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How To Turn Website Into App? 5 Convertor Platforms That You Can Use

How To Turn Website Into App? 5 Convertor Platforms That You Can Use

The top priority of any business today is to turn website into app. Millions of people nowadays turn to the web for information, and if they find your site, it can turn into revenue for you. Your website needs to turn into mobile app as soon as possible! Let’s dive deep into this topic so we can figure out exactly how to turn website into mobile app easily.

Responsive web design vs. mobile apps

For visitors to your website to turn into customers, it needs to be available on ALL platforms: desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones – or in other words: responsive web design. Responsive websites resize themselves based on the device being used by the user. They have been around since 2010 and have been one of the best solutions to turn website into app.

However, responsive websites don’t utilize the full power of smartphones. They are very convenient only on desktops and tablets. But if your users want to turn their phone sideways, they will get a horizontal view of the website in which all images/content appears side by side instead of being zoomed in. Or otherwise readjusted for mobile screens.

So it is not exactly what you would call a ‘true’ native mobile experience. One in which each user can look at your website precisely how they would use their device every day. If you still don’t understand that last sentence, think about when you turn your phone sideways when checking Facebook or watching YouTube videos? You turn it sideways so you can have a bigger area to view the content.

How To Turn Website Into App? 5 Most Using Converter Platforms

Converter platforms are turn-key software solutions that turn your website into app. You can turn your site into an iOS or Android app for free. Only the design is slightly different depending on which platform you choose. Converter apps also allow cross-platform compatibility; meaning that if you turn your website into Android first, then turn it into iOS you will never lose any of the data (images, text, etc). Canceling this kind of service is very easy and you won’t be charged anything once done.

The problem? Converters are good for most websites but not ALL sites! For example, if part of your website contains videos or games, you won’t be able to turn it into a converter app.

Using converter platforms is a good way to turn your website into app.  However, if you want the TRUE native experience for your customers, then read on!


Buildfire has been in the mobile industry since 2013 and was one of the first turn-key solutions that turned websites into apps. You can turn any HTML5 site into a native iOS or Android app straight from your browser console. This means you can turn your own website quickly and easily instead of relying on another person’s schedule/ability or waiting for them to finish their current job before they start yours.

It also provides full analytics about every app you turn. You can easily find out who is downloading your app, how many are opening it, and which places are the most profitable for you to turn into businesses!

Como was launched in 2015 and helped turn one million websites into apps. Their platform has everything that other turn-key solutions have. It provides an even easier way to create native mobile apps quickly. All you need to do is turn on their service, create a campaign and they will turn all of your content into an app automatically. Without having to write any code yourself or upload any files. All of this happens in just three days. They convert your site into an iOS/Android app and update it every time there’s a change made on your website.

That means there’s no waiting time and your app will always be up to date!


Dwnld is a turn-key solution launched in 2015. It has the same features as other turn-key solutions. As Buildfire and Como, the only difference being that it takes 10 days to turn website into app while Buildfire and Como do it in 3 days or less.


Swebapps was launched in 2017 and does exactly what you would expect: turn websites into mobile apps. It is very easy to turn any website into an iOS or Android app. All you need to do is sign up for their service, connect your website/domain name and turn whatever content you want into an app!



Onbile turn website into native iOS and Android apps. It was first launched in 2015 and is one of the easiest ways to turn your website into mobile app. Onbile supports both free users that want to turn their websites into free ads and also paid users who turn their real estate & travel-related sites into turn-key-ready apps for $20/month. They provide step-by-step tutorials on their site for new users. Even if you don’t know anything about coding, you should still be able to turn your website into app easily.

Hiring an app development company

This option might sound a bit more difficult than the others. But the truth is it’s actually easier and faster than you think. If you turn your website into a turn-key native app, something that looks like an ad (but is much more effective), then hiring an app development company should be your last resort.

Surprisingly, MMC Global can help you in any technological aspect. From building an exciting business app development to providing a robust application & data monetization, you can find it all in one. In this technical era, businesses and their owners are running to meet the level of advancement. And at MMC, we make this happen!

Whether you want an Android app, iOS app, react native app development, hybrid app development, or others, you can find us at the extreme level.

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With us, you will get meaningful consultation, effective strategies for the development process, and suggest industry-related solutions to maximize business operations.

Hiring us as a mobile app development company, you will get extra miles of success. Not only do we develop your application but give extra care by providing support, on-time fixes, and safe and secure apps.

Quick Steps To Convert Your Website Into App

Create an MVP

Before turning anything into an app, you need to create what’s called a minimum viable product or MVP for short. An MVP basically means creating the smallest version of your idea as possible (just as Wikipedia puts it: it has just those features necessary to deploy the product and no more). This greatly reduces risk because if customers turn their noses up at this early stage in your business idea – you haven’t wasted time building out features they won’t want.

It is very important to create an MVP for the turn-key websites into apps because it can be the most expensive and time-consuming part of turning them into apps. It’s also very difficult to do if you don’t know what you’re doing: turn-key platforms like Buildfire and Como make turning websites into apps much easier and faster by creating a turnkey solution that does all of this for you!

Decide on the app design

Having a nice-looking MVP is not only good from a marketing standpoint but also a development one. A nicely designed turn-key business page will take less time as well as cost less money to turn into an MVP than some plain old website with no design.

Platform to target

Whether to turn a website into a turn-key mobile app or turn it into a turnkey MVP, the next step in the process is deciding on what platform you want to turn your idea into an app. There are pros & cons of each turn-key platform and they all have their own merits: this means that there’s no general answer when it comes to which turn-key platform you should use. In order to make sure what turn-key solution is right for you, you’ll need to do some research online or even speak with companies who already turned their website into apps – especially if they’re in the same field as yours!

Wrapping Up

As applications are more accessible and increase engagements, businesses are moving towards it. If you are thinking of converting your website into app, then you can use the best converter apps. And if you are not tech-savvy, then hiring an app development company is not a big deal. And you know what, it will be cost-effective and get experienced assistance from professional developers or experts. So, don’t hesitate to start discussing your project. Or if you need any consultation, we will always be there to help.

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