So, I just decided to crack what’s wrong with it. Here are a few observations about ChatGPT while generating code for software development.

  • ChatGPT software development is also only for you if you are code-savvy.
  • If you know much about coding, you can fix its work with your tweaks and twerks.
  • Break your coding commands into small chunks so that it is easy to understand for ChatGPT what better to write.
  • Avoid asking for the complete application code ever. You will get lost in coding and text-based material.
  • You can explore libraries and resources and ask for examples or sample code as needed.

However, these observations are still not filling the loopholes of ChatGPT capabilities. Let’s see why you do not need to fear missing out as a part of the software development team because AI ChatGPT is not enough to overcome programming and software development skills.

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ChatGPT Has No Problem-Solving Skills

It is right to say ChatGPT does not contain a problem-solving attitude as a human does. Developers and engineers are more indulged in making logic-based coding by thinking analytically. No doubt, machine learning is transforming the way of thinking, but it does not reach the level of an on-time problem solver. To communicate your ideas to a compiler, you translate them using a programming language (or computer). AI won’t carry out that. The machine-learning technologies are certainly quite helpful in making you type code faster, but they still can’t solve your problems. The software development team requires critical and analytical thinkers to create user-friendly software rather than machines that first need to train how to think.

Lack of Human Judgement

Replacing humans when triggering human judgment and perception to proceed with any task is impossible. ChatGPT has exceptionally fastened the task, but an element of human judgment is missing. A human can analyze situations from multiple perspectives and bring real-time solutions to examine whether this or that strategy works best. You can not expect that with AI-enabled software.

Limited Resources and Perspectives

You can find separate and collective communities for the software development teams where developers put their queries and get responses from other human developers. Even you can find multiple context codings that are human-generated and probably error-free. Unlike ChatGPT, it is not a pile of coding material but simplified programming as per your requirement for tech stacks. GitHub, StackOverflow, etc., are the best example of finding human assistance in real-time. Despite relying on ChatGPT, you can explore humanly generated perceptions and resources.

Bottom Line

No doubt, ChatGPT is one of the promising innovations for today’s era, but it still needs to improve for the better. The approach of using ChatGPT for custom software development can be helpful, but developers should not rely on it for whole or complex projects.

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